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  • BIG Day!!!

    1 month ago


    Challenge #1

    Today is the day that I decided I was going to go through all the Funhaus Videos on Rooster Teeth's website, I honestly don't know why I'm doing this, but ever since I got back from RTX I've found myself wanting to watch more and more videos despite religiously watching every video they upload at 9 AM and 5 PM EST. I plan on going through the videos by category (i.e. Demo Disk, Dude Soup, Filmhaus, etc.) I'm honestly so excited to do this in cohesion with challenge #2.

    Challenge #2

    This challenge's purpose does require a bit of background so I'll make it quick. I was going to the Rooster Teeth Gym Class panel with a friend (mostly because I was hoping to get a picture with James from Funhaus since I missed a picture with him since he had to leave for the Arizona Circle Panel. But I found myself listening very closely to what these fit men had to say about working-out and dieting. I did get that picture with James and honestly couldn't help but notice our ten-fold arm size difference so as of now I'm planning to go to RTX next year and work out to become a little bigger and year-by-year get pictures with him to see if I can grow. It's an interesting goal that I do believe I can accomplish, but first I'll need a gym membership and about five weeks to make it a habit!

  • Cole MacGrath VS Alex Mercer (my final Death Battle) Part 2

    1 month ago


    Click here for Part 1.


    A sign read:

    Blackwatch Empire City Division

    The outside of this military facility was completely trashed and the pavement around it was littered in blood, bullet casings, and rifles. Police sirens rang in the distance.

    Cole MacGrath, donning his former bike courier attire with the Amp in his backpack, landed across the street. He saw all the damage from the carnage, but not a single body...

    ...except one lying crushed beneath a jeep. There was nothing Cole could do for this masked soldier, but he would at least find out what happened. Putting his hand to the man's head, Cole caught a glimpse of the soldier's last moments:

    A whole platoon firing at once at one single target, all their shots landing, but to no effect. This soldier saw his fellow units cut to ribbons one-by-one with blades of some kind, then their bodies absorbed into this enemy. He ran towards a rocket launcher, retrieved it and turned to fire, but by 

    the time he did, the jeep went flying right at him.

    From there, Cole saw an orange echo of the assailant, a hooded figure, running into the building. He walked towards what was left of its entrance...

    ???: YOU!!! STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

    One of the masked soldiers exited, pointing a rifle right at Cole.

    Soldier: This is a restricted area!

    Cole humored him, putting his hands up. What the soldier didn't know was that Cole was scanning him:

    MacGrath saw that the man wasn't human at all: in fact, upon scanning him, he had the same orange outline as the hooded man.

    The soldier could tell by Cole's grin that his cover was blown and immediately jumped high into the air, attempting to escape. Cole was initially shaken by the impact of the jump, which left cracks in the ground, but then recomposed and took aim. From his right hand fired a lightning hook, which stuck to his target's leg. With a two-handed pull, Cole forced him hard to the ground.

    As the man slowly got back to his feet, a dark red substance seemed to emanate from his uniform, then spread across his entire body. From there, the man revealed his true form: that of Alex Mercer.

    Cole: Nice hood. Very inconspicuous.

    Alex: What do you want with me?

    Cole: See pal, this city's already had more than its fair share of murdering psychopaths.

    He showed Alex the blue electricity flowing across his arms and fingertips.

    Cole: And I'm not about to let you roam free.

    Alex: This matter is beyond you.

    Mercer extended an arm, showing its shape changing, as well as his hand and fingers.

    Alex: And so am I.

    Both of MacGrath's hands made fists, coursing with electricity.

    Cole: Whatever Conduit you are... whatever powers you've got...!

    He pointed right at Mercer.

    Cole: I'm bringing you down! Here and now.

    Mercer put both his hands into his jacket's pockets, then sighed.

    Alex: I gave you a chance...

