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25 year-old male from Washington, DC
I'm 21. I go to The George Washington University in Washington, DC. I plan on getting my BA in Geography and Environmental Studies, but my true passion in life is comedy. See my journal for a glimpse at my stand up routine. I love TV, Movies, and Gaming. I'm always down to play Halo or COD, just message me. GT: Wingman771. Feel free to add me as a friend. I love making new friends.
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Online Achievement Pains/rant

So I was listening to Burnie, Jack, Joel, Gus, and Jordan on the podcast this week and they were talking about multiplayer achievements and how they shouldn't be included in achievement lists. I have to agree with this, but I would also like to include that I think online achievements in general shouldn't be allowed. Case in point, I've been cleaning up a lot of old sports games over my winter break. I cleaned up all of Madden 11, all of NCAA Football 08 and 07, but when I went to clean up Madden 10 and NCAA Football 09, I realized that I couldn't complete them because the online servers went offline. Now mind you, I've encountered this before with NHL 07, but that was in 2010, so a 4 year gap is understandable when it comes to servers shutting down....but 2??? Come on... Now I can't complete games because the servers are offline. What a load of crap! If you are going to shut servers down, you could at least allow 1 server to maintain each game.

Now I understand that I am a little late to the game, and I should have done those achievements right when I got the game, but another example of why online achievements are dumb is in NBA 2k11. In 2k11 you need to play 5 NBA Today games for an achievement, however, if you buy the game after the season is over, you can't get them at all. This is so dumb in my opinion.

Achievements should be left to offline and only offline. I totally agree with Burnie when he said achievements were created to show things that you did that might not normally be seen.

I wish EA would have a Server day where they reboot all their old game servers and let us get our missing achievements. That would be fantastic.

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