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fooking spidersIt is 3:10 in the morning and I get into the bathroom to take a shower. I notice two daddy long legs in a corner of the room, one of them is a gigantic specimen that could take down a mountain gorilla. Anyways I didn't want to deal with them (not a lot of time) so I just hopped into the shower. Some point I noticed that the blur of the spider (gorddamn blind without glasses) was gone and I was relieved. After washing the shampoo out of my hair I noticed that a crease in the shower curtain was rather dark. I blinked and squinted really hard, only to realize that it was this gigantic fucking daddy long legs now inches away from me and freaking out. At that point I lost my cool, freaked out, yelped, and performed an ungraceful emergency evac from the shower. Once I calmed down I took down it's support spider that was still outside the shower. Then I carefully breached the shower stall, slicing the pie and being pretty operator in general. I spot my foe and use a mass of toilet paper to crush the life from it's massive hulk. With both of them down I search the entire fucking bathroom for reinforcements before finishing up my shower.

I'm sorry for teasing you Jackie
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