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One month updateHey there reader,

Been a looooong time since I upated here.
Lot's of stuff has happened since and I won't have space/time to write it all.
Briefly, today is my birthday (YAY!!!!!) but that's pretty much irrelevant
Went to the awesome RTOz event, met Burnie, Joel and Brandon there, good day.
Came back to my house in geelong to find it trashed, a whole thing where they tried to blame me when I wasn't home for 3 weeks.
Started a new semester of uni, easy subjects....yay!
Got a hold of Arkham City and finished it, except for some side missions
Got a hold of Halo CE: Anniversary, still going with that, might be my first 100% game ever, very excited.
Broke 10,000 GamerScore with Halo, yay!
Much much more, but I don't have time today, or this weekend really.

Serious question though. If my Druid dies in DnD, which is likely to happen with the upcoming fight, what character should I roll. Looking to avoid non-spellcasters and pure spellcasters. Initially I was going to roll a Minotaur Fighter but not sure if I want to lose my spells since they are really helpful and cool.

'Til next time!
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