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  • Day 1964: Music Monday!

    1 hour ago

    topham DHYB

    I spent the day cleaning, well, quite a bit of it, and I used that time to also listen to some music.

    I was reminded today of the Textures - Dualism album, and it was such a great album when it was released. It has a fascinating balance of heavy distorted section and clean technical sections. The vocals are fantastic, and I really enjoy the intricate drum work of Stef Broks. The track Reaching Home is my favourite off the album, but the whole album is a great listen.

    I also listened to Be More Kind again, and then I also listened to a daily mix which had lots of Elder and other doomy prog bands. It was a delight as I was moving around the house.

    Not much else to say today! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • Game of Thrones Season 8

    4 hours ago


    This season has been a BIG disappointment to be a final season... Before anyone jumps to conclusions my main gripe is with how everything was written. The Production has been outstanding, the music, the acting, the cinematography is way above the already high standards Game Of Thrones has set, which is a good thing! Everyone who worked filming this should be proud of themselves! 

    The writing however... I cannot let that pass! The writing this season just as been way below the standard that we all expect! Especially with the ending of the show!
    I mean i'm physically writing my own version of how season 8 should've gone as we speak!

  • Captains Log: Introduction

    6 hours ago


    Ahoy, all! My name is Gabby G., also known across the internets as Captain Desmodus. I am a hermit lady living in VA with my partners and cats and just trying to find my place in the world. I am an avid gamer with 20+ years of gaming under my belt. I am also a Youtuber-turned-Streamer, which I hope to work on once we move. On the side, I dabble in drawing, writing and photography and would love to nurture one into a full-time job. So..yeah. I guess that's it for now. Hope to get to know some of yall!

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 dev fired for being a sexual harassment victim

    in Forums > Kingdom Hearts 3 dev fired for being a sexual harassment victim | Follow this topic


    Check out this Youtube video and WATCH IT.

    To summarize the story, an animator who worked for Square Enix on Kingdom Hearts 3 was frequently being sexually abused by a lady co-worker in the workplace, despite him telling her repeatedly to stop. He worked up the courage to report to his higher ups but they dismissed him, accused him of "enjoying" the harassment simply because it took so long for him to report it. The employee confronted his abuser later and recorded her confession she was sexually harassing him and brought it forward to his employees, but they again dismissed it on the grounds of "leaking company secrets". The company HR even acknowledged the harassment but considered it a "joke".

    Ultimately, he lost his job and all his livelihood. He even got attacked by a mob, possibly sent by his abuser and called the company exec, telling him he was considering suicide only to be told to go ahead with it.

    He contacted several news outlets like Kotaku and The Mary Sue about this story but none of them reported it to the public.

    Considering that the mainstream media specifically reports incidents of male-on-female sexual abuse, whether they are proven to be guilty or otherwise and thus sexual harassment incidents of women preying on men are largely ignored, I believe this story needs to be spread far and wide and be given a chance to be heard.

    Sexual harassment, whether it be perpetrated by a man or a woman does happen.

    If enough of the general public knows this story and demands a legal investigation to verify the authenticity of the allegations, there's a chance the victim may find justice.

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  • Some other Gacha games I'm playing

    10 hours ago


    Yeah, it's been a while.  I'm not posting any screen shots since I've kind of haven't done them in a while, but I thought I'd talk about some gacha games I'm playing.

    First, in a bit of AL news, the KMS Bismarck will finally be coming to the game, and the developers are treating this as a big deal.  One way the EN Twitter announced her was quoting song lyrics from the power metal band Sabaton.

    One of the other ships being released with the Bismark is the HMS King George V, one of the historical battleships that hunted down the elusive KMS ship.


    Check out who's voicing KGV.  And if you don't recognize the name, then you may recognize her as being the long time voice for Fate's Poster Girl, Atoria Pendragon.  From one monarch to another.

    Now for some of the gacha games I'm playing.  One is called Langrisser, which I may have mentioned before, is a mobile RPG in the same vein as Fire Emblem, who's character designer also worked on the title Growlanser, and has been involved with other anime projects.  This was a game that came out in the late 80's, and you can tell from the designs of the characters, with more than a few looking like they belong in a hair metal band.  But you can say that each one is rather unique.

    The interesting mechanic that FE only adapted recently in their Switch release is that, when the individual units fight, they're accompanied by an army that acts like an armor, of sorts.  The unit is not defeated until the hero unit is, but keeping the army alive also means being able to do more damage and take more hits.  Right now we're in the summer event, but there are no limited summer units, but limited summer costumes for some of the girls, and they are expensive.

    Another gatcha game I'm playing is Epic Seven, which is really, really pretty but has a rather bland story, so I tend to skip it.  It has some amazing character designs for it's characters, so if that's your thing, you may like it.  It's currently doing a collab with Guilty Gear, making Sol, Baiken, and Dizzy available units, but Sol is an event unit while Baiken and Dizzy are limited.

    Lastly, I'm playing a mobile game called Revue Starlight: Revive, which is a sequel to the anime.  If you haven't seen the anime then you will be completely lost with the story of the game.  But long story short, in the game, it's about a bunch of girls fighting one another (and I do mean actually fighting one another) to save their respective plays.  The gameplay is kind of a mix of some other gacha games, like FGO, but unlike that where you always pick three cartds, here, you're given a hard number of action points (six in total) that you cannot exceed, so there is some strategy there.  It is rather fun, though, and you get some interesting character designs, since the girls are all dressing up as characters from other plays.  Right now there's a mini event involving Aladdin and the Genie, so if you're interested, check it out.

    I'll post some screen shots of those games when I can, if you haven't heard of them anyway.  Until then.

  • Finals week is upon us.

    11 hours ago


    Pray for me. 

  • Selling 1 RTX Weekend Badge (PayPal)

    in Forums > Selling 1 RTX Weekend Badge (PayPal) | Follow this topic


    Hi everyone.

    Due to flight issues I can't make it to RTX this year, so I'll be selling my Weekend badge. I'm hoping to sell it for at least $100 via PayPal. Email me at if interested.


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  • I dunno pt 5

    22 hours ago


    Art is nice some people are good some are not.  Remember practice makes perfect especially with art.  You don't wake up and paint like bob ross.  You gotta earn that skill so go ahead and practice if you feel your isn't good enough.

  • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 8

    22 hours ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, where one man tries to prove his innocence against six other people that really, really want to kill him for various reasons.

