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28 year-old female from Bothell, WA
I love to laugh and goof around. I love to be with people who are easy to joke around with and talk to about anything and everything.
I am very compassionate as any one who comes to know me will find out quickly enough....I love nature (I'm a pantheist - google it!) I am fascinated by and love the Earth and I especially <3 animals. (And yes, I like to eat them too. Can't help it. Bacon is too tasty)
I don't mind a debate or two once in a while but please don't cram your beliefs down my esophagus!!
Rock 4 Lyph!! ;0 P
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Engaged :0)I had quite an interesting last few weeks. Stephen and I got engaged on the 12th.. whoopee!
I had a great fourth - Saw the UFC fight at a brewery and watched the American Psycho (Names Stephan) beat the crap outta somebody and it was actually kind of exhilirating..hehe.
I lit off some fireworks at the Indian Reservation, went to see A Team for the second time (kick @ss) with my little brother who is visiting from Job Corps..and I went to a Mariner's game. The Mariner's lost of course but they did pretty well in the beginning..I actually really got into it and was rooting for Cordero to pitch that sh*t straight!! Tee hee!
I did get pooped on though..by a stupid sea gull. That ruined the moment but I got over it quickly. Thank bob the guy in front of me had a bunch of napkins! Yeesh.
I'm going to keep going until I catch a foul! Heck yes!
Well, I'm basically having a grand ol' time with my Fiance (Ooh that's fun to say!) and life is pretty sweet..minus the bills. Ugh. What are you gonna do though? Okay - just giving ya'll a quick update..later baters!

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Music 92% of teenagers has moved on to rap. If you are one of the 8% that&#039;s still into real music copy and paste this in your profile. (I'm not a teenager but hey - I'm still pretty young!) ;0 P
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