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29 year-old male from Federal Way, WA
Still working at the same ass best buy. and trying to get back into school to work on becoming a voice actor.
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Ended up in a music video this weekend!


gonna be in a new one by Sneaky Zebra later on as well! It'll be awesome!
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Name Tony Martel
Occupation Professional dvd, cd, and music seller
Birthday March 21st, 1986
Interests anime walking sex video games fanfiction for some reason i purchased an anime sim game...STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Televison walking mythology and of course writing and martial arts films. Guns are also cool. BY THE WAY THE DON';T TAKE THE SEX COMMENT SERIOUSLY! yeah it's fun and an interest but also realize it's supposed to be funny.
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Music Thrash metal IE Metallica megadeth Motorhead (most say they're punk but they laid ground work) OKAY PRETTY MUCH THRASH AND HEAVY METAL but as long as it's not polka or current hip-hop or R&B i'm good
Movies godfathers goodfellas LOTR training day collateral early adam sandlers Tommy boy Coneheads ANy Will Ferrel flick. Last samurai Top Gun both Kill Bills The N-Word most documentaries BABE and most morgan freeman and denzel washington flicks. Also all three blades. THE ORIGINAL STAR WARS TRILOGY
TV Shows ATHF Metalocalypse almost any anime Queer as folk ( Family Guy American dad Law and Order NCIS THE BIG BANG THEORY!
Books LOTR Rainbow SIX (if i ever finish it after 6 years ) any mythology book the bible (it's a decent read for stand up material) most shakespere works. some stephen king. too many to name really