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24 year-old male from Murphy, NC

You never know when its ganna happen
You never look for it
You never see or hear it till its right there
You get a taste and thats all you crace
You cant get it out of you mind
You found it without knowing it
But your happy you fell in love

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WowI dont know if you guys remember me but, i guess im back lol. Drop me a message if you want to catch up.
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Name Barrett
Occupation Tile and Landscapeing
Birthday August 14th, 1990
Interests I like listening to music whatch Red VS Blue playing the X-box hagin with friends going to the skateing rink talking on the internet four-wheeler racing paintball guitars (bass) my band TV and Torncity taking midngiht walks with my friends paintball trying to get my tie off with out using my hands skateboarding with John computers pivot Swords snowboarding and Bleach. overall- Being a JACKWHOLE
Music Rock Meatal Little Country Little Rap oh and irish punk music. Three Days Grace Three Doors Down Avenge Seven Fold Breaking Benjamin Stianless Metallca Slip Knot New Found Glory Flogging Molly The Used Traped Smile Empty Soul CKY Gorillaz Nickle Back Maroon5 My Chemical Romance Creed Toby Mac POD Atempt to Fail and my Band. I wish I had a name for it any ideas would be great
Movies Reign Of Fire Manchirian Canidate Man on fire Lord of the rings all three and Red Vs Blue Transporter 1&2 Kung Pow Kung Fu Hutle Baba-Hotep Saw Saw 2 Resident evil all of them of course Jeepers Creepers Not DOOM Pnaics Fever Pitch Kingdom of heavan Troy The Devils rejects and Dodgeball
TV Shows Smallville The OC American Idol Dragon Ball GT Lost The Venture Bros Aqua Teen Hunger Force Family Guy Futurama Sealab 2021 Harvey Bird Man. foster home for imaginary friends naruto and lost The Boondocks Squidbillies IGPX Naruto Rarouni Kenshin Samurai Chimploo American Dad CNN ( for reasons unexplianed) and Src-y-ed
Books Amulant of Samerkand Harry Potter Trilogy The Golems Eye The lord of the Rings Trilogy Lord Brocktree anything thats fantasy.