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Male from Southampton, United Kingdom
Hi! I'm Ed, and welcome to my profile! Please wipe your feet.

I am currently at Southampton University studing Astrophysics,
and when I'm not at Uni I'm in deepest darkest Dorset working on 'The Spartan Effect'
Please enjoy your day!
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The Spartan Effect: Episode 7We're quietly releasing Episode 7 for anyone who is still following us. It's taken a long to time to finish with obstacles of work, uni, etc. We hope you enjoy it.

View it on Youtube or over at RookieRabbit.com
Also check out the teaser trailer for Ep7 here.

We'll produce Episode 8 if we can, so keep a look out! Thanks.
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Name Ed
Occupation Student & Filmmaker
Birthday March 3rd
Interests Space Science Film-making (see my machinima at RookieRabbit.com) Gadgets Singing (I'm in a choir) Lifeguarding
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Music Hybrid Coldplay Trocadero David Lowe
TV Shows Star Trek Top Gear Heroes Mock the Week Doctor Who The Apprentice Scrubs Family Guy