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30 year-old male from Newark, CA
I'm just a guy who likes to play video games, hang out with friends, and have fun. When i'm not working or hanging out with my fiancee, i'm usually online supporting my friends and other teammates in Battlefield 3. Otherwise i'm enjoying the single-player campaign of Arkham City or the hack-and-slash glory that is Dynasty Warriors 7. I've also become somewhat of a Brony. Yeah, it surprised me too. What can I say, friendship is magic.
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The Goods
Name Dominic
Occupation Surgical Tech at Stanford Hospital
Birthday November 30th, 1984
Interests Church video games camping wakeboarding snowboarding paintballing Texas Hold 'em the usual fun stuff like that. ..Movies too.
Games Show 7 More
Music A variety. I like The Postal Service Jack Johnson Eve 6 MxPx Yellowcard Dave Matthew's Band Reliant K Kutlass Switchfoot and a bunch others. ..Especially a local band from out of Hollister called Novice. Now THAT'S good stuff!!
Movies All Jurassic Parks All Star Wars's Gladiator Hitch Garden State Euology Closer Mean Girls All The Matrix's All Back to the Future's ..I just saw Amile it's a French movie but I liked that too. I usually like most movies. Oh and all the Batman�39;s especially the new one.
TV Shows Seinfeld The King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond Family Guy Clone Wars: The Animated Series some others I'm sure but I don't watch that much television.
Books The Bible The Purpose Driven Life and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.