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  • World's Greatest Head Massage

    19 hours ago


    In honor of the tragic passing of Baba Sen, we have made the World's Greatest Head Massage publicly viewable so that everyone can get a chance to see what an amazing and kind person he was. Hope all get a chance to watch.

  • Brought Trash Falcore back home today

    1 day ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Bittersweet post for today. I picked up Chloe's ashes from the vet office and I am incredibly heartbroken though I am happy she is back home with us.

    I said goodbye to Chloe last week. She was diagnosed with a malignant mass in her lungs back in May, and since she was about 13 years old, it was decided that surgery was not an option. Her health declined over the last few months, and it was last week that her quality of life really took a turn. She wasn't eating well, she lost a lot of weight, and she was no longer acknowledging being pet or our existence. Whenever I came home from work, her tail would wag for a couple seconds, but then her attention would drift away and she would stare away for hours. So I decided to make that appointment with my vet. Before my vet came to the house, I got Chloe a double cheeseburger as a last meal. Funny but heartbreaking fact, I ordered it without onions without thinking. 

    I adopted Chloe back in October of 2012. I was working with a dog rescue back in Vegas, and they asked me to foster her. Apparently, her previous owner beat her, broke her leg, and left her like that. The rescue took her in, paid for a surgery to amputate her leg, and asked me if I could help her. My other dog, Wasabi, is also a tripod, so the rescue asked me specifically if I could rehabilitate Chloe. As soon as this little, white floof she saw me, she never left my side. And really, I couldn't give her up to another family, so I ended up adopting her. 

    When I wrote that she never left my side, she REALLY hated it when I left for work or to socialize. She hated it so much that she became a little beast of destruction. Trash cans, shoes, carpets, door frames... she even pushed through a puppy gate so hard (missing the back leg, btw) that she cracked the walls. That's when I found out how to spackle holes. When I tried crate training, she dug a large hole in the carpet (from inside the crate!) and managed to dig all the way to concrete. 

    I got mad at her many times, but she was my kid and I couldn't stay angry for very long. I never met a dog that loved me unconditionally like her. 

    It's weird coming home and not seeing her. Admittedly, I have my moments and I just have a good, cathartic cry. I do miss her very much, but I'm happy she's back home, and that I have beautiful mementos of her. 

    Nothing but good memories of my little Trash Falcore.



  • New Site Notes (Ongoing)

    1 day ago

    kidd0_94 Jenn

    Anybody reading this:

    Hi there! I'm starting a list of suggestions and commendations for the newly launched RT site that I'd like to continually update as time goes on. Seeing as this is my first (ever!) journal post, I apologize in advance for any reading/formatting issues.

    For reference, I have iPhone 5s iOS 10.3.3, and a Windows PC using Google Chrome exclusively. 

    (NEW) App Suggestions: 

    Refine the video player. Live action (RT Podcasts, etc.) videos pause to buffer every few minutes, and often after buffering, will repeat the same 5-10 second-long clips once or twice. It's especially frustrating for longer-form videos. A few things could be affecting this: I run an older version of iOS, or my phone itself; I'm pretty sure it's not my wifi. It's really the only big issue I've had with the app so far. 

    Website Suggestions:

    Re-implement the Linkdump. This would help viewers searching for specific sponsors, video clips, news events, etc. mentioned, who may not have the time to re-watch entire episodes. It would also help databases such as the RT Podcast Lookup, which use those links in their search functions. (If we are looking to keep the community on the RT site, consider starting our own RT database right here!)

    Refine the video player. I've been having issues with different videos playing in ~30s chunks, even if the video has been playing or buffering for a while. In an older episode of Play Pals, for example, the time bar(sp?) read as still playing, although all audio and video was muted and stuck. What happened to Michael and Gav's Space Farm? I need to know! And others do, too, I'm sure of it.

    Refine auto-logout and login functionality. When looking at a specific journal entry, I couldn't mod comments or comment because I had been automatically logged out. Going to the login button redirected me back to the RT home page, whereafter I couldn't go back to the journal entry and comment because it still did not count me as logged in. I had to search for the journal poster and find the post I had been looking at. It was as confusing to do as it is to read about. (EDIT: This may be a Cookies issue.)