    In our last episode, we got some back story with Adlet, explaining what happened to his village and how he essentially became the fantasy Batman. As it turns out, the Lizard Fiend who showed up at his village is linked to Flamie, as she was the idea he had to undermine the Braves. A lot of good that did him.

    So Flamie is released, since Adlet never really held her hostage, to rejoin the others, leaving our boy to plan his next move. Maura has her own plans, as well. She'll split the party up, with her going with Flamie, Goldov and Nachetanya as another, leaving Hans to protect the temple while Chamot does whatever she does. Adlet, seeing his chance, makes his way to the temple, where he runs into Hans, and they have their own fight.

    Meanwhile, Nachetanya expresses her own concerns that it's Hans, not Adlet, who's the seventh, leaving Goldov confused and concerned. He does hear the battle but Nachetanya is unable to for one reason or another. In that fight, it appears that Hans has gained the upper hand.

    Will Adlet be able to prove his innocence? Will he find the Seventh? And is there really an Eighth? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins with Goldov asking Nachetanya who she suspects, which is Hans. We then see Hans pin Adlet to the ground, ready to deliver the fatal blow. If you think you're having a bad day...

    -Apparently I missed something in the opening, which was all of the Braves fighting one another. That isn't a good sign at all. Did that only happen recently, or was it there when the setting changed? Clearly, I must have a bad memory.

    -Tonight's episode is titled The Average Man and the Genius. At the temple, Hans complements Adlet on his plan, pretending to be one of the Six, and if he wasn't there, Adlet might have gotten away with it. Unless Hans is extremely paranoid and thinks somebody else is listening in, this line makes me want to elevate him to the same status as Flamie.

    -Back to the conversation. Hans admits that he was shocked when Adlet took a hostage and thought he was smarter than that. Now it's time for the questions. Who is Adlet working for? Our boy can't say, because he isn't the fake. Hans then goes down the list of reasons for treachery, like a sick mom or they took a lover hostage. Nope, no family or lover to kill or kidnap. At this point, Hans is convinced Adlet is the fake and is about ready to kill, but as one hero said long ago, don't watch the mouth, watch the hands.

    -Adlet pulls a trigger on his back, releasing a smoke cloud that goes right into Hans' eyes, blinding him. This affects Adlet, as well, and he curses the assassin for making him use it. He then runs into one of the pillars and is now running blind through the forest. Hans, however, is still able to accurately follow Adlet, much to his confusion, but we can see why. Hans is using his sense of hearing to track Adlet.

    -So the two fight, but it's much more even than you think, but Adlet is still at a disadvantage. He curses the fate of average men, who can't surpass genius. Adlet puts a little more distance between them, but the assassin is able to catch up, and soon they're at a standstill. At this point, Adlet isn't going to run anymore. He takes off anything on him that makes a sound, much to Hans' confusion, and tells the assassin...


    -This might end up being bad for Hans, but we'll see where this goes. Of course, the assassin suspects Adlet is up to something, and it looks like he isn't as blinded anymore. Oh, so maybe he wanted to get rid of the extra weight. But it looks like Adlet shows off his own intelligence as Hans is reluctant to try anything. Adlet asks if he's scared, and Hans, not being an idiot, admits to it. That's quite honest from an assassin, but in his own words...

    -What an unusual thing to be moral about. But all this is doing is buying Adlet time. He knows that victory against Hans isn't beating him, it's clearing his name and finding the fake. And how does he do that? By making Hans cautious, because he knows where his trump card will be. Hans is watching everything, but there's one thing he isn't watching, and as Hans is a genius, it's the one thing he doesn't need to watch. And then Adlet shoots his sword at Hans. No, he didn't throw it, but he shot it. Batman would be so proud.

    -Hans sees it happening but is too late to react as the shot projectile comes screaming at him... and taking out his own sword. The message itself was quite clear. Adlet missed on purpose. When Hans asks why he missed, Adlet turns it around. If he was the fake, why would he miss? He then starts to strip because... uh, reasons? I guess to show he's got nothing left, and tells Hans as much. The assassin doesn't believe it, but Adlet makes it rather clear, if he was the fake, it'd be after to kill him rather than deceive him. Basically, Adlet had him dead to rights, but threw away his shot. And because he isn't a fake, he could never kill a comrade.

    -We see that Hans is pissed, but we also see that Adlet is making a huge gambit. If Hans truly is the Seventh, he's doom. And it looks like Hans does accept that Adlet is a real Brave... or at least, the others would be persuaded if he wasn't here. Looks like Adlet was wrong, with Hans admitted that he's the Seventh Brave. Adlet attempts to reach his gear, but it's too late as Hans has him dead to rights... except Adlet is still alive. Huh? What? But...

    -Hans tells the confused Adlet that it was a hallucination, since humans can lie with words and they can deceive with their actions. You just can't trust their eyes, voices, or expressions. But when they're about to die, their faces show the truth, no matter what. Oh, so apparently Hans is already of Sun Tzu. No wonder he acts so pretentious sometimes. But this was part of his trick. If Adlet was truly the fake, then when Hans proclaimed himself the seventh, he would have been confused. But because Adlet thought he was dead, well, that's enough for Hans.

    -And really, if you can't trust the word of an assassin, who's can you trust? Though I think this means we can take Hans out of speculation now. Adlet admits that he's never heard of the phrase "a dying face can't lie", and Hans tells him that he wouldn't have, unless he's seen the faces of many dying men like he has. And look at that, Adlet made a second friend. Now get dressed, because Hans isn't interested in seeing your abs. After Adlet gets himself dressed, we get this nice little scene.

    -The best of friends. Hans does admit he did find it odd that Adlet would protect Flamie if he was the seventh and he does apologize for not saying anything. And while three suspects have been eliminated, they're down to four left, which means that one of their own is with the Seventh... except for Chamot, who's off doing her own thing.

    -We check in on Team West... or was it Team East? Whatever. Flamie has lead Maura to Adlet's campsite, confirming that he was there. Maura asks the Gunpowder Saint where he could have gone? No blood trail and no footsteps, so maybe he went up a tree? But so far, Adlet's actions have confused the Mountain Saint. What is he trying to do? Flamie suggests that he's out of options and on the run, but Maura can already tell that our boy has planned this carefully, so an endless chase won't lead to anything. Flamie suggests searching everywhere, but Maura wants to talk instead, so they can gather their thoughts and acts accordingly. Flamie agrees, but only because it's easier to do this now than later.