    Just then, Cole saw Mercer running right towards him at high speed. He rolled to the side, just barely getting out of his way, only to see Mercer coming right back for him. He went for a side-step, then found the back of his jacket's neck gripped. With what to Alex was a casual toss, he threw Cole towards a wall.

    MacGrath used his static thrusters to slow himself down, then used his feet to bounce off of it as Alex ran for another strike. It missed, but tore a hole right through it as Cole fired bolts at him. Mercer moved side-to-side as Cole switched between multiple bolt types in succession, including a triple shot. By the time Cole had a clear shot, Alex punched him square on the jaw.

    After Cole was sent rolling to the ground, Mercer retrieved the rifle he held earlier and took aim right at Cole's head from a distance. The memories gave him the aim of an expert marksman as the grouping of all the shots was perfect... for the lying Cole's Polarity Wall blocking them. MacGrath made it back onto his feet and ran to Mercer who decided to use the rifle's grenade launcher attachment. Cole saw the grenade coming for him and, instead of blocking with the shield, used his other hand to fire a push-like blast, knocking it forward. By the time Mercer had cocked the rifle for another shot, he saw the grenade coming right for him.

    The explosion put Mercer right on his back as Cole took out his Amp from his backpack. Mercer returned to his feet and with Cole in front of him, readied his hand for a punch while its shape began to change...

    ...but something seemed to stun him and he gritted his teeth in irritation: he was standing in a puddle and one of Cole's feet touched it, causing electricity to run across it.

    Cole: Doesn't agree with you, does it?

    Even in his state, Mercer finally went through with the hit, but Cole ducked before swinging the Amp into Alex's side. He rose with three more hits, each forcing Mercer to take a step back, before leaping upward, jumping off Alex, throwing something behind him, and swinging the Amp into his face, knocking him straight down. As Mercer made it onto his knees...

    ...something was zapping him again: the electrocution grenade. His opponent seemingly trapped in place and unable to pull himself upward, Cole stepped back and began to raise his arms. Mercer didn't know what Cole was about to do, but something told him he wanted to get out of the way. He raised his head and arms, seeing something was brewing in the sky above him and, in defiance of the attack...

    Cole: Too easy.

    Mercer's fists transformed into the Hammerfists, then both struck the ground so hard they created a small earthquake.

    Cole: Whoa!

    He was knocked off his feet as Mercer immediately stood in front of him, a gut punch of epic proportions rocketing him into a car.

    Cole was practically embedded into the car, slowly pulling himself out of the mess.

    Alex: You think you're in control?

    He could feel Mercer's movement, which were much heavier than earlier. His mind ran as he looked at his surroundings until he saw a power line close by.

    Alex: You have no idea what I'm capable of.

    He fired off his lightning tether, pulling him out of the path of Mercer practically launching himself in his direction. The intended attack sent Alex straight through the car and the wall behind it, and by the time he emerged, Cole was already riding on power lines and gaining speed.

    Just by extending his fingers by the line, Cole began to pull in electricity, healing him from the injury prior. He heard small pieces of debris falling from behind him and turned his head.

    Alex: There's no use running!

    He saw Mercer running after him on the side of a building.

    Cole: Show off.

    Without turning around completely, Cole rotated just enough to fire an electrical rocket from his hand while still traveling at the same speed. Mercer immediately leapt to the other side, continuing his run from another building. Cole turned once more and fired another rocket, only to see Mercer avoid it just as easily.

    Alex entertained Cole long enough and lunged, heading for Cole with a diving kick. In that instant, Cole focuses, time around Mercer and himself slowing down as he took aim. A powerful bolt to Mercer's head caused a near-miss as Mercer crashed to the streets below.

    Seeing Cole getting away, he put his hand beneath a car in front of him and flung it with great force. The car tore through power lines, even as it began to break apart. Cole ducked to avoid a bumper, then saw the remains of the car cutting down the power lines in front of him.

    He lost his footing and landed on his shoulder, attempting a controlled roll. Upon making it to his feet, he saw Mercer coming right at him with a shield-like construct in front of him.

