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31 year-old male from Ottawa
Um.. I'm a gamer. I go to school. I work as a butcher to make money to eat. I play a online game www.darkgalaxy.com. What else. Ohhh I know. You can imagine in anything you want and then just start talking to me with that imagination of your runnin and I will be like um.. ya... freak and block ya. W00t oh the fun. [email protected] if you have msn and aren't boring:)

(\ _ /) All will die in the bunny's quest for world domination
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Animal Crossing for DS on wifiHey if anyone wants a friend and plays this:

name: xargon
town: plimeton

If you do add me msg me your details so I can add you too:)
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Name Matthew
Occupation Social Worker
Birthday September 12th, 1983
Interests Total and 100% gamer. Own systems as far back as the acomander 54. Beat that bitch!!!
Movies Swordfish Face off Braveheart We were soldiers Any batman princess monoke laputa castle in teh sky spirited away star treks star wars LOTR's I own over 200 movies this is so hard!!!!
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