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Zodiark Flowers
26 year-old male from New Zealand
I'm an Animator!
I live in Auckland, New Zealand!
I like writing, drawing, reading and gaming!

Update: Now with Twitter! twitter.com/stephen_fleet

Here's a link to Daylight, my work-in-progress script:


And you can check out some of my drawing right here on RT:


That's me.
Zodiark out!

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Zodiark Flowers
RWBY has finally won me over.As someone who disliked volume one of RWBY, from the often poor animation to the wobbly voice acting and more (although I thought the show had a lot of promise, it just didn't manage to deliver on it for me), I was genuinely blown away by the first episode of volume two.

I had hoped that Monty and the team were just getting into the swing of things and that they would use the time between volumes one and two to make the improvements they realy needed to make.

And boy oh boy did they. The episode took the animation to new heights, had far better written and better flowing dialogue and excellent voice acting to match. It brought the humor in spades and managed to keep things simple and fun while still giving us some solid introductions to a bunch of new characters.

As a side note, around fifteen minutes is a really great length for the show. Last volume tried to stuff too much into such short episodes that I felt like I didn't have enough time to get to know most of the characters. So I hope that RWBY will at least aim for the ten minute mark for episodes from here on in. That said, this was the first episode so it's likely the rest will be shorter. I don't mind that, so long as they don't try to cram too much in.

Long story short, great job RT! You've managed to turn me around from barely willing to give volume two a chance to being genuinely exicted for the future of this show.

(Also, when was the last time I wrote anything on this site? I can't believe I came back to write good things about RWBY )

Zodiark out!
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