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26 year-old male from Winston-Salem, NC
Pronounced like Vader with a "W".

I'll accept all legit friend requests, but only on the grounds that you watch me in return.

People say that my mannerisms match those of Brad Pitt's Character in Fight Club. Other people say I look like Jesus cut my hair since I last saw them. When not on the internet, I can be found . . . sleeping.
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Name WithAllDueRespect
Occupation Button Masher.
Birthday October 7th, 1988
Interests Damn man . . . All sorts of stuff like . . .
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Music Daft Punk The Grateful Dead Peter Paul & Mary Oasis Blind Melon Ozric Tentacles
Movies The F-Word
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Books The Space Oddessey Series by Arthur C Clarke. All five books from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy. My Phone-Book.