    -First, Maura asks Flamie if she knows anything about the seventh Brave's trap? Flamie thinks this is an interrogation, but Maura assures her that, after what happened, they don't suspect her anymore. Are you sure the others don't suspect her? Maura corrects herself, saying that she doesn't suspect Flamie and believes she's one of the six. Looks like she'll go along with this for now, but she doesn't know anything about this particular trap. According to her, the fiends are divided into several groups that almost never interact. Maura is a bit shocked by this, thinking they were more united, but just like any group, everybody is internally complex. Politics knows no boundaries.  

    -Flamie then asks Maura if there are any humans who would side with the fiends? Has seen anything like that? Well, she's received rumors and information, and she's heard of a village whose people were all taken by fiends. However, by the time the information reached her, there was never any proof. Huh, I wonder what village she may be talking about? Of course, this means that the All Heavens Temple couldn't act. Maura sees this as a personal failing, but Flamie assures her that this isn't the case. This answer shocks Maura.

    -Well, you aren't trying to kill her now, so there is that. Maura can see one good thing Adlet did, which was to bring Flamie to them, even if that was part of his plan... whatever that may be. And then she pats Flamie on the head, like the good girl that she is.

    -It's a good thing your'e all on the same side now. Anyway, Flamie would like to resume the chase, but Maura asks if she's upset that he was brought up? This gets Flamie to pause as Maura reveals that she knows how to read people, and she knows that the Gunpowder Saint is thinking about him. After all, he was the only one that tried to save her. However, she warns the young saint that she must not get sympathetic, because he is an enemy, and a cowardly one at that. Well, don't worry about that, Maura, because Flamie absolutely despises him. And now we have to think about Maura for a moment, because she says this to Flamie.

    -Didn't you want him captured, Maura? I'm starting to get suspicious of you. And with that, let's check in on the other team. They've arrived at the spot where the Braves were suppose to gather, which was the path leading them to the Land of the Howling Demons. And all they learned was that Hans and Maura were here. Nachetanya was certain Hans would have received information from the fiends here, but not if he wasn't alone. And now she's worried that Adlet will get killed at any moment, but Goldov, who is totally not jealous, reminds the princess that Adlet is their enemy, and no matter what she says, nothing will change that. As if I wasn't already suspicious of you.

    -Well, Nachetanya isn't interested in this crap and tells Goldov that if he doesn't trust her, then go chase Adlet by himself. But she realizes she went too far and apologizes. She never thought that the two of them would yell at each other like this, but Goldov has another question in mind.

    -That's actually a good question, Goldov. Why would Nachetanya trust a complete stranger's word over her trusted knight? Goldov tells her that she's always been more free-spirited and collected than this, so what does Adlet mean to her? They only traveled together for a few days, so what could have changed? I mean, it's not like they did anything intimate together... right? But Nachetanya throws it right back at him, given his own attitude towards her at the moment. After all, a battle to save the world has started, so she can't act like she normally does, especially when a comrade is in danger. After all, Adlet is a comrade, and besides...

    -We're just throwing around all kinds of shade, aren't we? Nachetanya knows of Goldov's totally not obvious feelings for the princess, but now isn't the time for her to deal with his jealousy. Ouch, right in the heart. Goldov apologizes for his actions, but Nachetanya is more upset than anything else. Goldov is sixteen years old, two years younger than her, so he's still a kid, but what makes her more upset is that they didn't understand each other as well as they thought. Wow, Goldov hit the jackpot when puberty hit.

    -Back at the temple, the Dynamic duo of Adlet and Hans are investigating the temple. As Hans suspected, there's no way inside the temple except through the front. Seeing Adlet with his stuff, he asks if there's anything there that can tell when someone is lying? Nope, they're all tools meant to fight fiends. But now we have an unusual problem. If Adlet isn't the fake, that means someone entered the temple before him, but from what Hans can tell, the seal is perfect, so there's no way through it. Adlet still thinks a Saint is involved, but Maura did say something like that wasn't possible, but like with Flamie, it's possible the Mountain Saint doesn't know about that ability. I'm sure she'll like it if you told her that to her face. Adlet, however, has another question. If he was killed, who would be the next suspect? Flamie, obviously, because she's a half-fiend and she has that look of being evil, so there is always that.

    -But enough about random speculation, it's time for the world's greatest detective to get to work. And you think I'd be joking when I say this, but...

    -Somebody really, really wanted to do a Batman story, but they couldn't cut a deal with DC, so they made up their own Batman story not featuring Batman. We see Adlet spraying something on the altar, but there's no reaction. So much for that idea. Suddenly, a noise is made outside, but appears to have been nothing. Still, the two are cautious and will try searching for the Eighth, but before they leave, Hans has a question. How do you activate the barrier? He never made it to the fortress so he doesn't know, and since we know he isn't the fake, then he's telling the truth. And that's when an idea hit upon him. The only ones who know how to activate the barrier are Adlet, Flamie, Goldov, Nachetanya, and Maura. Which means that Hans and Chamot don't know, so it's unlikely they would be the seventh... maybe. Hans asks if maybe the Saint of Swamps is the fake, but Adlet wants to ask her something. And since he knows he can't be trusted, he asks Hans to check on her. and that question is... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?

    -Whatever it is, Adlet gives chase, because it might be an important clue. Meanwhile, Nachetanya decides that it'd be better to find Adlet and protect him. But Goldov has a question. Why does she suspect Hans? She understands why he would ask, since she hasn't been thinking straight lately, but there was one thing that she can't stop thinking about. And that is... oh, and we're back at the temple. I guess we'll find out later.

    -At the temple, Adlet and Hans run outside, only to run into Chamot. So much for just sending Hans. Well, it doesn't matter to Chamot if Adlet is the fake or not. She's bored, and it's boring being alone, and worse yet, there's nothing to play with. She'd like to defeat the Demon God and go home already. Adlet agrees, so he has a very important question to ask, one that can help figure out the Seventh's identity, but Chamot is already bored of that, too. At this point, she's just going to start killing everybody. First will be Adlet, then Flamie, then Hans, then Nachetanya and Goldov. And obviously it isn't Maura, so she won't kill her. Adlet, being confused, asks what the young saint is talking about.


    -And this is why you need to instill values into children that have been given phenomenal powers. And we get to see Chamot's power in action. You see, that little weed she keeps with her? She shoves it into her mouth to make her throw up, but it isn't bile, but a green liquid. From this liquid, creatures start to form, and we learn that inside of Chamot's stomach is actually a swamp. And that's how you use those powers? Talk about getting sucky powers. Oh, and all the things she's eaten live happily down there. And so she sends her creatures from beyond the veil after them, prompting the two to run, but it looks like Chamot was planning for this and has her creatures in the forest, as well. So they try getting into the barrier, but the creatures go through them easily. Well, that could have gone better.

