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Thanks for stopping by! I love playing "Sheila the Tank" and F.I.L.S.S on Red vs. Blue. Truly the best part of playing these roles has been having you in my life. You are the BEST fans anyone could dream of! You guys are there, faithfully supporting me, whether I'm playing a tank with relationship issues", doing a show about cars, racing, lifestyle, entertainment or anything else. Thank you!!! I love you guys!!! You're always welcome @www.yomary.com, Followm me on Twitter @YomaryCruz, "Like" www.Facebook.com/OfficialYomaryCruz and check out my IMDB page:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1560226/.

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yomary Cast & Crew
Season 11 & Father's Day!!!It feels like an eternity since Season 10 ended! So excited for Season 11 and all the fun surprises it has in store! Happy Father's Day!

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