    Give the Community button on the Home page side bar a dropdown (and maybe move it up on the bar). The Channels button is the only one with a dropdown list, but seeing as there aren't many dropdown categories on the Community page (only Feeds, Groups, and Forums), it would be helpful to emphasize the community aspect of RT by moving it up on the side bar and giving it a dropdown.

    Consider capturing the chat alongside livestreams. Since we are now taking questions/comments from chat during livestreams, video uploads could be made to reflect what chat was reacting to live. I know currently livestreams are exclusive for First members, and we may want to keep chat correspondingly exclusive, but it would add a lot of draw to becoming a First member and being able to interact in chat.  Spoiler: How else would chat have known that Mariel would be the deciding Steak Off vote? Just kidding Gus, we know it was a hard-fought battle.

    Consider various interface changes introduced by RT fans via Chrome extensions, etc. I know this may not be ideal, but there have been a lot of great ideas, suggestions, and changes already made by the community. It would benefit everyone to be open to these. 

    Refine the auto-scroll function in live video chat. I've noticed with a few of the recent live feeds, chat does not resume auto-scroll and relies on manual scrolling down constantly in order to see incoming comments. 

    Add a click-to-see-profile dropdown or open in new tab when clicking a username in live chat. It seems that usernames are clickable, but it doesn't actually lead to a new window/screen (IIRC).

    Refine the notification system. At the moment I only see my notifications (that lil number on the top right, next to the dropdown arrow for your username) when I go to my own profile page. This might be an issue with Cookies, etc.--but it seems that other users are currently affected regardless. 

    Praises be unto the site:

    The large-scale interface changes. It looks great! The new site adds a lot of clarity and I daresay modernity to the look and feel of RT, on top of how it functions as a whole. 

    The horizontal video-scrolls. Really enjoying how categories like Recent Videos, Recent Series, Rooster Teeth Series, AH Series, and more are more navigable without having to load entirely new pages for the most recent stuff.

    The Episodes dropdown categorized by year. On the old site, whilst perusing the ol' Backwardz Compatible with a Z, I noticed the 2014 episodes could be hidden by clicking "2014," and now it's even easier with all the years in a single dropdown list for every series. It cleans up the look a lot and makes it faster to navigate through seasons. In case you haven't noticed, I love me a good dropdown. 

    The Livestream TV Betas. They're a lot of fun! I've tried out the Rooster TV Beta and with the added chat functionality, it's like watching RT TV with friends. :') 

    The whole pick-up-where-you-left-off-in-the-timestamp for videos. It's one of the best features of many other platforms and I'm glad it's been brought over to RT. 

    While I miss the ability to toggle Binge Mode on/off, I have a BIG thank you for adding the "Next Video" button on the bottom right rather than autoplaying whatever is next in the queue. Now I can choose whether to watch the most recently added video in the queue or let the queue end, rather than speed-clicking to Pause or whatever it was I was going to watch next. I'm still mad at Hulu for not implementing this feature correctly but... that's for another forum. (Hey, some people use Hulu, okay.)

    For the app: allowing "play while minimized" function is really nice for podcasts, etc. And I don't have to pay extra for it!

    That's all I have for now! (Who am I kidding, I'll be back for more.) 

    Looking forward to how the site gets further refined from its already awesome state. Big applause to the people working on it and for being gracious about all the feedback. You guys are awesome!

    Best of the best.


  • Blake and Yang Nouveau

    1 day ago

    lambency Insomniac

    Redone dress designs for Blake and Yang. 

    I’m slowly making my way through these, redoing them with updated
    attires and colors. Feel free to tip me a ko-fi if you’re enjoying this!
    [x ]



  • Day 1752: Competitive

    16 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    I spent far too many hours today playing the competitive playlist in Destiny 2. I feel somewhat better at the game because of it, and I'm enjoying my new weapons. However, I still have a way to go, and objectives to complete. 

