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zimbobwa Chic
26 year-old male from Lyndhurst, NJ
Hmmm, something about me huh? Well I'm kinda simple. Definatly immature for someone my age, but i live with it. Mostly this one sentence describes me best:

I am me and nobody else.


Oh btw for some reason i have two names. My real name is Stephen, but i also like being called CJ (whole nothing nickname for a whole nother reason) so call me either one. I'll probly respond to both lol

Oh one more thing down there somewhere i say i like bones. Please dont think its creepy, its because im an anthropology student. I deal with human fossils and animal fossils all the time and bones are just more interesting out of them al
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zimbobwa Chic
Dream and Reality So I know it is super early, but I need to get this off my chest. This morning i had another RT dream. This time around I was on the Gauntlet, with the prize being a job at RT in one of the departments. Before I woke up I was in the middle of doing those "Tell everyone about you" type of sit downs, where i plugged my Minecraft group and a video that may come in the future. Now when I woke up and came back to reality I got thinking (and not a great way of thinking I might add). My life is very safe and at times boring. I just keep thinking that why couldnt I do something so cool as work for RT or even making videos that would make people really happy to watch. But thats not the case...Though dont get me wrong, i like teaching and everyday is a new day with it, but i cant shake the feeling that i could have done more instead of settling.

Sorry for a depressing morning Journal, but i just had to get that out.
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