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  • RTX Tips Part 3 - Panels to See, Places to Eat, and Things to Do

    1 year ago

    Antharwn RTWorld Admin

    Admins from over a dozen groups have come together with all their collective knowledge from RTX's past to present RT World's Ultimate RTX Pro Tips. Whether your a newbie or a veteran, there is fantastic information here for you! This 5 post series will be posted every Sunday throughout July 2018, leading straight up to RTX Austin.

    Part 1 Important Things to Have & Bring (7/1)

    Part 2 The Best Apps to Have on Your Phone & Staying Safe (7/8)

    Part 3 Panels to See, Places to Eat and Things to Do

    The Most Underrated Panels that We Recommend Attending are…

    The Animation Panels (especially the smaller ones)

    Behind the Scenes Panels (3D Animation, Broadcast, writing, music, etc)

    Dungeons and Dragons and Drunks

    Game Attack

    Kinda Funny

    The Live Action Panel

    The LGBTQA+ Panel and/or Pride Panel

    Troadero Panels hosted by Nico

    The BIGBITE Panel

    The Oxford Comma Cafe panel

    And all of the community submitted panels that were added back to the schedule this year! 

    Community panels tend to be less full but will have fantastic information and very interactive panelists. You can find a complete list here.

    RTWorld is bringing two panels:

    Extra Life: What RT Communities can do #forthekids and

    “How To: RT Community”

    In regards to the area around the convention center:

    The convention center is downtown, and all of the streets are numbered. During the day 6th Street specifically can be a place to get a burger or take a leisurely stroll. At night the locals refer to it as Dirty Sixth, and tend to avoid the area. It’s big on parties and alcohol. If that’s not your scene, try some of the other locations on our list!

    We Recommend Trying These Places to Eat or Get Drinks

    Walkable from the Convention Center

    Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill 214 E 6th St (it’s really worth it if you can get past the waitress’s uniform, all ages and can accommodate large groups)

    Buckshot - 422 E 6th St (21 plus shot bar)

    Buffalo Billiards 201 E 6th St (18+ for rtx badge holders Sunday 21+ the rest of the time)

    Casino El Camino 517 E 6th St (great burgers for lunch)

    Chupacabra Cantina - 400 E 6th St.

    Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que 217 Congress Ave

    Eureka! 200 E 6th St (under 18 welcome)

    Frank 2918, 407 Colorado St

    Gus’s Fried Chicken 117 San Jacinto Blvd (everything is fried in peanut oil)

    Iron Cactus 606 Trinity St

    Iron Works 100 Red River St

    Jo’s Coffee 4160, 242 W 2nd st

    JuiceLand 120 E 4th St

    Le Cafe Crepe 200 San Jacinto Blvd A (small inside, maybe get it to go)

    P. Terry’s - 515 Congress Ave #130 (small inside, but a less expensive option)

    Roppolo’s Pizzeria 316 E 6th St

    Uncle Julio’s 301 Brazos St #150

    Voodoo Doughnut 212 E 6th St (open 24 hours)

    Which Wich 259 W 3rd St

    Catch a Ride (these places are a bit more of a walk, so maybe consider a ride share app instead)

    Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts. 3042, 1503 S 1st St

    Home Slice Pizza 1415 S Congress Ave

    Kerbey Lane Cafe 2606 Guadalupe St (multiple locations, this is the closest)

    The Oasis on Lake Travis 6550 Comanche Trail

    Torchy’s Tacos 1822 S Congress Ave (multiple locations, this is the closest)

    Note, there’s usually food in the convention center but it’s typically more expensive, and likely won’t be the quality that you find outside.

    If You’re Looking For Things to do Outside of RTX there’s...

    Seeing the Bats from South Congress Bridge

    Check out some of the parks in Austin. Like Zilker Park or Lake Travis

    Check out the Capital Building. You don’t need to take a tour, just the lawn is a cool place and it’s free to go inside.

    See a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse on 6th street (320 E 6th st) or catch a ride to the South Lamar location.

    Go Swimming at Barton Springs

    See Austin's Ghost Tours

    Go to The Bullock Texas History State Museum (a bit of a walk, maybe catch a ride)

    Try these Escape Rooms: The Escape Game Austin and Austin Panic Room

    If you wanna Float the river, there are lots of options

    Do some research around for live music, events that might be going on downtown, like farmer’s markets, or other special events.

    Keep an eye on RT’s twitter for other ideas, as they often have suggestions too.

    You can also rent bikes to get around.

    Want to get a more native view of the city? Try Do512 or Austin360.

    These are other things happening around RTX that are not RT ran, but still well worth doing!

    Sidequest  Sidequest is a charity event around RTX that has events such as a charity gala, and barlympics!

