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yelnocp I drink milk
26 year-old male from Portland, ME

Link checked the chest. Wow, Thats a nice chest!

I had never considered the negative aspects of just reversing my last name and initial.
If I have to say it, I guess i'd go "yell - knock - 'p"

*insert random here*
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yelnocp I drink milk
Here we goA warning: if you do this and navigate away by mistake, you'll lose your progress. Just saying.
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General: *Salutes*
Username: First Initial, Last name, backwards.
Age: 26
From: Portland, Maine
Sponsor: Yep
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Rooster Teeth Content:
First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: RvB Season 1 on HHDDVVBVD
Last Podcast you watched: The 2nd sponsor-only video podcast- I don't get to watch, but I listen every week!
Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: @Burnie can always make me laugh, and his eagerness to please the fans is the coolest thing ever.
Did you watch a Rt video today: Yep
-If yes Which one: Minecraf...
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Interests I am a jack of all trades. Halo RvB viola and piano Boy scouts Ebay Niftyness Cheeze Pi divided by zero Nintendo DS lethargy Windows linux on my ipod duality pedantry exxoneration does anyone get this far? Skiing Biking Climbing Breathing Come now Im not that good looking.
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Music Trocadero Wierd al Beatles Born and Bred on oldies I love classic rock Zeppelin AC/DC and all that
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TV Shows This list fluctuates but: My little pony House Mythbusters Lost NCIS CSI Shark Psych Monk Family Guy Star Trek Firefly The simpsons NBC's Heroes Numb3rs The Unit Jericho Two and a Half Men How I met your mother Whose Line is it Anyway? The Weakest Link Chuck Big Bang Theory To Tell The Truth Leverage Arrested Development
Books His Dark materials trilogy (Who never had a crush on Lyra? XD) Harry potter anything brian Jacques or dan Brown Halo: Fall of Reach The flood and first strike Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books Tom Clancey's No Remorse the Artemis Fowl Series Ringworld
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