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24 year-old male from The Fiery Throne Of Hell
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Update!Well since I've last posted... I've:

Gotten my Driver's License
Gotten into Magic: The Gathering
Been to PAX Prime 2010
-Bought RT Comics 1-3 and had them signed by the guys that were there
-Bought a pair of Triton headphones for my 360
Bought a 360 Slim
Picked up WoW... again
-Main Frost Mage on Malygos [Alliance unfortunately :'(]
-Alt Warrior on Dawnbringer (Member of the Drunk Tanks)
Started listening to the Drunk Tank
Trying to get out to play airsoft with my friend and his team a little more

All in all, still haven't figured out a career path, but spending money. Wondering if anyone out there other than Jav still "watches" me.

HellFire Out
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Name Ian
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