    I'm sure tomorrow will be more of the same, but I know that I'm going to start the day, then aim to complete my objective, then probably just waste time. 

    I think I also have some other stuff to do. It's been a strange day, in that I've only done like 2 things, and that's been about it. 

    I had some takeaway food for dinner, but that's barely of note, and aside from that I only watched a few things. 

    I have nothing else to say, so have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • A Surprisingly Competent RomCom

    2 hours ago


    You know those anime that don't really stick out to you that much, you don't really think about trying them, but then you hear something from a friend about it and you suddenly have more interest? That's about that I feel describes my start with High Score Girl, a series I doubt very many people will try out simply because the animation is of the CG variety. But hold on I say, because this here is an anime that actually surprised me with how well it handled it's genre. If you've ever wanted to see a sweet and gripping romance that gamers and otaku can get behind, then look no further! It's right here.

    We start out this romantic journey in an arcade, a place many of us 80's children will recall fondly. Kids are crowded around gaming cabinets, waiting their chance to jump on and play the newest and hottest game on the market. One pair of cabinets has the largest crowed surrounding them, a back-to-back style verses cabinet for Street Fighter II. Kids watch as a Guile player by the name of Haruno decimates challenger after challenger, that is until a Zangief starts to absolutely wreck him. But this doesn't deter Haruno, as he switches his play style causing the crowd to cringe as he relies upon cheap tactics to deal with this tough opponent. However his win comes at a heavy price as the Zangief player steps around the cabinets to reveal a cute girl with a seriously strong right hook, and wouldn't you know it, this girl is also a new transfer student by the name of Akira though she'll almost always be called by her last name; Oono.

    Soon enough Haruno is obsessed with Oono, as he deems her to be his true rival and the one he must overcome in Street Fighter. Luckily for Haurno, Oono likes to hang out at the arcade and so he gets plenty of opportunity to challenge her to a number of games. During their limited interactions Oono never speaks, never says a single word, yet Haruno seems to have the uncanny ability to understand her through the games they play. Soon enough we can see that this "rivalry" is more like a budding friendship, one that is growing as Haruno and Oono hang out together. This was about the time I started to worry this would be a story of gamer boy meets ojosama girl with a secret, and the whole world seems to be out to keep them apart. And then out of no where the two are actually forced apart, as Oono has to leave Japan for the States. It's an emotional goodbye, one that actually has the silent Oono crying out loud, but you see, this isn't the end.

    Because just when you think you know how this is going to go, the anime throws a time skip in to shake things up. Now Haruno is in middle school, Virtua Fighter is out, and Haruno has attracted the attention of a new girl by the name of Koharu. This new girl feels and acts like a third wheel, as she can't seem to get through to Haruno who is fully immersed in the world of video games to avoid thinking about things like his grades. Haruno has also been beefing up on his skills for his rematch with Oono, who he hasn't forgotten about in all this time. That's right, Haruno doesn't have the Swiss cheese brain that most RomCom protagonist seems to suffer from. Eventually Oono does indeed return, making Haruno one happy boy, and also showing us that she too was thinking about him all this time as well. But the picture wasn't so clear cut this time, as Koharu realizes that her only chance at getting Haruno to notice her is to dive into the gaming culture and try it out herself. Turns out she is a very good player, surprisingly Haruno who even compares her skills to that of Oono, but in the end she doesn't seem to make much headway in the romance department.

    Not that things are really going so smoothly between Haruno and Oono, as Haruno struggles to grasp what he feels towards Oono. We can all see as clear as day that he has romantic feelings for her, but he thinks that this is just the high respect he feels for her as a superior gamer and his life-long rival. The whole thing winds up with Haruno and Oono attending a Street Fighter II competition, Oono beating the shit out of Haruno IRL who fights back in the end, and Haruno finally understanding that his feelings towards Oono are that of love. He also realizes that this love will go no where if he doesn't put forth any effort, and so he tries his best and hardest to put down games, study like the devil, and apply for the same prestigious high school that Oono is on track to attend. But as the camera pans across the entrance examinee numbers, there is a disheartening lack of Haruno's number.

