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Hi. Long time no see? Yeah, I know. Call me Grif... Cliche for this site? Meh, can't help it, its actually my nickname. Its either Grif or Hel (short for Heljanae [pronounced Hell-Ya-Nay]) and I prefer Grif. Yes, I'm a chick. I'm an audio nerd with a degree in Audio/Visual Production that I'm currently not using. I used to be a DJ (radio), then I turned into a gamer, and now I'm in the swimming pool business and game when I'm not at work. What else do you really need to know? I suppose there's a message button you could use if you needed any more info. Don't be shy!
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Random Ramble about this week's Podcast <3I was listening to this week's Rooster Teeth Podcast (AKA The Drunk Tank) and they ended up discussing how Red vs Blue has been running for ten years now. They also talked about the influx of new fans that haven't watched all the older stuff. They actually talked about a lot of really neat things that I wanted to ramble about so this part may end up somewhat scattered. Joel seemed perplexed by how new fans just jump into the show in its current season and some never bother to go back and watch the early stuff. I can understand his confusion. I mean I know Burnie is writing each season so most of the "need to know" info is only one season prior, but really to understand what's going on, you probably need to start a little further back. It's hard to say where to start without just going all the way back to episode 1. Each season is linked to the previous one so if you want to watch 10, you should know what happened in 9, but if you want to understand 9, you have to watch 8, and so on. Just seems like the smart thing to do is sit down one weekend and start at the beginning. I know it's 9 full seasons of a series to catch up on, but it's completely worth it. Kind of hard to call yourself a fan of something if you have no idea what half the plot line is about, right? I think it's neat that people are able to jump in to whatever season and enjoy it, but I also think to really "get it", you have to go back and watch from the beginning. This would be one of the rare times I understand and agree with a point Joel was attempting to make. :)

Speaking of the beginning, I think it's interesting to see the baffled look on people's faces when Burnie tells them he didn't really have a plan or set direction for the show in the beginning. It all started with just a couple of dudes in Blood Gulch (I think the map was called Coagulation or something way back then) and a plot that would theoretically arc over about 4 or 5 episodes and centered on the new recruit ending up with pink armor. From there, it just snow balled. So there was no plan, no initial story arch of epic proportions, no huge plot twists, no anything of that nature. Just something to laugh at and people latched on to it. To me, I can see that there were not original intentions of building a universe this large. Watching the first couple of seasons, that seems pretty evident. I mean they're entertaining and cohesive, but never could you guess from watching season 1, that there would ever be a season 5 or 10. Seeing it grow and watching the plot fill itself in has been one of my favorite things about RvB. I'm just greatly intrigued by the idea that some people can not wrap their minds around the fact that there was no long term planning out of 10+ seasons in the start. It's neat to watch new fans trying to work out why this one line in season 1 prompted this big thing is season 8 or something. It's like some people just have to have that feeling of "this was all laid out in the beginning, we just didn't pick up on it then!". It's really not like that at all. I also think that shows just how amazing Burnie's writing ability is. To go from "haha, lets make a short series about a dude ending up with pink armor" to "Ok, in season 6 we're going to start working with whats left of the Freelancers" to season 9's "here are the Freelancers back in the day when Project Freelancer was still up and functioning". It's a really long story arch to work with and to make everything fit into. It's a challenge Burnie tackles particularly well, I think. I'd be lying to you if I said he wasn't one of the writers I most looked up to.

Also, hi! I haven't forgotten about you guys. Actually, I check up here rather regularly, I've just been quiet on the journal front. <3
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