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34 year-old male from L-Town N.Y. Long Island
Hi my name is Will I live in a Box and My Favorite color is Clear. I Love RVB and all thing RT, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of our favorite characters at various RVB Events such as RVBTO and RT Philly. They both were amazing events well worth the trip and I urge everyone who loves this community as much as I do, to join the community and cast when these events come up.

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Worthless? nah If you ever feel worthless this is something I saw somewhere.

"Your value does not decrease just because of someone else's inability to see your worth"
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Name Will
Occupation jackass of all trades . purchasing-audit, WH Mgr.
Birthday July 10th, 1980
Interests Playing guitar drawing airbrushing writing playing Halo Forging Video Production and Machinima Voice overs and impersonations Check out my Video Rewinds made exclusively for the Rooster Teeth Xbox Live Community Group and other Halo\gaming video stuff on the MY Videos link on my profile.
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TV Shows science channel g4 and military channel thats about it
Books Halo THE FALL OF REACH THE FLOOD FIRST STRIKE GHOSTS OF ONYX CONTACT HARVEST THE COLE PROTOCOL The Halo Encyclopedia. (yes I read the whole thing) Currently Reading the New HALO EVOLUTIONS a collection of short stories . Some of which will be animated on Waypoint. Non Halo Related Books = ) Of Mice and Men The Pearl Brave New World To Kill a Mocking Bird Lord of the Flies. THE CELESTINE PROPHECY THE TENTH INSIGHT