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34 year-old male from -10 years. Norway. I'm in the Futur
Common mistake, my Gamer-tag "LordCabooze" is actually not a reference to RvB's "Caboose". It is actually my older brothers nick, I decided to it carry on when he passed away in April 2004. I did not stumble across RvB before almost a year later, that Caboose (and Tucker) became my favorite was just a coincidence.
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The Endles journy....Just one more hour until my 32hour long journey from Ulsteinvik (Norway) to Austin TX. its going to bee a long trip...
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Name Andreas or Andy.
Occupation Professional Waiting Athlete.
Birthday July 25th, 1980
Interests RvB Star Wars Computers/electronics food music games and eh.. did I mention food? yeah and I'm really interested in [insert latest hot trend here.] its is the best! Like ever!
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Music Oh man this is a difficult one. My Music taste is to much influenced by my mood environment season of the year weather state of mind and so on. But I like almost everything every artist got at least one good song.
Movies "The Shawshank Redemption" have got to be the best movie I've ever seen it stills brings tears to my eye's every time I watch it.
TV Shows Fringe Futurama How I Met Your Mother Stargate Sg-1 Supernatural Firefly and Many many wonderful shows that I don't remember.
Books I read some of Sun Zi The Art of War turns out it weren't the butler who murdered him it was the Mongolian.
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