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24 year-old male from Lake Forest, CA
I am the definition of awesome. =D Just kidding....but seriously.....

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And You'll Never Guess What Happened....Shortly after that last journal entry, the unspeakable happened. I, Alex (aka Warbringer95), one of the least emotional/unfeeling people I've ever known, fell in love. Yeah. It might not sound too surprising for any of you, but if you really know me, like my family or close friends do, you'd be blown away. Lol.
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Name Alex
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Birthday July 17th, 1990
Interests Reading games movies TV girls writing and drawing.
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Music A lot of different music out of all genres except rap country and metal.
Movies Hard to answer. Probably the Return of the Jedi. Lots of other favorites though.
TV Shows Mythbusters Dirty Jobs The Office and Scrubs.
Books The Star Wars: Rogue Squadron book series Michael Crichton's books and the Halo novels. Also the Dead Space Comic series.