    The Bus is hosting a massive community cookout happening in Zilker park Wednesday before RTX starts.

    Come back next week for more RTX Pro Tips! Our next post will be about community meetups happening at RTX! 

  • Death Analysis: The Girl whose Willpower Defied God, Fire Knight Hikaru Shidou

    3 years ago




    What would happen if Goku was reincarnated as a Magical Girl....and then given a small injection of Gut's blood. The answer is Hikaru Shidou. Hikaru Shidou is probably as close to GAR as a Magical Girl has ever gotten. Don't believe me?

    Hikaru was born to a couple that owned and ran a martial arts dojo. At the tender age of 5, while other girls might have been playing with their dolls or learning to ride a bike, she got into a kendo duel with her father, a kendo master. She beat him so badly that he left to go train.

    Hikaru is an immensely talented warrior, so when an inter-dimensional princess needed 3 warriors to save her land, Hikaru was an obvious choice.

    In the Fantasy Land of Cephiro, Hikaru became one of the Three Magic Knights, Magical Warriors with greatly enhanced abilities and magical powers, destined to save the land of Cephiro from utter ruin.


    Hikaru may look small but she is immensely strong. She has equaled the strength of a giant demon's claw and then sliced the demon in half with enough force to leave only smoke. Mystic Knights like Hikaru and Umi are capable of slicing through lesser demons without even slowing down.

    But this was all before Hikaru even had her Escudo Sword (More on that later). After she gained it, she got into a fight with Lafarga, the strongest swordsman in Cephiro, whose sword swings vaporize sections of rocks without even touching them. Hikaru's strength actually matched his, putting him on the defensive. The Duel between Hikaru and Lafarga created winds powerful enough to push Umi and Fuu a distance away.


    Hikaru can regularly take attacks from warriors of her own strength. When they are both under the control of the charmer Gardina, Hikaru takes a sword strike from the Magic Knight Fuu to the face and throat with barely any damage. To protect her friends Umi and Fuu, Hikaru took a direct attack from Lafarga. Yet even after being bloodied and beaten by Lafarga, Hikaru continued to fight on.

    After her final upgrade, Hikaru was able to resist the magical power of Esmeraude that was rapidly collapsing Zagato's castle. Also considering Esmeraude is capable of keeping the world of Cephiro from falling apart....and without her there was suddenly tornados, storms, floods, volcano eruptions, and monster attacks.....even taking a little bit of her energy is very impressive.

    Equipment: Hikaru does not rely strictly on her natural physical strength and durability....she wields her longsword and her full armor, which because they are made of Escudo is an evolving weapon and evolving armor. What does that mean? Escudo is not like any mineral on Earth. It has no set toughness, but instead the strength of the Escudo is based on the physical and mental strength of the user, and changes alongside them. The Swords and Armor of The Magic Knights are connected with their souls, and grow in strength as they do. In layman's terms, it's weapons and armor that levels up too.

    Hikaru stores her sword in the magical jewel on her glove. Her sword also has an additional property in that if anyone but her tries to use it, it turns to flame and burns them.

    Just to finish off.....this is what Hikaru looks like Fully Armed and Armored.


    When they became Magic Knights, each of the three Magic Knights unlocked a specialty type of magic based on their own aptitudes. Hikaru in particular unlocked Fire Magic, a type of magic focused on overwhelming opponents with raw power.

    When Hikaru becomes angry, her sheer willpower can can set her ablaze and increase her magic. Indeed by the End of Series, Hikaru can exist as a being of pure flame if she wishes. Of course she can also direct her fire magic into her most iconic ability, her signature spell "Fire Arrow".

    "Fire Arrow" shoots numerous fire bolts towards her enemy. Upon her first casting of the spell (also her first casting in general, less then an hour after arriving in Cephiro), the attack overwhelmed the mage Alcione. For comparison, Alcione learned powerful Magic from Guru Clef, the strongest Mage in Cephiro. Alcione can cast very powerful magics indeed. Even later when Alcione was expecting it, her Shield had difficulty holding against the Fire Arrow spell. Fire Arrow can easily tear clean through a monster and showed notable speed and area of effect when Hikaru used it destroy pieces of the ground from the sky.

    Beyond her fire magic, Hikaru also has a bit of electric magic with her other spell "Red Lightning". Red Lighting summons a storm cloud between the hands which shoots of lightning bolts. Hikaru was able to use it destroy a monster even when seriously injured.


    For someone as impulsive as Hikaru is, she is certainly good at avoiding attacks. Even early on, she was able to dodge the fire-breathe of a demon close-range. In her battle with Hikaru she was able to dodge both the "Ice Spear" Spell (showing good agility and acrobatic skill) and the "Ice Blade" Spells of Alcione.


