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Male from Illinois
Just a student working through college. I enjoy baseball, and I am a starting pitcher.

I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan despite being born in upstate New York. I was born New York and raised Illinois, and proud to call both states home.

I accept most random friend requests. You will never meet anybody new unless you take a chance.
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WhirlwindThis all happened so fast.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see what this means for the company and what they are doing, but I must also admit that I'm apprehensive about all of this. RT is a company and as a result, this makes sense, but what will it mean for us? What changes are forthcoming with this? I don't know if it will be all good. I have a lot of faith in both Matt and Burnie though, so I should just shut up and see where this goes.

Well, that is it for this evening. Again, comments and advice are welcome and appreciated. Until Tomorrow, Good Luck and God Speed.

This is really a first response. I need some time to collect my thoughts and get them straightened out. I'll probably post more on this later.
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Name Karl
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Interests Cardinals Baseball and the U.S. Army. I have not yet served but I followed dad for the first 19 years so it is coming. I am extremely patriotic and supportive of both the United States and Great Britain. There are none better than those two countries.
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