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26 year-old male from Columbia, MO
Been a gamer for as long as I can remember...been a storyteller even longer.
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RIP MontyWhen someone we care for dies, reality seems to stop. Nothing really feels quite tangible anymore. Some of us, myself included, are left questioning just about everything, right down to whether we're imagining the whole thing; like it was all a dream, and we just have to wake up and everything will be as it was.
I never met Monty, nor have I been able to attend any RT events, though I have always wanted to. When I first knew of him, it was first through his work on RvB, and I was instantly a fan. Anything that Monty put out there, I wanted to see it. I wanted to witness his talents as they bloomed through the computer screen, and every time I was left in awe, anxiously awaiting his next creation. So when RWBY came, I was floored. After high school, I had fallen out of the anime-style cartoon genre and completely forgot how encompassing it was. RWBY brought me back....Monty reminded me of what I had forgotten.
As I've said, I never knew Monty personally, but my time here as part of the RT community, and a witness to Monty's genius, so to me this is a death in the family, and it hurts just like it. My first thought when I received the news, was interestingly the first story I heard Monty tell in a podcast, and again in an Animated Adventure, in which he talked about he night that Gavin got so drunk that he told Monty about his penis not being gay for him, but trying really hard. And although I was sad, that memory made me smile. That story, however embarrassing it may have been for Gavin, will stick with me and bring a smile to my face when I need one.
If I had gotten the chance to meet Monty, I know I would've been blown away by how awesome of a person he was...
We will all miss you Monty
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