    Hikaru is highly skilled at kendo, and is an expert swordsgirl. I have already mentioned the manga side story of Hikaru defeating her Kendo Master Father at the age of 5, but she has also defeated the best swordsman in Cephiro, Lafarga, in a duel, disarming him of his weapon.


    Hikaru isn't just a physical powerhouse, she is one of the most charismatic characters in the series. Hikaru is so pretty that all the girls at her all-girl school are in love with her. She ends up scoring the Handsomest and Strongest Man in Cephiro, Lantis.

    When the situation requires it, she can give an inspirational speech to rally her friends Umi and Fuu.


    Hikaru has a few other tricks. Her purity of heart allows her to talk to animals and she can breathe underwater. Additionally, The Magic Knights can apparently break the fourth wall and introduce their creators, even telling them off. Apparently, Hikaru watched the Magic Knights Rayearth Anime Adaptation, so compositing REALLY doesn’t make sense.



    Oh did I forget to mention....Hikaru has a Mech. Rayearth is one of the three ancient spirits that guard Cephiro along with Celes and Windom. After Hikaru passed Rayearth's Test, Rayearth joined Hikaru's cause, bonded to her.

    I am unsure if DB would be willing to give Rayearth to Hikaru, and there is an argument on both sides. On the one hand, Rayearth is an extremely iconic and signature weapon of Hikaru and as you will see soon Rayearth can be summoned to Hikaru no matter where she is. On the other hand it is sort of outside is important to know though in order to make good matches up because Rayearth drastically drastically raises the level at which Hikaru fights.


    Hikaru is beamed up or down into Rayearth via Rayearth's chestpiece where Hikaru then takes control from a mystical orb. Inside Rayearth, Hikaru feels everything herself…..Rayearth acts an extension of Hikaru herself. This is good for her because it allows her to fight without any delay or obstruction, but also bad because it means the damage Rayearth takes, so too does Hikaru take.


    Rayearth is big. Big enough to dwarf a hill the Knights were standing on. The Mech's Height has been calced to be nearly 26 meters tall. For reference, Gundam Epyon was 17.4 Meters Tall.

    Rayearth has shown the physical strength, especially with it's firepower, to match some of the strongest mechs of the series, including Regalia (the mech made by Zagato who was the strongest man in Zagato before Lantis) and the FTO (The Strongest Mech from a strictly industrial supertech world).

    Rayearth is incredibly durable. It's Shield is capable of holding against a super-powerful laser from the FTO. This same laser from the FTO was capable of easily damaging the Bravada Dome Ship and the Draconic "Dreamchild" ship at the same time, both the strongest ships of their own nations. Rayearth also took numerous attacks from Regalia, including his strongest spell, "Stratos Night Explosion".

    Oh and remember Emeraude, the woman who kept natural disasters from occuring with her will...she has her own mech increasing her own power. Rayearth took attacks from her as well. This includes "Sainos Light Strike" which split the ground so far deep that it reached water. The same attack dealt far more damage to Celes and Windom togethe, even after Windom used the defense spell "Guardian Wind". Rayearth also took Emeraude's Ultimate Spell...called...."Ultimate Death". Here is the spell hitting the spirits.


    When Hikaru is piloting Rayearth, Rayearth can cast the same spells as Hikaru, just on GIANT SCALE. Rayearth has cast "Fire Arrow" against both Regalia and the FTO. It has also used "Red Lightning" to break a portion of Emeraude's planet-wide barrier (she had some help from Umi and Fuu to break it, but the actual casting of the spell can be done fine by herself).


    As you may have noticed, Rayearth can fly. Indeed she can fly fast enough to travel around the surface of a planet or into the sky likely hypersonic to say the least. You could make a case for FTL considering it kept up with Spaceships that came from the other worlds.

    Beyond that when Hikaru calls Rayearth, he will come, even from other dimensions, showing that he has inter-dimensional capacities. Also when Hikaru is threatened, he will automatically act to protect her.

    And that about sums it up for Rayearth. However there is one more part of Hikaru that needs to be covered....the most important part.


    Hikaru's greatest strength by far is her fiery indomitable will. Her will allows her to accomplish feats that are miraclous, not just in the context of our world, but in the context of the MKR Setting. It is widely believed that Hikaru's powers only work on Cephiro, since the reason she got her powers is that Cephiro is a magical land where willpower controls all.

    However as you can see here, Hikaru very much can use her powers outside Cephiro. Hikaru's will transcended dimensions and allowed her to use her powers even in another dimension. By End of Series, Hikaru and the other Magic Knights could travel between dimensions easily.