    -Hans decides to stand his ground and fight, but despite landing a couple of solid hits, the creatures are able to reform anything that's lost. And soon enough, the two are surrounded. And this is how Flamie barely survived her fight with the Saint of Swamps. Well, if killing the creatures is impossible, maybe reasoning with the summoner will work? Good luck with that.

    -Adlet asks why Chamot is attacking Hans as well? She's not convinced that Hans isn't the fake, either, but she comes up with a better idea and tells Hans to kill Adlet. And if that turns off the barrier, then she won't kill him. Well, Hans is a moral assassin, and since he knows Adlet isn't the fake, he isn't going to do that. Still, they are in a bad situation, so Adlet gets all self-sacrificing and tells Hans to run if things get bad, but Adlet isn't his contractor, so shut up already! Our Dynamic Duo is in trouble! Will they escape from this dangerous situation? Tune in next time, say Bat Time, same bat channel!

    -We got the first ending this time. It's interesting that they rotate it out like this. I wonder why?

    -Our next episode is titled Blossoms of Doubt.

    Looks like we have another name to cross off the speculation list. Congratulations on your promotion, Hans. You get to join Flamie and Adlet in the "very much one of the Braves" category. Now, do everything you can to get on base so you can steal us some runs!

    With the list of suspects narrowing down, it's time for speculation once more.

    There's no change for Nachetanya, but she really does't think it's Adlet. Either because she is the fake, or because she has a strong feeling that it's Hans. We know it isn't Hans, so whatever her reasoning is is far off base.

    Goldov remains the same, though he's still my primary suspect in being the fake, and it kind of shows here, since he's very devoted to the Princess, which could still mean he is a fake, but for different reasons.

    Chamot remains in the "most likely a Saint", because I don't think she would waste any time in killing the others if that was the case. But there is still a chance that she's playing the long game and is only playing up the "murderous, easily distracted child" persona to the others.

    And lastly, we have Maura, who's been downgraded to "possibly", what with her telling Flamie to kill Adlet, no matter what, even though she wanted to interrogate him before. And she could have been lying about getting into the temple, as well.

    Though given Adlet's comments, we could possibly remove Chamot from the speculation list, but I'm keeping her up there on the chance that there was an Eighth involved, so this was essentially a double-blind play at work.

    Will the Dynamic Duo survive their fight with Poison... I mean Chamot? How will Nachetanya convince Goldov that it's really Hans? And will Flamie have her own suspicions about Maura? Tune in on Friday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, if you have to make yourself throw up to activate our powers, then always make sure to plan ahead, just in case you need them later down the line.

  • Day 1963: The Travels

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    On Friday I travelled to America, and it was an odd trip. 

    It started by me drinking a pint of water before setting off in the taxi to the airport. That was a mistake, and half way to the airport I had to request that we stopped at the nearest services.

    Then, upon arriving at the airport, the flight wasn’t on the board, and didn’t show up until far later than it should have. That wasn’t where the oddities ended. I obtained my boarding pass and sent my case on it’s way, but I wasn’t allowed through security, I had to return to get my passport checked, I obliged and found out that it wasn’t just me on this flight that wasn’t getting clear of security. Eventually I made it through, and got myself some lunch. See instagram for a picture of that.

    Then, the flight showed up on the board, and immediately had a gate assigned, which is odd, so I made my way there, and sat and waited. There was a call out for anyone with a certain code on their boarding pass for advanced special security. No prizes for guessing that I had that code on my boarding pass. I had to completely unload my bags that I was carrying. It was a whole faff. But I got onto the plane second, and then I loaded up one overhead bin with all my things.

    The flight was relatively uneventful, I watched Moana and Toy Story. That was about it.

    Once I landed, it was time for immigration. I was nervous, but I knew everything was done. So I spoke to the officer, and then got transported to a desk a little while away. I sat and waited for a bit and was asked two questions. And that was it. There was nothing to worry about, all the tough stuff was already done.

    And that’s how I was allowed to enter the United States!

    Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • r[E]volution: Chapter 10, p. 18-21

    1 day ago

    Myshu chupariffic

    ~ Bunk Mates ~





    Happy May, chupamigos! It's good to see some'a y'all still hanging around. I hope everyone's been well!

  • Hello

    in Forums > Hello | Follow this topic

    ALXKILLZ Al3x Ev4ns

    Greetings! I'm Alex from Silver Spring. I'm a longtime fan of RT, mostly RvB and AH. I haven't been active in the community much, but I'm looking to change that and be more outgoing. I have an xbox, tag: Al3x Ev4ns.

    I'm rarely on steam anymore. I've been considering getting into modded mine craft. What do ya'll like to do? 

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  • Plexit volume 2, episode 9: "That's An Ice Farm"

    1 day ago


    This episode involved adding a whole new section to the colony! If you enjoy Plexit, I'd be grateful if you'd share the series with a friend who might enjoy it :-)

    Now with working link!

  • Day 1962: Busy

    2 days ago

    topham DHYB

    I spent my first day here, and it was a wild day!

    We went out for breakfast to Waffle House, then did a little walk, followed by a bit of shopping for work out clothes. Then we went to guitar centre, and that was alright. We then headed home and played some games for a while, and went into the back yard to catch up with Rachaels neighbours. We went out for burgers for dinner, and that’s the last wild food I’ll be having for a few days, so that I can get myself looking good for next weekend.

    All in all it’s been a good busy day of trying to stay awake and keep busy so that I can get adjusted to the right schedule.

    Not much else to say today! Tomorrow I will write more about what happened while I was travelling, but for now, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • Day 1961: The Journey

    2 days ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I move to the United States. Madness. It’s been a long time coming.

    I am sitting in the airport, waiting for the plane, doing my typical pre-flight activities, I went to Wagamamas for lunch, but I’m distractable, unable to really concentrate. It’s a big journey, and when I get to the United States, while it might be 8pm for them, it’ll be essentially 1am for me, and I’m expecting to get questioned quite seriously at immigration.

    It’s a surreal experience leading into the rest of my life, but here we are, here I am, waiting on the gate to open, and to make further progress to the future.

    The future awaits! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • Weekly update #12

    2 days ago

    TheRedJoka7 TheRedJoka

    so yeah a casual work week as usual nothing too bad but nothing exciting as far as work goes. I did go see detective Pikachu today and I loved it and felt like a kid again. So yeah nothing too special happened kinda of a boring week aside from the movie. Got some personal projects going next week so I gotta prepare for that

  • Damn...

