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25 year-old male from Garden City, MI
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:(So i went into work today and my manager asked if my schedule was ok for this week and i said ya its fine...he goes well i need some coverage...i said what days u need me for...he says well i need u today until 7pm tomarrow 12 - 8 and thurs 12 - 8 and i said ok why is this? and he said well mike had a massive heart attack last night and died....(one of the assistant managers)....ya....that pretty much made my day shitty...i heard that he was jus sittin there talking to his wife and then the next second he was jus lying on the ground dead...its funny how that can happen fine one min and then dead the next.....jus nuts.....
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Name erik
Occupation GFS (Gordon Food Service)
Birthday July 9th, 1989
Interests Girls games and freinds...typical
Music I like rock...if u have heard avenged sevenfold well there ya go thats what i listen to
Movies to many movies to remeber
TV Shows family guy futurama and that 70s show...basically all the comedy
Books i hate reading...