BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

    • Dear Rooster Teeth (you did good)

      7 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      (sorry James, I’m going to hog this for a second) For those of you who missed it, James’ entry is here

      Oh Burnie, of course we aren’t “shutting up now”. You’ve enabled us, and given us something to gloat over. In unrelated news, I’m starting a petition to get Firefly back on the air.

      You guys are great. But with the addition of Barb, I can finally say I would bang one of you.

      Here’s what I love about Barb (or after an un-ladylike amount of alcohol was consumed, Babr)

      She’s been here since the beginning. Do you remember top members? Barb was ALWAYS up there. This could have been from the usual tactics (i.e. posting whoure-ish photos) but no. Barb has always remained classy, honest, and true to herself. Even when bored and angry people had too much time on their hands and decided to harangue and bother her, she brushed it off and stayed on the site. She could have taken her toys and gone home.

      But she stayed out of love, stuck to her guns, and grew into one of the most beautiful people I know. I am so glad I met her, and I'm so glad she stuck around.

      This segues nicely into what else I adore about Barb. She puts up with the…well there really is no way to say this nicely. But you know those guys who won’t get the hint that you reeeeeeally don’t want to talk them?

      You’re all picturing one right now. Yeah, that guy.

      Barb would talk to him/her, get to know him/her, and be so overwhelmingly awesome and kind that you would feel like a jerk for even THINKING about ignoring them.

      She is kind and welcoming and has the biggest heart. As Burnie mentioned, she is a staple of the RvBTO crew. I was blown away by how naturally she made everyone relax and enjoy themselves at the Ram and the Rye, making a point to talk to each person, and get everyone to laugh (or frown).

      She instigates community tinychats, and brings the party to other events and group gatherings (sometimes with the help of Gin). One of my fondest memories during first year University (oh god that was 4 years ago) was talking on LNJJ during the buttcast with her and Jeff.

      Which bring up another point. You are an exceptionally funny company, and the level of brevity and humour (yes, with a u, you hired a Canuck, this is your problem now) you present each and every day is fantastic.

      Barb is an exceptionally funny person:
      (this was my wallpaper for 3 months)

      This was during a late night skype conversation; I believe the topic discussed was “Pizza butts”. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

      Each and every time I talk to Barb, I'm floored by what a positive and energetic person she is. She absolutely adores your company, and each of the people in it. I have no doubt she's going to throw herself whole-heartedly into getting the community to it's maximun potential.

      Barb, Canada is sad to see you go,
      But we are all so, so happy to see you accomplish your dreams.

      It means the world to me that we have grown up on here together, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.



    • Mission Accomplished

      7 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      As most if not all of you know, Barbara is officially an employee at Rooster Teeth. After seven years of being a faithful community member, her dreams are coming true. The purpose of this group is fulfilled, even though our role has been largely moral support. I cannot even begin to express how proud I am of her. But I suppose I can try.

      Barbara, I give you the biggest congratulations I have ever given. In the year or so that we've known each other, you have always been a source of happiness, encouragement and inspiration. You've helped me through the worst and now I can't wait to see you at your best. You provide inspiration to us all, showing that hard work and patience truly can amount to something. I have not even the slightest doubt in my mind that you will be the best Community Manager Rooster Teeth has ever seen. You really do deserve this.

      Congratulations, Barb. Excellent job.

      And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we may hang up our hats and coats. Our job is done. In the words of Chaucer, "And God save all the rest!"*

      *No clue if Chaucer actually said that or what relevance it holds.

    • It's Been a While

      7 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      Too long, I say!

      I was watching the live stream of the Mega64 podcast for a short while when Barb said it'd be her dream job to work at Rooster Teeth. That reminded me of this group. I'm pretty sure the last time I checked, we were at around 150 members. Now we're at 271. Dang. 271 all in support of getting the lovely Barbara a job at Rooster Teeth. You 271 people are great individuals, did you know that?

      Let our mission continue, my friends! We'll get that girl the job! smiley13.gif

    • A Very Special Day

      8 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      Today is a very special day, ladies and gentlemen. Today, we celebrate the birth of our beloved BlawnDee. I didn't get the chance to type up something big and sweet, but I'm sure it doesn't take my rambling to ensure our love of Barb. Go wish her a happy birthday!

    • What is This?!

      8 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      Remember these?


      I don't see them much anymore. It took me almost two hours just to find these five images by constantly refreshing different pages. But it took me five minutes to find these:

      imgadB.jpg imgadA.jpg

      No offense to this new girl. But I feel like this is a demotion rather than a job opportunity. And personally, I'm a bit upset at this change. I'm not upset because these images are like a wildfire on the website right now.

      I'm legitimately upset because I have no idea who this girl is, and although I'm not "Mr. Popular" on the site, I still have some sort of knowledge on most of the active users who make themselves known. And this girl's a complete stranger whose only presence related to RT that I know of, is her being in the Atari Kid short. I feel like it's a misrepresentation of the community and the merchandise we proudly purchase and wear. BlawnDee is an active member of the community who dedicates a lot of her time to this website. When I talk about Rooster Teeth to my friends, she's one of the people I use as an example of an avid user and fan.

      This girl is unknown. I don't know who she is or what connection she has to the site. For all I know, she has no idea what Red vs. Blue is, and was simply commissioned to wear these shirts.

      So here's my question to you all: Why do you think the staff would decide to use this girl, possibly even pay her, rather than use the already-good advertisements with Barb? Or even turn to the community for other individuals wishing to become models of RT shirts, like the beautiful coolcaiti?

      A group has been started in support of getting Barb back in the ads, and I stand behind this group completely. I think we all should.

    • Post-RTX

      8 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      Well, RTX has come and gone... so the question I have for you all is, did you get her that job? smiley8.gif

    • RTX

      8 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      I suspect most of you will be attending RTX here in a matter of days, and I hope you all enjoy yourselves! I unfortunately was not able to get a ticket this year due to financial and timing issues, but I'll be there in spirit!

      Now we get down to business. RTX is going to be what I would describe as a perfect opportunity to pose, as a group, the question of this page to the staff. In numbers, you guys and girls will look organized and efficient. Remember: our goal is to get Barb an opportunity to work with Rooster Teeth. We're not here to continue to pester the staff about it, so please, do not do that at RTX. Just present the point and the reasons behind it.

      Let's make it happen, ladies and gents!

    • A Birthday, You Say?

      8 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      And before you jump to conclusion, it's not for BlawnDee, but it is for someone extremely awesome! And that someone is otter_be, one of the Admins for this fantastic group! You all should go to her page and wish her a very happy birthday!



    • Working Together

      8 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      So we passed 100 members over a week ago, and we're up to 111 now. Fantastic job, everyone! Let's keep on chugging along!

      I'd like to say that this group is now somewhat-officially linked to The BlawnDee Fanclub, as I'm now a Group Admin for that as well, thanks to Barb! smiley0.gif

      With the collected power of both groups, I know that we can get her a job opportunity without a doubt!

      And on a final note, YOU ARE ALL AWESOME. smiley13.gif

      [To add, some of you, myself included, have started to ponder what BlawnDee would do even if she did get a job offer. Well, there's a lot she could do, but moving to Austin would be somewhat of an inconvenience. So what about, say... Rooster Teeth Cananda?]

    • 100!

      8 years ago

      BlawnDee Should Work at Rooster Teeth

      Way to go, everyone! We've entered the triple digits, all of us in support of BlawnDee working at Rooster Teeth! Remember to share this group with your friends through journals and other things! Let's make it happen!!

      P.S. Race you to 1000. smiley8.gif

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