    2 days ago


    I feel like I'm visiting a graveyard checking this site out again.  I know most people, including me, left this community site after the big change-up made it nigh unusable 3 or so years ago.  I know nobody is still out there reading journals or messages. If you are still out there, stumble upon this journal somehow, somewhen, and still want to get in touch with lil' old me, hit me up on Xbox Live @ Chint Lvl 99 and lets play some games or talk about some stuff. 

    Take it easy out there RT community, it's always been real.

  • Minor update

    2 days ago


    I'm real bad at keeping up with things here. Dealing with some demons, that are taking a toll on my personal life. That's about it for the time being.


    2 days ago


    You'll never see it coming

  • How Powerful #5: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

    2 days ago



    Even though I was born in the 2000s, I have experienced more on the 1990s stuff like Spyro the Dragon & SpongeBob Squarepants, but never the cheesiest, but iconic Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Am I counting this as a blog about 5 characters? Yes, I am. All of it started in a war between Rita Repulsa & Zordon, I can see why she's named that in this show. At least she looks great in the Power Rangers 2017 movie (Which I'm not using for this. And the other zords. And Tommy, so don't hate me).This took 2 thousand years, until it ended with Rita time warping Zordon, before she was locked up in a space dumpster by Zordon, leaving him as a floating head. In "How Powerful", I will analyze a character to show off their best feats of strength, speed, durability, skill, etc. as long as if they are canon & don't contradict that character & I'll be explaining it like DEATH BATTLE! would. So don't expect every feat or p&a(powers & arsenal) to be explained. I'm Steven & I'm going to show you how powerful the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are!


    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:

    Jason Lee Scott-

    *Birthday: October 20

    *Zord: Tyrannosaurus

    *Role: Pilot

    *Enjoys sushi

    *Weapon: Power Sword

    Billy Cranston-

    *Birthday: April 1

    *Zord: Triceratops

    *Role: Technician

    *Enjoys reading

    *Weapon: Power Lance

    Trini Kwan-

    *Birthday: August 9

    *Zord: Sabretooth Tiger

    *Role: Tactics

    *Enjoys extra-spicy chili dogs

    *Weapon: Power Daggers

    Kimberly Ann Heart-

    *Birthday: February 14

    *Zord: Pterodactyl

    *Role: Communications

    *Enjoys Tommy Oliver

    *Weapon: Power Bow

    Zachery Taylor-

    *Birthday: May 3

    *Zord: Mastodon

    *Role: Weapons Specialist

    *Enjoys dancing

    *Weapon: Power Axe

    But, since we are all idiots, some astronauts released Rita & her army. Luckily for Zordon, he had a plan; teleport 5 random teenagers & turn them into the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. These rangers were Jason, the Red Ranger & leader piloting the Tyrannosaurus Zord . Billy, the Blue Ranger & technician piloting the Triceratops Zord. Zachery, the Black Ranger & weapons specialist/dance fighter piloting the Mastodon Zord. Trini, the Yellow Ranger & tactician piloting the Sabretooth Tiger Zord. And lastly, Kimberly, the Pink Ranger & communicator piloting the Pterodactyl Zord. Each of the 5 rangers were powered up by the Power Coins inside their Morphers, which contains the Morphin Grid. Basically Power Rangers version of the Force. This gives them superhuman prowess & made them expert fighters to take on Rita & her monster army. That's not all. When they combine all 5 zords, they turn into Captain Plan- Dino Megazord. I mean Dino Megazord or what we all know it as the Original Megazord.

    Dino Megazord:

    Height: 333 ft | 101.5 m

    Weight: 172,000 lbs | 86 tons

    Top speed(s):

    -Battle Mode: n/a

    -Tank Mode: 186.4 mph | 300 km/h


    Thunder Cannons

    Power Punch Missiles

    Laser Emitting Eyes

    Tank Mode

    Mastodon Shield

    -Reflect most energy projectiles

    Titanium Power Sword

    -Can be summoned at will

    -Can charge the Dino Megazord like a battery

    -Can absorb oncoming kinetic energy & turn it against an enemy, increasing its power

    -Has a slash that can make each giant monster explode

    Standing 333 ft tall & weighing 86 tons, the Dino Megazord has 2 modes; Battle mode & Tank mode. It's solar-powered, which is cool. It has the Mastodon Shield, which is very durable & can reflect most energy projectiles. It can also summon a giant titanium sword called the Power Sword, which in its name, can recharge the Megazord like a battery. It can absorb oncoming kinetic energy & turn it against any enemy, which increases its strength. And then they have a special slash that can instantly explode any giant monster with the force of 50,000 megavolts! Besides those 2 weapons, the Megazord has some thunder cannons, power punch missiles, & can shoot lasers out its eyes like Superman.

    Now, just to remind you guys. Even though the Power Rangers need the Megazord to win their battles, they have showed to be very incredible. In the Megazord, they are fast enough to react to a lightning projectile from a monster named Gnarly Gnome. What is this show? They made a pumpkin rapper & a purse monster! Who does this? And the rangers have shown to be really, really strong. Like Trini, who moved this massive boulder in Boom Studios Power Rangers Comics Annual 2017 & the other 4 scale to Trini & each other.


    But in the Megazord, it can lift & throw a 170 ton Dragonzord at a mountain, which broke some portions of it (3:18). Eat it, Godzilla! And was able to punch a 10,000 ton monster 133 feet in the air with the force of 90 million newtons or 10,116 tons of force (6:47) (I can't find that specific comic sadly...). In the Boom Studios Power Rangers Comics Issue #0, the zords can resist the weight of other 10,000 ton monsters & the Megazord has shown in its fights to survive being hit with enough force to destroy portions of mountains (39:43).


    Lifted & threw the 170 ton Dragonzord

    Punched a monster 133 ft into the air

    Zords can support the giant monsters' weight

    Survived hits that can demolish portions of mountains

    Exploded 18 giant monsters, each with 1 slash

    Power Rangers can lift & move massive boulders

    Blocked a lightning projectile from Gnarly Gnome

    The Dino Megazord is one impressive mech, but its iconic for many other things; it's slow, gets hit a lot like a punching bag, & if there is a solar eclipse, the Megazord won't work b/c its solar-powered, which is cool to have, but solar power needs more improvement in the future. But overall, they were the first & gave it all they got to take down Lord Zedd, Rita, & their armies, showing how "mighty" they are.