    Cole: Oh come on...

    Alex rammed into him, the two going through the display window of a building. From outside, the sounds of electricity and several breaking objects could be heard. Finally, Cole was knocked through another display window, rolling until he stopped himself.

    Mercer exited, then leapt into the air, aiming his shield for a crashing descent. Cole rolled backward, avoiding it, then threw another grenade. Mercer saw this and moved his shield in such a fashion to knock it away from him. Cole fired bolts, all of which the shield was stopping so far, and grinned since he knew something Mercer didn't...

    ...the grenade Alex thought he knocked away was stuck to his shield. The sticky grenade finally detonated, taking a chunk off the shield and briefly catching Mercer's attention.

    As Cole aimed his hand for any number of attacks, a barbed wire-like weapon wrapped itself around his arm. The end of it, housing a spear point, nearly struck Cole's face when he managed to catch it with his other hand. He caught a glance of Mercer behind his shield and saw the Whipfist was his other arm transformed.

    Cole: You're an interesting Conduit, all right.

    He pulled MacGrath towards him, then close-lined his opponent with his shield. As Cole lied on his back, he saw Alex about to bring the shield down on his neck.

    Alex: I am no Conduit.

    Before he could go through with the decapitation, he saw Cole putting out a hand. Alex was flung into the air, then seemed to be floating in place, like being held on strings. In his confusion, he failed to see that Cole was using a magnetic field to keep him afloat.

    Cole: Catch ya later!

    With two palms pushing forward, Alex was launched backward, covered in kinetic energy. He was knocked through a wall, the biomass making up his jacket appearing partially tattered. As he began to recover, he saw a horde of electric missiles coming right for him.

    Mercer was blown through another wall and into the path of a tanker truck. His impact into the cab's front caused it to tip over, rolling on its side.

    The truck's driver, having exited through the shattered windshield, saw Mercer crouched over and approached him.

    Driver: Are you okay?

    Mercer turned, chunks of his face missing and holes in his chest area.

    Cole, just arriving, gasped at what he inadvertently caused.

    Cole: No, no, no...

    By the time he turned to see where Mercer was, he saw the truck driver being absorbed into him, and all Alex's wounds healing.

    Cole: You...!

    He only caught a glimpse in the vision, but seeing the consumption first-hand, and on a civilian, infuriated him.

    Cole: You monster!

    Alex saw Cole taking aim, then turned to the tanker behind him. He knew it was Cole's intended target, but made no attempt to avoid it.


    A massive explosion went off, one that even caused Cole to shield his face. He looked at the flaming wreckage, seeing only the remains of the tanker...

    Alex: Yes...

    Mercer slowly walked through the flames, donned in an armor of some kind from top to bottom.

    Alex: I am a monster...

    His right hand was the Whipfist once again while his left arm was a four-fingered claw.

    Alex: And nothing will protect you from me.

    Cole: Spare me the crap!

    He fired bolts away at Mercer, who only walked forward. In his armor, Cole's bolts didn't seem to phase Alex at this point. Now in range, Mercer swung his Whipfist, Cole ducking and rolling swings from it. One seemed to be too fast for Cole, who used a blast to knock it backward. He had an opportunity to fire a rocket...

    ...and Cole did not care for the sound of him being out of juice.

    Cole: ...damn it.

    Quickly, he scanned, finding a transformer box nearby. He ran for it as Mercer continued his slow approach. Just then, Alex slammed his clawed hand into the ground. Cole didn't understand it at first until he scanned again, sensing something from underground.

    He rolled to the side immediately, but saw that whatever was underground kept going forward towards the transformer box. Just then, a massive spike came from the ground, tearing apart the entire thing. But Cole saw electricity surging across the spike and Mercer appearing stunned for a moment as he destroyed it.

    Alex: Where is your power now?

    But Cole saw a display window filled with TVs, each showing 2D animated battles. He absorbed electricity from all of them, feeling refreshed.