    This anime isn't done with us yet though, as we're thrown through another time skip. And boy has shit changed. Haruno is in high school now, still a gamer, but he avoids Oono and going to places where Oono might be. Meanwhile the third wheel, Koharu, has blossomed into a beautiful girl, still in love with Haruno, and has grown into a very competent gamer with a sadistic personality that had me grinning from ear to ear. She fully understands that Haruno still doesn't count her among his love interests, yet she refuses to give up or give Haruno the satisfaction of beating her at anything. I was like, holy shit, why couldn't you have appeared before Oono? You're perfect! This is the type of gal that sends all those good shivers down my back, but she's just a tad bit late to the party. Oono is still around of course, but her family has doubled down on her education and caused her to finally run away. Haruno is able to track her down though, and the two patch things up though as Oono had learned why Haruno had been avoiding her so much from Koharu. Oono hits us hard with the feels as she and Haruno are forced to spend the night together at a hotel, showing us her super cute side and her side that also loves Haruno. I really really really wanted things to work out here, but the season was just about over.

    That doesn't mean the anime was done with us though, as we're thrown for one more loop. Koharu confesses her feelings for Haruno in a tear filled moment, she challenges him to another match up, and declares that if she looses she will give up but if she wins that he has to go out with her. She knows this is her only chance, that if allowed to go any further, Haruno will pursue Oono with the same passion he did when he first realized his feelings her. Haruno is totally caught off guard, likely because it's true that he never saw Koharu as a love interest, but also because this is a heartfelt confession from a gamer that he has come to respect as much as Oono. And to be honest, it's a tough choice. Oono seems so unobtainable, given her prestigious upbringing and gated life. While Koharu has risen in the ranks in no small part thanks to Haruno, becoming a girl worthy of his attention and respect. If I could have my way, I'd love to see a showdown between Oono and Koharu, where they connect on the video game level and beat their feelings into one another until the best girl is left standing. Who that girl is, well, is up for debate.

    Genres: Romantic Comedy, Video Games

    Animation: J.C. Staff, a studio with quite the long list of quality production under their belt, were the ones who provided for this series. They've been the ones behind Shokugeki no SomaA Certain Magical Index, and Golden Time. Is was actually kind of surprising how a studio that I haven't seems that much CG work from would put out something like this, which felt as though an entirely different studio had been behind it. Not for lack of quality, but just because J.C. isn't know for their CG. I guess we'll just have to chalk them up to being that diverse of a studio.

    Voice Acting: I don't have anything amazing to say here, everything was handled very well. However remember how I said Oono never talks, well it's true! She does actually have a voice actress though, Sayumi Suzushiro, who has only three roles to speak of, Oono included. However even though Oono never speaks, we too come to understand her through her occasional sighs, grunts, and other small noises she makes.

    Favorite Character: Because of the battle for best girl between Oono and Koharu, I decided to leave them be for a potential future season and go with a secondary answer that stuck with me; Haruno's mother. She's supportive of her son's video gaming endeavors, especially when they result in possible future daughter-in-laws. She makes a killer stack of pancakes she dubbed 'Panckaes just like in your favorite manga', and she gets along with Oono's protective chauffeur. She's also super amusing.


    High Score Girl gets a 8.3 out of 10


  • RTX London

    15 hours ago


    Holy hell, you have never smelled a con until you have smelt RTX London. I get that showers in London are too small to actually even stand in, but jump in the Thames or something. 

    Also - Sorry I haven't been around I've been working on photography and some self care. It apparently takes way more time than being a piece of garbo. :x 

    Also also - going to Africa in December, that is so crazy to me. I know I travel a lot but I am really crossing off a lot of the map lately. If there is any part of the world you want a cool story about, let me know! 

  • Look at my adorable wife

    1 day ago



    they added Yuudachi's wedding outfit and it's just so cute.

  • RT Radio Friday: Week 225 - Halloween

    1 day ago


    Thanks for joining everyone! We really hope you guys enjoyed yourselves tonight and that even a part of the show got you in the Halloween spirit!

    The tracklist:




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