    No match-up ideas for this one!

    Next Time on How Powerful(May 22):


    Make sure to comment any question you have for this. Thank you.

  • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 7

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    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, the show where the protagonist, through his own fault, made himself to be the primary suspect.

    In our last episode, Adlet, through his own explanations, made himself out to be the primary suspect in who the Seventh is. The others take votes, and while Maura wants to get information from him, Goldov, through a fit of jealous rage that he's been looking to enact upon for al long time, just straight up attacks him.

    This becomes a problem because he takes the half-fiend Flamie as hostage, so now he's made the situation worse because the jackass knight made it worse. And while he was able to escape with Flamie, he became injured in the process, but he was still able to evade pursuit, which is rather impressive given how small the space they're in is.

    Unconscious, we learn more of Adlet's backstory. It seemed like he came from a nice, quiet village, where something terrible happened, forcing him to seek out the man who would become his master, who's training methods include telling somebody to smile, then kicking the deathly starved Adlet in the stomach. Truly, these are the best adults. But the reason for the smile is made clear later. The man who can smile through adversity is truly the strongest man... in the world!

    Flamie helps to take care of Adlet's wounds, and while she's fairly certain he is the seventh, there's still some lingering doubt in her mind, which stays her hand. So with that, Adlet comes up with a couple of different theories, coming up with one possible conclusion. There is an Eighth person here, and they enacted the barrier. So Adlet has a goal. Find the Eighth, lower the barrier, and find out who the Seventh is, all while avoiding the other Braves who are very, very strong.

    Will Adlet survive, or will he be our first casualty? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins with Flamie asking why Adlet is smiling, despite his situation. Because he's the strongest man... in the world! Which leads to Flamie's question.  


    -Obviously for the glory. I mean, do you see those murals? Those Braves were made into legends! Who wouldn't want that? Of course, some of them had to die, which would probably be a dealbreaker for me. But still, that's a question that may get some interesting answers from the others, if they were asked.

    -Tonight's episode is titled The Reasons of the Two. It's still night as Adlet ponders the question. Mainly, has Flamie taken an interest in him? Don't go getting your hopes up yet. He asks why she's interested? Because he's average. Ouch. That had to hurt. Adlet has trouble processing this. Him, weak? But he's the strongest man in the world! With an average battle average so far. Flamie does correct herself, saying that she didn't mean it that way, but she's suspicious as to how he, an average man, could become so strong. Well, when you give somebody the proper motivation, nothing is beyond their reach. But Adlet gives all the credit to his master, who he thought was a bit nuts. Can't imagine why you would think that.

    -Master was obsessed with defeating the fiends, so he holed up deep in the mountains, coming up with new weapons and new uses for them. By the way, I don't think Adlet is exaggerating when he says that. Why?

    -...I think this explains a lot with Adlet. He couldn't believe his master was human, but he taught him to fight in the hardest way possible. By kicking him in the stomach and telling him to smile. Every day he trained until he couldn't move, then he studied like he was chained to his desk. He also taught him how to make secret weapons, prisons, and gunpowder, as well as the latest in scientific knowledge. I know we joke that Adlet is basically fantasy Batman, but if we're running with that, does that make his master Ra's Al Ghul? And if so, does that mean his master is secretly evil?

    -Of course, what surprises Flamie the most is that Adlet was taught science! Yes, even that. He was grateful to his master, since he was able to become strong. Flamie recalls that man's name, which was Atro Spiker. And as it turned out, he was even on Flamie's list. But since he was so old, he was low on her priority list. Yeah, if you had a tough time with Chamo, then imagine how difficult it would have been to take on him.

    -Though according to Flamie, none of Atro's students could take his severe training methods and they all ran away. Except Adlet didn't run, because he needed to become the best Brave ever! So why didn't he run? Flamie suspects that something happened to him. And so we get our Batman origin story. But instead of a dead parent, it's a dead village. And it was the work of a single fiend. Like I said, when you have proper motivation.

    -In the flashback, we see Adlet playing with Rainer out in the fields, but that's when they see a fiend walking towards them. This one looks a bit different from the others so far. It's a walking winged creature. And by winged, I mean it has actually feathers, and a dragon's tail. Rainer, being an idiot, wants to go fight it, but Adlet stops him. This gives said fiend holy crap it's the guy from the opening!

    -And that is one fancy dressed fiend, too. And this fiend does the most terrifying thing possible.

    -He properly greets the kids like a proper gentleman! Clearly, he is the most evil being in this entire series and must be killed at once! The kids are dumbfounded by this greeting, so much so that they can't speak. The fiend is rather insulted, but it's fine, he came to speak with the adults of this village. Yeah, I'd properly be terrified too if I saw a properly dressed lizard man warmly greet me.

    -That night, Adlet couldn't sleep a wink, and really, who could blame him? The next morning, the fiend was gone, but the Elder had something to say. They will be moving the village to the Land of the Howling Demons, where they will be ruled by the Demon God. Uh... come again? Have you been mind controlled, or does the lizard fiend have charisma for days? As you probably expect, the villages take this suggestion with the grace of a riled up mob. I don't think the Elder will be the elder for much longer. Adlet, hugging his mother... wait, sister!? Wow, I totally thought that was Adlets mother. So he, sis, and Rainer are staring in shock horror at the other villages, but it looks like some took to the deal, because the lizard fiend said one more thing before he left. To rip out the hearts of any who opposed the deal and bring them to him as a sign of their new loyalty to the Demon God. And the expression some of the villagers are giving are not the kind that say "screw you" to the lizard fiend. Oh, I knew this was going to end poorly, but not like this!

    -Flamie asks for details on the lizard fiend, so Adlet describes him as big, about Goldov's size. The creature was humanoid, mottled with green and light pink. Flamie apparently knows this creature because she asks if it had three crow-like wings on its back? Yup, it does. This creature is one of the three who rule the fiends, and he was the one who came up with the idea of creating a half-fiend and ordered her mother to give birth to her. And since it took so long, this guy must be old.

    -The story continues. Rainer died protecting Adlet, then his sister died so he could escape. He was the only one who did, and apparently, that's the standard operating procedure for the lizard fiend. Despite what the villagers did to them, Rainer and Sis asked Adlet not to hate them, probably because they were manipulated into doing this by the lizard fiend. And according to Atro, they died so that he could become strong. And it was thanks to those words that he was able to get strong, that one can't become strong for revenge's sake, but because he believes in something. Like fighting crime? That sounds like a good cause.