    Cole: There's plenty to go around.

    With a roar, Mercer lunged, avoiding a fired rocket by Cole. MacGrath suddenly shot up into the air on a pillar of ice to Alex's surprise, then threw a grenade of ice at his back. Mercer was forced to his knees for a moment as Cole then landed on him with Thunder Drop. Afterward, Cole created ice shards from thin air, then blasted them at Alex with some knocking him back and others going into him.

    Cole: Had enough there, killer?

    Mercer crouched over, and from what Cole could tell by scanning him, something inside him was about to be unleashed.

    Alex: I haven't even begun.

    Dozens of tendrils fired off from Mercer's body and Cole had to think fast. With Precision, he was able to slow time around him, avoiding most of them, but one was just too quick for him, impaling his shoulder. Time returned to normal soon after as Mercer pulled Cole towards him, then held him by the top of his head with his clawed hand.

    Alex: You stood in my way...

    His Whipfist hand stabbed into Cole's back.

    Alex: now you will join me.

    Cole tried firing bolts at him, but Alex knew it would not hurt him.

    Alex: One body. One mind. Just as humanity should be.

    Cole: Oh, God...

    After MacGrath's remark, the rocket from before slammed into Mercer's back, forcing him to let go of Cole.

    Cole: Maniacs like you are a dime a dozen!

    Mercer went for a swing with his claw, but Cole ducked and, having formed the Gigawatt Blades, swung at his right foot. Even in his armored state, it cut his foot right off. The swing missed due to the sudden wound, and before Alex could try to readjust, Cole slashed at his hand, cutting that off as well.

    Cole: And you're leaving my city!

    Alex's remaining hand transformed into a Hammerfist and stopped Cole's intended decapitation, resulting in only a glancing cut of the weapon. Just then, Alex twisted his arm to swing the fist down onto him, so Cole blocked with both Gigawatt blades. The impact from one Hammerfist alone still grounded him, but Cole quickly fired off a blast...

    ...but Mercer saw the technique coming and his Hammerfist became a claw, stabbing into the ground. What Cole intended to sent him off his feet only pushed him back a few inches. But Cole soon realized what was going on beneath him and leapt to the side, barely avoiding the spike coming out of the ground. But as he landed, he was met by a massive blade.

    Alex: It's no use.

    Cole blocked again with the Gigawatt blades, but this blade tore through them, managing a small slash to his chest. He took out the Amp with one hand, then reached out for a street light with the other. He siphoned some electricity, but couldn't help feeling like he should've been absorbing it more quickly.

    Cole: Come on, come on...!

    Just then, Mercer closed the distance and took another swing, Cole barely getting out of the way in time and the post being cut down with ease. MacGrath noticed Alex was back in his jacketed form, which explained why he was that much faster.

    Cole made the first swing, clashing with the blade, and his other hand going for another blast. Alex swerved his body to the side to avoid it, then swung at Cole's legs. MacGrath managed to hop onto the blade and put the Amp up against Alex's neck, the electricity zapping him. He swung himself with the Amp around Mercer, then went for a maneuver to launch Alex off his feet.

    Instead, Mercer stood on his feet and Cole and the Amp landed in front of him.

    Cole: You gotta be kidding me...

    Now Alex was on the offensive, swinging at Cole's Amp as MacGrath tried to cover himself, and after a few swings...

    ...the blade cut into one of the Amp's bars. Cole was shocked, but kept swinging away, only to find the blade continued to do damage to his melee weapon.

    Alex: I told you: nothing will protect you.

    One swing of the blade took off the entire bar.

    Alex: Not your weapon!

    That swing turned the Amp into little more than a handle at this point. Cole attempted a lunge with two Gigawatt blades, but was met by a slash to his back.

    Alex: Not your powers!

    Cole fired a grenade, which split into several before landing, but Alex simply ran around them. As Cole charged up his hands for a more powerful ice technique, it struck him too late that Mercer was too quick for him...

