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22 year-old male from Philadelphia, PA
Just a regular nerdy guy, I like videogames listening to my tunes, hanging with friends and just beeing me. Haven't really figured out what I wanna do yet but that's okay I'll figure it out eventually

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10 Years, Holy FuckSo this is a few days late but, RT has been around for 10 years! That's fuckin' crazy. I think I've been watching for at least 8 years of that, I didn't actually sign up on the site until 4 years ago when I was actually in a Grifball League with my buddy Rickpat and to be in the league we had to actually sign up for the site. But since then it has been amazing I've been shown so much kickass content that I love and enjoy, I actually just finished listening to the entirety of the RT Podcast again and I'm probably gonna restart again soon. I've also met tons of fantastic friends that I love so dearly. Molly, Curtis, Moose, Jen, JimJam, Tim, Danny and everyone else thank you so much for being a part of my life and I can't wait to hang out with you guys in Austin this year! Hopefully the last 10years have meant just as much to you as it has to me.
Stay Cool
-Zach ^_^
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