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27 year-old male from Portland, ME

Link checked the chest. Wow, Thats a nice chest!

I had never considered the negative aspects of just reversing my last name and initial.
If I have to say it, I guess i'd go "yell - knock - 'p"

*insert random here*
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Game over, man!Whelp, I died.
“We'll see,” Buck growled. “If not, we'll scour this whole fucking settlement, house to house, till we find him.”

They arrived at the house, and as a body tramped up to the door, shouting for Yelnocp to come out. Buck pounded on the door. There was no answer, and they let themselves in. It was dark inside, and it appeared that no one was there. It was a foolish errand, Bryan thought. This was the home of a dead man, of course it would be dark and empty. Bryan stepped away from the group, stumbling in the darkness. He suddenly became aware that he was drunk as he lost his balance and landed face first on the hard wood floor. He shakily climbed to his feet as he heard someone behind him attempting to light a lamp. The wick caught, and the room was suddenly bathed in orange light, which flickered off of the face of the man pressed against the wall in front of Bryan.

“Oh,” Bryan slurred, blinking at the sudden brightness. “There you are. We been lookin' for you.”

Yelnocp snatched up a wooden stool, swinging it by the legs. The seat caught Bryan in the side of the head, and his world went black.

“The table!” someone shouted. Several men pushed the wooden table onto its side, scooting it across the floor as Yelnocp made to escape. He was suddenly pinned as the table slid into him, pushing him back against the wall. Yelnocp pushed against the table, straining against the weight of the men. The table budged, then began to slide away from him. The rest of the group piled on, and the table slowly returned to its prior position.

Yelnocp struggled, wide-eyed.

“Duck!” the men against the table lowered their heads as Buck hefted his sword in both hands. The blade sailed through the air laterally, biting through Yelnocp's neck and into the wall behind him.

The men backed away from the table, cheering, as Buck retrieved the head. The group exited house, shouting their victory, Buck's dogs howling along with them. They retur...
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