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Zodiark Flowers
27 year-old male from New Zealand
I'm an Animator!
I live in Auckland, New Zealand!
I like writing, drawing, reading and gaming!

Update: Now with Twitter! twitter.com/stephen_fleet

Here's a link to Daylight, my work-in-progress script:


And you can check out some of my drawing right here on RT:


That's me.
Zodiark out!

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Zodiark Flowers
Ten Little Roosters Episode 4I'm one hundred percent sure I have next week figured out. Too excited to not share it, so here it is :P

Gus dies via pitchfork.

In the first episode we saw that Baby Gus died after being impaled on a fork. If anyone is going to die 'to scale' it'll be Gus impaled on the pitchfork left behind by Adam this week.

Also does that mean Barbara is the killer? Adam did leave her with the pitchfork and she knows exactly where to find Gus.

If I'm right that means my initial guesses for the killer and survivor (both still alive) were way off. Oh well
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