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"What began as a dream, has become a journey, beyond imagination. To save a world, a line will be drawn and boundaries of reality will be crossed. Cross the bridge between Dreams and Reality. "
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random stuffok so i dont know what to put really. just a bunch of random stuff. actually i have a couple of things to say.
1) McDonald's sweet tea is so yummy!! *rubs stomach*
2) Simple Plan's new song Love Is A Lie is A-MAZ-ING!! =]
3) Work is slowly killing me lol (over 41 hours already)
yes random and pointless but thats just me!! and if you disagree with me then i will give you the deadly *puppy eyes* to make you agree lol

luv to all my friends! <3
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Name Robyn
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Books all the Harry Potter series (1-7) Spellbound The Golden Compass 24 girls in 7 days