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World of WarcraftI'm basically posting this to rant about WoW and to get rid of my old ass entry. But anywas I've been a fan on Blizzard games for a while now, i started with Diablo 2 And warcraft then moved up to Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction then star craft. Eventually star craft got boring and i played Diablo 2: LoD for a while and over time that game got so damn hacked it wasnt even fun to play in public anymore and eventually it got boring with its repetitiveness.

And being a fan of blizzard games i couldnt wait for WoW to come out and i eventually got it and its the best MMORPG (in my OPINION) and im gunna be playing it for a long while. Im level 49 (out of 60) and ive just scratched the surface of this game, its so huge and thats only on the alliance side, I still havnt played the horde side yet(and dont plan to for a while). But there are some bugs and theres a weekly 4 hour maintinence which sucks but hey... its a fairly new game so you gatta give them some time to straighten things out right? Plus alot of people play this game and the servers are getting packed so a maintinence is understandable.

But if you are into MMORGs then i strongly suggest on picking this game up. And yes its kind of expensive, at $30 bucks every 2 months, But i have to say... its well worth it. And if you get this game then you should come to my server and ill probably help you out :D

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