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Every Connection of the Great ProphecyThe Great Prophecy - The Recollection Trilogy

The Great Destroyer - Caboose
The Great Weapon - Epsilon
The Great Retriever - Washington
The Great One - Alpha
The Monster - CT
Something Evil - The Meta
The Housing Facility for the Great Weapon - Project Freelancer Operational Command Center
The Great Burning Plains - The Dig Site
The Great Swamp - The Freelancer Off-site Storage Facility
The Great Freezing Plains - Sidewinder
The Trial of the Windmill - Facing the Meta at Last Resort
The Ship - The Pelican
The Great Doom - Destroying the AI at Command

The Great Prophecy - The Recollection Trilogy
The events in the Recollection Trilogy (if interpreted properly) match up with the events and elements described in the Great Prophecy.

The Great Destroyer - Caboose
According to Gamma, "The Great Destroyer" is both a shisno and a blue being. Furthermore, the Great Destroyer is also supposed to be the stupidest life form in the universe. Caboose is human, wears blue armor, and is unbelievably stupid, so he matches the description perfectly. The Great Destroyer was destined to ultimately claim the Great Weapon. By the end of Reconstruction, it was Caboose who claimed possession of the Epsilon Unit. The Great Destroyer is also supposed to have a hand in killing Gamma and destroying the Facility that houses the Great Weapon. The entire gang from Reconstruction (Caboose included) was held responsible for activating the EMP which killed Gamma and essentially destroyed the Facility.

The Great Weapon - Epsilon
Naturally, "The Great Weapon" is expected to be a dangerous thing with a vast amount of capabilities. Epsilon is one of the most potent AI because it can simulate the personalities and capabilities of all the other AI that broke off from the Alpha. Basically, Epsilon contains representations of the all the other Alpha fragments, including the Alpha itself. Also, Epsilon has repressed memories that if resurfaced could awaken a deadly wrath, the likes of which have never been seen. Also, it was stated that the Great Weapon was supposed to be a key. Delta always said that memory was the key. Epsilon is the Alpha's memories, so technically Epsilon is the key... just as the Great Prophecy foretold.

The Great Retriever - Washington
The title of "The Great Retriever" was originally claimed by the Green Alien that helped Omega and Wyoming kidnap Junior. The role of the Great Retriever was never discussed, but the Green Alien's actions in Season 5 may provide a few hints. First of all the Green Alien assisted in retrieving both Junior and Tucker's Sword. At the time, the Green Alien envisioned Junior as the Great Destroyer and Tucker's Sword as the Great Weapon. Therefore, it would seem that the Great Retriever's role is to retrieve the Great Destroyer and unite it with the Great Weapon. Agent Washington was the one who retrieved Caboose from Rat's Nest and eventually united him with Epsilon, so it would seem that Wash did fulfill the role of the Great Retriever. It should also be noted that a "retriever" is "one who recovers or regains" which is exactly what Wash's job was as a Recovery Agent. Recovery One may have been the Great Retriever from the Great Prophecy.

The Great One - Alpha
This title was only mentioned once, but " The Great One" appears to be an individual very important to the Great Retriever's mission. The Alpha was essential in Washington's plan to stop the Meta, take down Project Freelancer, and make sure that Caboose escaped with Epsilon. Plus, it seems only fitting that the Alpha itself would get a proper title in the Great Prophecy, and since the Alpha was originally the "one" AI from which all the others were created from, it seems suitable for the Great Prophecy to refer to the Alpha as the Great One.

The Monster - CT
Andy said that "The Monster" resided in the Great Burning Plains, which is exactly where CT was found. Andy also said something about the Monster having armor, so the Monster must have been a soldier of some sort. The Monster is supposed to be defeated with the Great Weapon, and it should be noted that CT was ultimately killed by Epsilon.

Something Evil - The Meta
According to Andy, there is something evil that tries to steal the Great Weapon. This evil being is attracted to the Great Weapon and can't live without it. The Meta is an evil being that pursued Epsilon and tried to steal it. The Meta also seemed to suffer from some health issues due to having too many armor enhancements and not enough AI to run it all. Wash became so concerned with the Meta's condition that he had Simmons lure Doc to Valhalla to monitor the Meta's health. The Meta needed to acquire another AI in order to prevent his condition from further deteriorating.

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