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26 year-old male from his bedroom.
I'm a huge Beavis and Butthead fan, possibly because I can immitate Beavis so well I literally made my friend pee his pants once, literally...one more time for effect, literally.
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Halo PC ^_^If anyone who views my profile plays Halo PC online, I'd love to be challenged someday. If you want to, PM me the name you use and we'll see what happens from there.

My name will now be Rage, with something with it I'm sure.
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Name Cody Casper (Really)
Occupation High school student
Birthday May 5th, 1989
Interests RvB making RvB fan fiction older and newer rock music anything humorous Half Life games fast food owning on Halo PC sparring with my friend Spencer and Root Beer soda ^_^
Music My favorite bands are Devildriver Static-X Three Days Grace Coal Chamber Dope Rage Against the Machine Primus all the rock and roll classics (such as Magic Carpet Ride Back in Black Crazy Train etc.) some techno and my absolute favorite band is System of a Down well their older stuff anyway.
Movies My favorite things to watch are mixed martial arts competitions such as UFC Pride King of the Cage and so on....as far as movies go Butterfly Effect Resident Evil 1 & 2 and Tom Green movies are my favorites.
TV Shows Don't have many just South Park Beavis and Butthead and That 70's Show.