    -Flamie is jealous that Adlet has something to believe in, because she doesn't. Well, as it turned out, the fiend that gave birth to her gave her a gun, some gunpowder, and the power of the Gunpowder Saint, as well as being the fiend who gave her happiness. And then she abandoned her. She loved everyone, and she believed that everyone returned her love. And after she received her weapon and powers, she killed many people at her mother's orders. Because mommy loved her little half-fiend demon child.

    -Flamie never doubted it. She knew of her half-fiend state early on, so she felt the need to work harder for the Demon God than the others did. At least, that's what she thought. Then she went to take on Chamot, and to say it was one-sided was an understatement. She couldn't put a scratch on the child saint who's really into killing and torture. But it's worse than that. Flamie fell for her provocations and, as a result, gave the saint her name. She barely escaped with her life, and when she returned, her mother tried to kill her. And the other fiends that she thought were her friends? They had no use for her. What a bunch of jerks, right?

    -Flamie wonders if she should have died then, but she escaped. And now she wants revenge because her mother betrayed her. What make this worse is, if she was only meant to be a puppet, why didn't they raiser her a slave to fight humanity instead of treating her with kindness? Actually, I would say that was the smart play. As long as you don't suddenly betray them for failure, raising a potential weapon with kindness can work in your favor, because then there's less resentment. But then the betrayal happened and the heel-face turn for Flamie was completed. You just know, if they get to that point, there's going to be a big deal about her facing off with mother one last time.

    -But Flamie, after some time, decides that simply killing her mother won't be enough. No, she's going to bring the whole system down on her head. She's going to kill the Demon God, and after she does, she'll return to her mother and...

    -And then Flamie is going to pot one in her head. She then thinks on her past life and how happy she was, how they played together and fought together. She even had a dog, but she wonders if it's still being fed or if they got rid of it. Hey, maybe they grew to love the dog... right, I forgot, these are fiends we're talking about. Well, don't worry, Flamie! Adlet knows exactly what to say in this situation.

    -Truly, Adlet is the greatest poet of the generation. Flamie is more curious as to why Adlet believes her without any doubt. What if she lied? If he isn't the seventh, then she should be suspected above the rest. But he doesn't suspect her, which is more than enough reason for her to suspect him. Well, that may have backfired badly, but this just proves why Adlet can't leave her alone. It's why he decided to tell her about his past, which he didn't tell other potential love interest Nachetanya. And what is that reason?

    -I don't think Flamie was getting kicked in the stomach and was told to smile, but sure, we'll go with that. But he's talking about the pain of being betrayed by those they trusted and losing their home. This includes the pain of using revenge to drive themselves. Adlet tells her that she can't do anything but take revenge, but the reason he believes her is because he doesn't want to think of her as an enemy. And you were doing so well until that point, too. Though Adlet thought he was giving a love confession and tells her that he hasn't fallen in love with her or anything, baka! Flamie tells him to stop being creepy, because he is different than her. Mainly, he has something to believe in. The jerk!

    -After a moment, Flamie decides that she'll return to the temple without Adlet. When he questions this, she explains that they've discussed many things, but that doesn't change the fact that he's still the most suspicious of the group. But she isn't completely heartless. She generates a bomb that will not generate any light or sound, but if he throws it, she will know where it ignited. In a way, it's a signal, but if they meet again, she might kill him. Just keep that in mind before you use it, okay? Okay. As she walks into the myst, Adlet calls out, saying that he'll protect not just her, but Nachetanya and the others! Even the one that's a fake? Because they did just make you out to be the fake.

    -Speaking of the others, they're all asleep in the temple as Goldov and Maura take watch. They soon see Flamie, who gives a story about not being able to capture Adlet. Maura accepts it and welcomes her into the temple, where they'll talk more in the morning. Back with Adlet, he's staring at the bomb given to him, thinking about that which cannot return, which includes his village, which appears to have been abandoned. I think we've seen this before, when Adlet began his trip with Nachetanya. An older Adlet stares at the ruins of the village, saying he didn't get strong for revenge, and he isn't fighting out of hatred. He became strong so that he wouldn't lose anything ever again. As for Flamie, she's trying to get some sleep, but she recalls Adlet's last words to her. She responds by saying those who try to protect everyone will be the one to die. And I don't think she likes that one bit.

    -The next morning, it appears that Flamie told the others about her own story, which Maura accepts, calling fiends horrible creatures. Chamot agrees... if the story is true. Maura reprimands the young saint for still suspecting Flamie, who is totally one of us, you guys! She accepts it reluctantly, but I imagine she might accidentally murder Flamie with an attack, or at least, try to later down the line. Hans doesn't believe her, though, asking if Flamie did fight Adlet? He's confident his blade went into him pretty far, but Flamie shoots down that theory, saying that he missed his vitals, so he isn't as strong as he says. Damn, girl is throwing shade around!

    -Hans, however, still suspects more is involved, adding that Adlet did seem to like Flamie, adding that he was defending her when they suspected her, and that he got made when they were going to torture her. So he belies that Flamie may have fallen for him. I think Flamie is about ready to shoot up a cat. Maura still has her own suspicions, so she asks for Flamie's feelings when she found out Adlet was the Seventh. She wasn't surprised at all, because he was trying to win her to his side. Hans gets a laugh out of this, but Nachetanya is really tired of his crap and tells him to shut it. He may not be the fake, but he's certainly annoying.

    -Goldov asks for the game plan. How do they capture Adlet? Well, most of his weapons are here, and he can't fight without them, so Hans thinks that, if they wait, he'll come to them. Flamie thinks that waiting without a plan isn't a good idea, and Goldov suggests making the first move. Maura agrees with that, since Adlet can detain them here, simply by staying hidden within the barrier. So they'll split in pairs. Flamie will be with Maura as they search for Adlet. Nachetanya will go with Goldov, though she leaves special instructions to the princess to show no mercy. Yeah, I don't think you need to tell Goldov that twice. As for Chamot and Hans, they'll remain here and fight Adlet, if he appears. I think Maura has made herself the leader of this little pack, but she was the leader of a temple, so this makes sense. Hans complains, because without a pretty girl, he'll do half as good a job and asks to switch places with Goldov.

