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uh yeah, whoops and X-Men IIIWell I guess I didn't let "you" know about that one. Actually I did comment on V in the appropriate forum page. So in liue of that then I will comment on X-Men III. I enjoyed it and felt that they fleshed out as much of the characters as they could in the time they had. Spoilers!!! Yes Cyclops died too soon and his character was underutilized, she was his girlfriend! Also yes I felt that the return of Xavier cheapened a movie that until then I was applauding for really letting characters grow and change in, but it fits in the comic idiom. No I didn't feel the Juggernaut quote fit the movie, actually neither did McCoy saying his famous line. But that may have been reverse nerd thinking. I knew those things were just blatant homages to outside refrences that were not organic to the universe of the movie. I am getting to pretentious it must be time for bed. Good night.
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