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Zodiark Flowers
26 year-old male from New Zealand
I'm an Animator!
I live in Auckland, New Zealand!
I like writing, drawing, reading and gaming!

Update: Now with Twitter!

Here's a link to Daylight, my work-in-progress script:

And you can check out some of my drawing right here on RT:

That's me.
Zodiark out!

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Zodiark Flowers
A Little Writing UpdateHey everyone! It's been a while.

So what have I been up to you ask? (or maybe you didn't ask, in which case shut up and let me tell you anyway :P) Well aside from still being jobless, I've been hard at work writing a bunch of stuff including a new fantasy novel called 'The Six Swords' which I don't think I've mentioned in my journal before. Here's the ol' synopsis:

'Six people from very different walks of life are thrown together at the behest of a ancient and mysterious guardian, with the purpose of defending the kingdom of Auwen from a coming danger.'

I've just put the first five chapters of The Six Swords up on my Wattpad page, so ...
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