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26 year-old male from Under Chuck Norris' Bed
english, ginger, short, am a huuuge nerd im not your typical english person except when it comes to tea... milk, 2 sugars if you're offering ta :p
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Just 100% completed my 1st rockstar gameHaving had l.a noire for nearly 2 weeks i finally managed to 100% complete the game, finding the last 2 cars at 4am this morning haha.

it's a cool thing for me because i never usually go out to attain 100% completion of a game as im more interested in the easy to medium difficulty achievements but i decided to stick with this game as i quite enjoyed it... well that and the fact that i hate multiplayer achievements, hence why i never 100% completed red dead.

the only problem i have with l.a noire and it's a problem i've had with it even before i decided to try and 100% the game, and that is that there is next to no replayability with it, bar going back and doing any leftover achievements that i might have had and the upcoming dlc there is nothing that wants to make me play this again in say 4 months time when i have nothing to do.

red dead had the multiplayer to fall back on atleast to give it some replayability (by the way i detest online multiplayer achievements)
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