    -I think that's a no, Hans. And with that, it's time to go, but Chamot speaks up this time. She doesn't like waiting. And Maura just caves, telling Flamie to switch with the young saint. Seriously, just like that? But Chamot isn't going to walk around, either, so she's going to go out and play until the barrier's down. Yeah, Maura isn't going with this at all. But Hans, not helping matters, says he can handle Adlet himself. And Maura just goes along with this. So quickly, too, which makes me wonder about her her allegiances. So Hans will stay here and get blindsided by Adlet as Chamot goes and disappears for a little while, where nothing terrible will happen to her.

    -After Flamie gives some vague direction, she and Maura will go east while Goldov and Nachetanya will go west. Before the East team leaves, Hans asks Flamie if she can truly fight fiends. After all, what if her mother gives some story about wanting to be together? Flamie wouldn't hesitate in putting a bullet between her eyes, but Hans doesn't believe that at all. He's carried out many contracts as an assassin, like a husband betrayed by his wife, or children abandoned by their parents. They come to him and ask to kill, but they're never happy when they do. At the last second, the vast majority tell him not to go through with it. It's like they suddenly came to realize that hiring an assassin to kill somebody in the heat of the moment was a bad idea after all!

    -Flamie asks what this is all about, but Hans decides to let it slide. Seriously, if it wasn't so obvious he was a red herring, all of this talk would make me think "yup, totally evil." Except he's an assassin, so he's already probably chaotic evil, so that line of thought doesn't work here. With the west team, Nachetanya stops Goldov and asks the knight if he trusts her. Without a second thought. After all, who could he believe other than her? But what she's really asking is if he'll agree to her ideas, without saying a word. This gets Goldov curious, making him ask what this is about. That's when Nachetanya drops this bombshell.


    -If you think that's the case, why didn't you say anything earlier? But with this, Nachetanya is going to prove that Adlet isn't the traitor. Goldov wants to question this, because of jealous love, but Nachetanya just wants him to agree and not say anything. She can tell that Adlet has fallen into a trap and is waiting for her! You know, I can't help but think that Adlet was saying something similar to this not too long ago. Goldov won't agree, even for her, but Nachetanya assures him that she isn't saying this with nothing to back it up. After all, there's still no proof, and it may be only a mistake, but it may be the key that leads to the truth. So she's thinking it's an eighth person? Nope, she thinks it's Hans. Yeah, we're pressing this narrative, but I honestly do think that's going to be a red herring.

    -Meanwhile, Chamot is doing... something. There's these long hoses coming from around her, going into the forest. What is she planning? Back with Team East, Adlet observes them before heading for the temple. He suspects correctly that the others have been paired, as well, which is also bad, because it means someone is alone with the seventh. Assuming that's the case, they may kill that person and blame it on them. Which means the clock is ticking, and he's got so much work to do, too. He thinks, if Nachetanya is at the temple, he'll be able to negotiate, so he makes his way over to the temple, but quickly realizes that he's under attack and dodges Hans' dagger.

    -Of course, Adlet would realize that traps and surprise attacks was Hans' speciality, and Hans has a new found respect for Adlet. He thought he was nothing without his tricks, but apparently he's better than he thought. Looks like a fight is happening, but Adlet doesn't want to fight, so he's coming up with an escape plan. During this, the two banter for a bit before they actually get into the fight. While Adlet is using a sword, he's able to keep up with Hans' agility, but thanks to his own surprise moves, Hans will see them coming, so Adlet may be at a disadvantage. But despite this, they appear to be evenly matched.

    -Team West can hear the battle. Or at least, Godlov does, as Nachetanya can't, so she wants to move on to find proof that Hans is the seventh. Huh, wouldn't you want to investigate that? Goldov looks on dumbly at her, then we're back to the fight to see Adlet lands a couple of good blows, but Hans proves to be the better fighter as he sweeps Adlet, causing him to be disarmed, then jumping on his back, ready to deliver the fatal blow. Cue credits!

    -Our next episode is titled The Average Man and the Genius. But who is average, and who is the genius? We'll just have to check the next episode to find out.

    As the season draws to a close, things start getting heated up, though if Adlet was indeed the fake, he'd have nothing but time on his side. But as we already know, he can't be the fake because we saw him get his mark with magic. So now it's time for speculation, but with a slight difference. I'm going to remove another person from the list, aside from Adlet, as I am confident they are a Brave.

    We will no longer be speculating on Flamie. I am convinced she is the real deal, so that means we have two pretty much confirmed Braves. But what of the others? Well, let's go in order from most likely to least likely.

    Hans remains in the "most likely" category, because the narrative is really pushing the idea that he's the seventh, but in any mystery, sometimes you need a red herring, and in this case, I think it's Hans. I put him in the "most likely" category because there is still a chance that he's the fake, but I'd be surprised if he was.

    I'm also putting Chamot in the "most likely" category. If she's as strong as she claims and she is indeed the fake, then she wouldn't be wasting time with this long game crap and just get to the killing.

    Maura has been downgraded from "most likely" to "possibly", given how quick she was to change her mind. Maybe she didn't want to argue it with them, but I think just letting Hans and Chamot do whatever they want is a bad idea. I almost argued that they should have split into three, but they believe Adlet is the traitor, so to Maura, going into pairs is a better idea.

    Nachetanya didn't get much screen time, so she remains at "possibly", because her actions from the last episode don't add up, what with what Maura said about the ways to drop the barrier. But then she thinks Hans is the traitor and wants to prove it, so if she turned out to be the fake, why? You didn't say anything about Adlet before, and now you're using this time to search for proof that Hans is the one? Maybe she's desperately looking for something, or she's looking for a way to keep the others at their throats, but if she is the fake, her actions don't make a lot of sense to me.

    And lastly, we have my prime suspect, Goldov. Though my reasoning for him being the suspect is because of his love for Nachetanya, and not with making any deal with the Demon God. Though it does seem like lizard fiend could convince people, so maybe he was able to convince Goldov somehow, if he is the fake. It would explain why he was gun-ho about killing Adlet without torturing him first, but then we have the problem of "what if he didn't raise the barrier"?

    Speaking of Lizard Fiend, that was certainly not a design I was expecting, but I think, combined with the CGI, it worked well, because it gives him an otherworldly appearance, being a finely dressed fiend with polite speech makes him off compared to the rest. How he's able to convince people will be a mystery, but I'm assuming mind control.

    Will Adlet be able to successfully stop Hans, or will he be the casualty? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, when splitting everybody up into pairs, make sure they stick to their pairs and not do their own thing. That's just asking for one of them to get killed.

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    Hey for people who have depression keep your chin up things will get better soon.  Find something to look forward too.  It gives you a sense that you actually mean something.  Do something you love talk to friends or whoever you can.  Just a little advice

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