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27 year-old male from London, United Kingdom
Videogames. Films. London. Fitness. Tough Mudder. Spartan Race. Research. Master Punnery Sergeant.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell.

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The Quest for the Monolith of PimpsWe all know the majesty of the Tower of Pimps. In fact, one of the first things I did when I started playing Minecraft is make sure I had erected a Tower of Pimps outside my Home Base.

But it got me thinking... How big can you make a Tower of Pimps? Can you get as big as Geoff's monolith home in Achievement City?

I decided to go for it. So now, I am starting a brand new game on Minecraft. It was be playing mainly on Peaceful, granted, but despite that I will aim to get my Monolith of Pimps.
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Name William
Occupation Research Executive, Obstacle Racer
Birthday May 2nd, 1988
Interests Red vs Blue Film Directing Machinima Videogames Movie Stunts PAINTBALL!!!!!
Games Show 12 More
Music Rock R&B... actually I like most music...
Movies Battle Royale Robocop First Blood: Rambo Part II Starship Troopers Die Hard Spiderman Rush Hour The Transporter Monty Python and the Holy Grail AND Sin City soon will be!
TV Shows Futurama Jackass Dead Ringers... AND FAMILY GUY ROCKS!!!
Books The One That Got Away (Chris Ryan) Harry Potter series (I guess)
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