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28 year-old male from Clyde, OH
Formerly known as the famous, Y0ur3AlrdyD3ad.
Whirlpool Corporation owns my life. My education background consists of: electrical engineering, architectural engineering (for a short time), education (ESL/EFL=English as a Second/Foreign Language, nutrition, business law, management (international, & organizational) along with marketing, etc

Grifball veteran/captain dedicated to captaining today's new talent to evolve into tomorrow's MVPs. Recently bomb stopping, strategically tanking, and redefining trick running fah dayz.
Famous for custom and catchy, intentionally, overly-used words and phrases.
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Grifball.infoThe Grifball (AGLA) community will be moving over to grifball.info for our forums and information. Rooster Teeth has announced their separation and we are taking charge and moving forward. We all hope to see you there!
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Name Brandon (Yeager)
Birthday August 4th, 1986
Interests AMERICAN Football (rather play than watch) Wrestling (not watching since it's a joke) Mixed martial arts Realistic/Team-based gaming Repairing/Modding electronics Networking (both tech and social reference) War/Battle strategy and tactics Nutrition Teaching/Instruction (I've held a HUGE variety of positions with teaching English as a second language overseas having the biggest impact on my own life) Linguistics and learning languages Audio pressure/quality (I iz an audiophile :p and used to have time to compete in MECA-top in my classification in state before retiring) International business policies/regulations and associated politics your mother Anything strategy and/or management-based pretty much everything in existence except maybe how your day is/was......oh and I really do not like pokemon whatsoever(-not really taking interest in hearing about your chicklets or jiggaboos-) so yeah boo me stfu.
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Music I listen to just about everything from classical to heavy metal. I will say that today's rap/hip-hop is pretty terrible with very rare exceptions and that I tend to skip out on the country along with mainstream pop. You have to have a wide range of tastes to more fully understand and appreciate music's depth and layers of complexity. Today�39;s mainstream:..Pop: repetitive and full of talentless singers buying songs from outside writers (all about marketable image)...Country: pop artists who couldn't make it big or are washed up so they put on an accent and hire a band...Rap/Hip-Hip: mostly the act of repeating words/phrases throughout the whole song while being mixed on top of music already produced by previous artists (aka ripping them off) hence the reason that the older stuff being favored. People with a head can only handle so many songs about how cool you think drugs are while everyone laughs at your embarrassment and how quick you can get yourself bankrupt mindlessly spending paycheck to payc
Movies I won't include specific titles but I'm a psychological horror nut!
TV Shows I don't watch much tv but History channel and I have romantic dates occasionally. I love Sealab 2021 and Tosh!
Books Books are outdated. lol no but I read so much during the weeks that it makes it hard to enjoy reading actual novels. Hmm...last "novel"; I did read though was "The Road". I thought that would be nice because it takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting which is always interesting. The Silent HIll graphic novels are interesting as well.