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Podcaster extraordinaire, nervous streamer, brand new Let's Player, Overlord of Griftopia... Let's just say I keep myself busy.

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Do it. You know you want to. ;)
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Name Grif
Occupation Podcast Host, Streamer, Editor, Overlord of Griftopia
Interests Acting Adult swim Animals Aqua Teen Hunger Force Being Human Black Butler Cooking Dancing Death Note Dethklok Dogs Gaming Gears of War Glee Glitter Greyhounds Guitar Halo Horror Movies Left 4 Dead Lynam metal Metalocalypse mmorpg music Red vs Blue Rift Singing Theatre Volunteering WoW Writing Xbox360
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Music Lynam Nine Inch Nails Howard Stern (he's not music but I listen damn it) Dethklok Marylin Manson Kidney Thieves Motley Crue Poison Guns N Roses Skid Row God Forbid Annihilator Slayer Pantera Scissor Sisters Boy Hits Car Bush the Murderdolls Mindless Self Indulgence Blue Moon Mother Pandora 18 Visions Evergrey there's more ask later.
Movies Interview with the Vampire Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Hot Fuzz Private Parts Child's Play
TV Shows Metalocalypse Futurama CSI Aqua Teen Hunger Force Dead Like Me Ghost Hunters Being Human The Event
Books "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams "The Vampire Lestat" by Ann Rice "The Phantom Toll Booth" by Rahl Dahl