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zimbobwa Chic
27 year-old male from Lyndhurst, NJ
Hmmm, something about me huh? Well I'm kinda simple. Definatly immature for someone my age, but i live with it. Mostly this one sentence describes me best:

I am me and nobody else.


Oh btw for some reason i have two names. My real name is Stephen, but i also like being called CJ (whole nothing nickname for a whole nother reason) so call me either one. I'll probly respond to both lol

Oh one more thing down there somewhere i say i like bones. Please dont think its creepy, its because im an anthropology student. I deal with human fossils and animal fossils all the time and bones are just more interesting out of them al
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zimbobwa Chic
Reaction to/for MontyWhen I first heard that he was in the hospital I was extremely shocked to hear it, but I was for sure that he would pull through. Unfortunately that didn't happen and I have been really down and out for the past day and a half after I found out, but I didn't really feel like I needed to cry especially because I did not really know him on a personal level. So now here I sit, coming home from class on a tuesday night to watch the podcast and see what they will be doing for Monty. I sit and I watch and I smile at all the stories and laughed a few times too. But at the end, when they showed the tribute video...for some reason I could not hold myself back anymore. Tears fell and fell and kept on going. Even as I write this there are still a few sliding down knowing that the world lost a brilliant mind and a wonderfully passionate person.

I feel like, going by what matt said in his journal earlier, if you want to honor Monty (and I am paraphrasing here) go be creative, expand your imagination and do something that will inspire others. I am going to do just that whether it be with my own person writing, or with my career as a teacher, inspiring the future generations to come!

You will be missed terribly Monty by not only your friends and family, but by the millions and millions of people who have met you either in person or through your various works. You can finally rest easy knowing that we will continue to work hard in your stead (though you probably are trying to make even Heaven more efficient haha) RIP our friend.
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