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27 year-old male from Cedar Falls, IA
Gears of War, Halo 2, More Gears of War. I like to be active, work out, spell wrongly, get smarts, eat smarties, and annoy people with my stupid sense of humor. I Also LOVE to draw.
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The 5 of the funniest Red Vs Blue QuotesHaha well this was quite the enjoyable process these are all based on my opinon.

Church: Me and Tucker will go through the teleporter, and cut him off at the pass! Tucker, you ready?
Tucker: There is no way I'm going through that thing.
Church: Tucker, we don't have time for this! Why would they give us a teleporter if doesn't work?
Tucker: I don't know! Why would they give us a tank that nobody could drive?
Church: We already tested the teleporter, remember?
Tucker: We threw rocks through it!
Church: And? So? The rocks came out the other side, didn't they?
Tucker: Yeah, but they were all hot, and covered in black stuff.
Church: So this is what this is all about - you're afraid of a little black stuff.
Tucker: Yes, I am. I am afraid of black stuff.
Church: So that's what this is about? Your affraid of little black stuff?

Caboose I'm having a lot of fun. It's like we're real soldiers.

Tucker: I'm sorry, what? It's kind of hard to hear you over the sound of your constant team killing.

Church: You know, I could've taken that alien out if I'd hit him just a few more times.
Tucker: A few more times? How about one time!
Church: Well, I think I landed at least two or three shots.
Tucker: Yeah right.
Tex: You didn't hit anything but the wall.
Church: How the hell would you know? You were running straight backwards
Tex: This is a long-range weapon, okay? I need distance to use it effectively.
Tucker: Where were you planning on shooting him from, the fucking moon? If you'd have backed up any further you'd have had to mail him the bullets!

Sarge: What do you see?
Caboose: I see, a room.
Sarge: And? What's in the room?
Caboose: There are some walls, and some ceilings. Wait, only one ceiling.
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Name zack and im only 14
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