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My Gaming Life...This journal entry is essentially an autobiography of my gaming life.

It all started when i was little. I remember a PC game called Cosmo, about a little alien who has to fight his way through a bunch of monsters after his ship crashed on his way to disneyland (LOL). That is where it was established that i was a tride and true PC gamer. Echo the dolphin was another great game i remember from when i was little.

After a while, I developed an intense interest in aircraft and became a huge fan of Jane's Combat Simulations. They made THE BEST military flight simulators and had one of the first truely successful online multiplayer systems. I was part of the 23rd fighter wing in the game USAF.... It was sooo much fun. And then Janes went under... and my days as a PC gamer came to a standstill.

This was about the time that I was having alot of fun at my friends' houses playing their Nintendo 64's. It was at this point that I began getting really excited about the Gamecube. In fact, i was so excited that i thought i would hype it up for my parents... i even bought super smash bro's melee in anticipation...

AND THEN I GOT A PS2... My dad wanted something that he could play DVD's on and so a gamecube was out of the question. I thought it was pretty cool. The graphics were nice and looked really good for gran tourismo 3. But we were very disappointed when we had to go out and buy a $50 memory card for the damn thing just to save a game. I remember looking at the games list for the console and not finding anything i really wanted...

In the end i got into the Jak and Daxter series (naughty dog makes a good game) and socom and stuff, but most of it never really appealled to me (even though at that point i had become a sony fanboy). I had some fun with the console but it just seemed a little bland. I never did finish jak 2 or 3, and nobody ever wanted to race me in GT3.

I then got into PC RTS's. I spent a little time playing warcraft 3, it was ok, but not truely addictive....plus my dad killed my disk. Then I got Command and Conquer Generals. It is truely the most addictive game i have ever played. I swear i poured 300+ hours into it, and it is truely one of my favorite games of all time.

And then the Xbox caught my eye. Even though Burnout 3 Takedown was also on the PS2, it looked soo much better on the xbox, and i found myself playing it all of the time with my friends at church. With my other friends, we never seemed to play much on the PS2, we would always play Halo. I couldn't stop playing the Xbox, it was soooooooo adictive and i was hooked. I got really excited about the Halo 2 launch and had tons of fun when it came out.

Then the next-gen console war started. Since i had PS2, i still considered myself a bit of a sony fanboy. E3 2005 blew me away. I saw all of these extremely good looking games and was told that they were all real and would all be on the PS3 on its launch in 1 year. I was sure that the 360 was an inferior system and was going to fail miserably. And i still didn't play my PS2 (except, i rented killzone).

Over the next year, i began to doubt sony. I began to long for the awesomeness that is Halo 3...... I began to realize that sony lied. That for all their hype, the PS3 was not going to be the Uber system. I began to rerealize my roots in PC gaming...i bought Half Life 2 and became a tride and true PC gamer. I love the system valve put together and their games are all worth it. It was my compensation for not having Halo 2.

By the time E3 2006 came around sony was walking on thin ice for me. After watching their failure they call a press conference, i began to hate sony. I expected to be impressed, and instead i saw the 360 press conference and was sold. Being a PC gamer, i saw that many of the best games coming out for the 360 was also coming out for the PC, and since i didn't have the best PC, i saw the 360 as a cheap way to play all of the PC games that I've been drooling over, with the best graphics. Also, $599? WTF!!!

Yeah, so its sony's own fault for making me hate them... I just find it easier to be a PC gamer if I buy a 360...

OH, and i'm not that into anime so MGS and Final Fantasy aren't all that great IMO...
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