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  • The Slow Mo Guys

    Match Head Bomb at 2500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

    1 day ago

    Gav and Dan stick over 6000 matches into a blender and light them all at once for a lovely microfireworks display.

  • RT Animated Adventures

    The Robo-Telemarketer

    1 day ago

    Burnie gets a call and is uncertain whether he is talking to an annoying robot or an annoying telemarketer.

    Audio from The Rooster Teeth Podcast #323:

    Like the animated adventure? Check out all of the Rooster Teeth Podcast here:

  • Red vs. Blue

    Episode 19: The End is Near

    2 days ago

    The Freelancers have done their part. Now it’s up to the Reds and Blues to finish it.

  • Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

    X-Ray and Vav Title Card Contest!

    2 days ago

    Hey everyone! Since we're in the middle of our mid-season break for X-Ray and Vav, we wanted to keep the excitement up until season two resumes in a couple weeks. So we're having a contest!

    We know you love X-Ray & Vav as much as we do, so we would like to invite you to become a lasting part of the show. Many Saturday morning cartoons use title cards to showcase themes and important moments in each episode. We are asking you, the community, to create title cards for the four episodes that comprise X-Ray & Vav season one. This art will appear on DVDs and BluRays featuring this content, and your art will live on forever as part of the show! We'll also send you a sweet X-Ray & Vav swag pack with cool merch signed by the cast and crew!

    By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to allow Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC to include your artwork on our DVD and BluRay.

    The image must be 4000 x 2250 pixels at 200 resolution/dpi. Use only episodes from season one, and include a sketch of where the title of the episode should go (You must leave room for the title of the episode!). To enter, post a link to your image in the comments section of this journal and we'll message the winners on the site! If you just post a direct link, the image should populate itself and we'll see it. There's no cap on how many times you can enter, so feel free to take a crack at all the episodes. It must be your own original art, created by you. The contest will end in two weeks, on September 12th. Get your entries in by then and you'll be entered to win!

    For your reference, the titles of episodes from season one are:

    Episode 1: X-Ray & Vav Rise

    Episode 2: Operation: Rescue Friend

    Episode 3: Evil Unlocked

    Episode 4: Storm the Tower

    And here are some neat examples of title cards from some of our favorite shows to inspire you!


    Thanks everyone! Have fun, and good luck!

  • Ashley The Know

    Join Rooster Teeth for a PAX Livestream!

    3 days ago

    PAX is under way in Seattle and we're ready to party! But even if you can't be with us in person, you can join us for a livestream on Saturday from the YouTube live stage. We'll kick off the day at 1PM Central/11AM Pacific and go until the show floor closes and security tackles us to the ground to get us out of there.

    We'll have demos of upcoming games and content, live editions of The Patch and FAQ Podcast, a giveaway from Razer, some very serious and highly skilled gaming sessions, maybe an antic or two, a crash course in the YouTube gaming scene, and guest appearances from some of our best buddies across YouTube.

    Sound good?

    To join us, just click this link to catch it on the newly launched YouTube gaming site, set your alarm, get your snacks ready, and get your streaming pants on. Assuming you wear pants And don't forget to use the hashtag #RTPAX!

  • Free Play

    Gross Beer Pong - Free Play #6

    4 days ago

    Meg and Ryan attempt to hold in their lunch during a game of Gross Beer Pong. Check out Meg's Stunt Suggestion journal right here:

  • Barbara

    Guardian applications for RTX Australia NOW OPEN!

    4 days ago

    Guardian Applications for RTX Australia are now OPEN! HOLLAH!

    Before you start, please note the following:

    - Guardians must be 18+ (by January 21st, 2016)
    - Do not apply if you are unsure if you can travel to Sydney, Australia for the weekend of January 22-24, 2016.
    - Guardians are responsible for their own accommodations & travel while in Sydney.
    - Please answer every question honestly and to the best of your ability.
    - Frequent communication will be required if you are selected to be a Guardian. Please keep that in mind when applying.

    Ready? You can find the application here.

    We can't wait for our first ever RTX in Australia, and if you think you are suited to be one of our awesome Guardians, apply!

    PLEASE NOTE: By applying to be a Guardian for RTX, you will be volunteering your time over the course of the event to help RTX run smoothly, and represent Rooster Teeth and its community to the best of your ability. If you are unable to do this, do not apply.

  • Gavino

    Me on drugs

    4 days ago

    I have never been one to dabble with drugs in my life. Probably for good reason.

  • Miles Miles


    4 days ago

    Hey Austinites! Quick update:

    Because the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse sold out of tickets so quickly, we've now opened up a theater at the Slaughter Lane Drafthouse for the RvB13 Finale Marathon!

    Grab your tickets before they sell out! The following locations still have seats:

    Austin (Slaughter Lane)


    Kansas City


    Note that we won't be holding the Q&A at the Slaughter location, but it WILL be recorded and posted at a later date!

    Hope you guys enjoy the show!

  • Happy Hour

    Gavin After Dentist - Happy Hour #26

    5 days ago

    Gavin gets four teeth pulled out of his face and the power of comprehension pulled out of his brain.