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Actually 17, til November

Guess what? Nothing happened! Yay!

44.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot. If you enjoy hypocrytical humour, stick this meassage someplace.
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LawlsChrys and Riley: playing L4D 2
My Dad: watching so...what's the point of this game?
Me: Kill the zombies. Don't get killed by the zombies.
Dad: So basically its just sensless violence.
Chrys: Pretty much.
Dad: This is why we LEFT Chicago! walks away

a minute later

Dad: returns unnoticed
Chrys: Riley! Watch out for that Jockey!
Riley: Jockey?
Me: Its a kind of zombie that jumps on you and humps the back of your head to steer you into other zombies.
Riley: It humps your head?!
Me: That's what it looks like.
Dad: Yet another reason we left Chicago
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