    Hikaru's will is great even compared to the greatest wills in her universe. Hikaru was able to enter into one of the roads (the interstellar pathways formed by the spaceships of other nations) when Umi and Fuu could not. It was said that the person with the greatest will of all would become the new pillar of Cephiro after Emeraude's death. While Lantis had the greatest will in Cephiro, two outsiders were selected to compete for the title instead, having even greater will then him. Eagle Vision of Autozam, and Hikaru of Earth. And yet even in the Test of the Pillar, against the single other person with the highest willpower, Hikaru shows the strength of her will. Despite both being in their mechas, Rayearth and the FTO, Hikaru appeared before Eagle Vision to offer him peace. This was what allowed her to pass the test and become the next pillar, the person able to control an entire planet with their will......Hikaru as the next pillar was capable of opening another road connecting Earth to Cephiro.

    And yet, even that pales in comparison to her greatest feat of will, one of her most well-known feats, referenced in the title.


    See that? If you go to an anime convention you will probably see a plushie of it, but no one ever seems to know anything about it. It's name is Mokona. And it is God.

    I'm not kidding:


    Mokona is the creator of both Cephiro's Universe and Earth's Universe.

    Mokona is quite literally God in the MKR-verse. Mokona decreed only the winner of the Test of the Pillar could return to Cephiro which meant Eagle Vision would disappear.

    Hikaru said "No".

    Mokona attempt to inforce it's will on Hikaru and Eagle Vision....and Hikaru's will was so great taht she resisted:



    Hikaru was fading from existence from Mokona’s will and still she refused to give up:


    She was unable to fully overcome Mokona's will on her own but to even resist for that amount of time.....Of course after that her friendship with Umi and Fuu transcended dimensions and they helped her, despite being a dimension away in Cephiro:


    The willpower of the Magic Knights together overcame even the great willpower of Mokona:



    And that was the time Hikaru's will defied God.


    Let's get the elephant out of the room. Hikaru is...not a genius. She's not dumb, but in terms of raw brainpower she's pretty average, which is only more noticeable due to the fact that she travels with Umi and Fuu, both of whom are noticeably above average in intellect. Besides that Hikaru is impulsive and direct in her tactics, which is almost reflected in the fact that she only has 2 spells compared to Umi's 3, and Fuu's 5, and both of Hikaru's spells are attack spells. Hikaru is in some ways too noble for her own safety. She refused to use magic against the swordsman Lafarga, because it was unfair.

    Also don't bring up that she looks younger then she is, it annoys her.


    Hikaru is a proud warrior, and a noble leader. She is optimistic about situations and refuses to ever ever give up. She practically jumped at the chance to become a Magic Knight. She was almost born to be a Hero.


    Without Rayearth:

    Tier 14

    Building Level Strength and Durability (Possibly Higher)

    Subsonic Speed and Superhuman Mobility/Agility

    Expert Sword-User

    Fire and Lightning Magic

    Logia Intangibility (Fire)

    Extremely Superhuman Willpower

    Portal Creation

    Can Breathe Underwater

    Can Talk to Animals

    Can Break the Fourth Wall?

    With Rayearth:

    At Least Tier 12 Normally, Can rise to Tier 5 From Willpower

    All of the Above as well as


    Inter-Dimensional Movement

    Fire Bursts

    Likely Hypersonic to FTL Speed

    Giant Scale

    Potential Opponent:

    For Hikaru it greatly depends on whether the Mecha is included or not. If not:


    Hikaru Shidou vs. Sayaka Miki:

    I've advocated for this fight for a while. This would be a Magical Girl Fight without it being too high-power or haxy or esoteric to be presentable. The two are both very similar thematically, being similar in temperament and archetype. Hikaru and Sayaka are both optimistic adventurous Magical Girl Swordswoman who quite eagerly accepted the idea of being Magical Girls. For one it worked out, for the other......not so much. Plus their colors! It's a Red vs. Blue fight! And we all know how much every loves the idea of Red vs. Blue fights ;) Seriously though besides being very thematic it's very even. In broad strokes Hikaru has better firepower (especially at range) and has better raw durability (particularly with her armor) while Sayaka has better Movement (Speed + Agility) and her Regen Factor. Personally I think Sayaka has the advantage early on but it slowly shifts in Hikaru's favor as the battle goes on. It's a legit very even fight, and now matter who Death Battle picks, they could have a convincing argument.

    If you have your own idea who Hikaru should fight, with or without Rayearth, feel free to mention.

    Next Time:

    Next time I'm going to be doing a bad bunch of Witches......with a capital V:



  • Randomness-ness-ness...

    9 years ago


    whats going on everyone. i think im going to try just posting random journals to be more active. and sense iv been playing a lot of MW2 to try and get ready for Pro, i think i'd like to show you this video.
    The Ass Clapper 130

    so how has everyone been doing smiley10.gif