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21 year-old male from Australia
I value power, ambition, and darkness. I love power at any cost, and are a corrupting influence on those around you. I your best, you are resourceful and unashamed. At my worst, you are parasitic and amoral. My symbol is a skull. My enemies are white and green.

I have a strict set of rules I abide by, and if you don't like the way, I act or what I talk about in anyway, shape or form, then you're just gonna have to deal with that aren't you?
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Five years ago...Five years ago I joined Rooster Teeth. Because of Red vs Blue. Since then I have made new friends and met interesting people. It's been great. I have taken many a leave of absence and come back to a hell of a lot of posts in certain forums (You all post too much I swear to god) and very few in others (You guys don't post enough). In the end I always find my way back here.
The main reason for this is I wanted to say thanks to the Rooster Teeth team for making this enjoyable for everyone. Without them, we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have shared the laughs, tears and anger. Thanks guys.
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