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23 year-old male from San Antonio, TX

Rise of the Red Eclipse; Read it.

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Holy shit he's still alive and kicking.Alright, a couple things. One, I'm close to coming home and soon after that I'll be marrying the most amazing woman in the world and moving her out to where I'm stationed.

Two, I've been co-authoring a Tiberium universe/Friendship is Magic crossover with Rodgun in an attempt to make something awesome without sacrificing quality like so many other crossovers.

Here's shameless plug.

On that particular note, we're also calling all FiM OCs that anyone has and are willing to 'loan' for however long they survive this story. If you'd like to participate, shoot me a message with their bio, a picture of them, and whether or not you want them to be on GDI or with the Brotherhood of Nod. From there we'll be playing the Game of Thrones Dart Board Game and you'll get to see whether or not they survive in one piece or at all.

Oh and I'm alive and well, no injuries save my old knee issues acting up but that's to be expected.

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