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I'm short and don't look my age. Get over it. Get to know me! You won't regret it....Actually scratch that... NO RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS unless you watch me and get to know me.

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8 Minutes (Short Story)Tick.

It hurt. Like a million different controlled electric shocks to the brain. These were his eight minutes. Eight minutes in the past. Eight minutes to do anything.

The discovery of time travel did not sit well with the public. Riots. Killings. Laws. There were over a hundred different machines, each having different capabilities of time travel. The time resistance activists called "The Rogues" destroyed all but three machines. That's all they could get to by the time they were all killed. The first allowed for five days in the future. The second, ten years in either the future or past. Both were taken to secret locations and are never used while the third was left available to those with the right credentials. The third machine allowed for only eight minutes in the past. It was his turn.

2056 was his chosen year. This was the year the first machine was made. Being a Rouge was hard after almost all of them were killed. He hid for years to build up a rapport with the makers. Now it was his time. He woke up in an empty Chicago apartment. The machine is about to be used four blocks away from his location. Seven minutes. He took the handgun left for him there three months ago. With hesitation he opened the door. Six minutes. Four blocks. Five men. One machine. He still remembered the codes to the elevator. The descent reminded him of how we, as the human race, were supposed to rise with this discovery not be buried by it. All that resulted from it was death and greed. Not one man should be proud of this. He shouldn't be proud.

Four minutes. The doors open. Slowly he walks toward the five men. These five men, working in secret and for no one, are the only ones who can make the machine. Three minutes. He takes out the handgun and pulls it up. It was very heavy. Fire. He said to himself. Destroy it. Again to himself. Four shots he fired. Four men died. Two minutes. One man left. The future doesn't exist if this is done. No one will die if this is done. He walks up to the last remaining scientist.

"It's like looking in a mirror." He says to scientist.

One minute. He puts the heated barrel on his right temple. His life then and now. He pulls the trigger.

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