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24 year-old male from Gotham city
Im the God damn Batman. Thats all you need to know.
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Name Derek
Occupation Crime fighter
Birthday December 13th, 1990
Interests Xbox live going on the inter webs YouTube.
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Music Metallica Jimi Hendrix experience Led Zeppelin Tool The Who System of a Down Slayer Motly Crue Van Halen Nirvana Pearl Jam Judas Priest Rush Black Sabbath Guns n Roses Bad Company Beastie Boys Whitesnake Disturbed Iron Maiden Motorhead Ac/Dc Def Leopard Aerosmith Alice in chains The Cars Green Day KISS Litta Ford Bon Jovi Billy Idol Megadeth Dethlok Pink Floyd Rush Die Antwoord Ted Nuget Tenacious D Dio Black Sabbath Red Hot Chile Peppers and more just cant think of em.
Movies Pulp Fiction Star Wars Shawshank Redemption Stepbrothers Fight Club The Dark Knight Batman Begins Batman Batman Returns
TV Shows Jackass Batman animated series My name is earl
Books Dc Comics The outsiders
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