    ...swinging with a clawed hand at his chest. Cole backed up, but was met by another slash, then a two-handed one. After rolling, Cole saw how dire his situation was and tried firing a lightning tether to escape, but the Whipfist grabbed him by his leg, then yanked him back down. Mercer swung and slammed Cole repeatedly before launching Cole with all his strength towards a building. Cole braced for impact with his shield.

    From outside this building, a small cloud of debris exploded out from a middle floor. Cole emerged falling, landing hard onto the streets below overlooking the water. Cole still had the claw marks fresh in his chest from before, as well as dust from the building he was just tossed through covering his jacket. He barely made it to his feet, using a parked car to help him up. He knew it wouldn't be long before Alex found him, so he tried charging from the vehicle next to him...

    ...but he still struggled just to absorb electricity from it.

    Cole: Why is this happening to me?

    Alex: The virus.

    Before Cole could turn and attack, Mercer lifted Cole by both of his arms.

    Alex: The same virus that will unite this city.

    Cole: Sick... bastard...

    Alex: If you won't accept my gift...

    He began to pull both of Cole's arms, intending to rip him in two.

    Alex: will die from it.

    With what little electricity Cole had left, he used Precision and turned both hands toward Alex's head. If he missed this one, he was as good as dead.

    Cole: No...

    Both sides of Mercer's face were struck by two far more powerful bolts than before. These bolts seriously singed both sides, burning everything from his ears towards his eyes. Now free, Cole suddenly surged with a blue aura of electricity: Karmic Overload.

    Cole: Not while I draw breath!

    One powered-up bolt fired at Mercer's knee, nearly taking half his leg off and forcing him down, then MacGrath fired off a barrage. Alex tried to call upon his newly-regenerated shield only for each bolt to tear a hole right through it to Mercer himself.

    Cole: I'm going to save this city...!

    As he was struck back by each one, part of his body searing, he reactivated his armor and was left with no other option than to try to protect himself.

    Cole: ...from the likes of you!

    Once the lengthy barrage ended, the blue aura left Cole and he saw clouds of dust in front of him. He had his hands on his knees, breathing heavily: he put his everything into that.

    But then he heard chuckling. Labored and pained, but chuckling all the same.

    Cole walked through the dust slowly, seeing that Mercer still stood...

    ...or stood as best as he could, having no legs to stand on. Both his arms were missing as well with only bones sticking out. Alex's armored form was heavily seared, several holes straight through his body as his armored face cracked at the seems. It gave way, revealing his right eye, then revealing another, and soon his entire face save for his mouth was visible.

    Even in the state he was in, coughing up blood, he chuckled.

    Cole: Something funny?

    He looked Cole in the eyes, something red beginning to ooze from his chest.

    Alex Mercer: Life and death no longer bind me.

    Cole could tell Mercer wasn't looking to give himself up, and with everything Cole had seen so far, he also suspected Mercer, even having been reduced to having no limbs, wasn't done yet.

    He wasn't taking any chances. He stayed where he was, not about to approach him, and raised his hands once more uninterrupted. Mercer saw lightning brewing from above him and was in no position to move or to stop it.

    But as a massive lightning bolt came down from the clouds, a ring of red mist exited Mercer's body.

    Cole: Die!

    Mercer could feel himself being melted, torn apart, by the lightning's sheer heat and power. It almost looked as if his biomass inside the armor began to melt away first, soon followed by the armor shattering.

    But Cole saw himself surrounded by red and breathing it in. He kept up the lightning attack, making sure nothing was left of Mercer, but the mist was getting to him. A cough, followed by a rougher one...

    ...until Cole finally lost his footing and fell onto his hands coughing, stopping the attack. He covered this cough with his hand, seeing blood in it.

    Cole: What did he do to me?

    He looked down at the crater the lightning created, and saw only a small red puddle remaining.

    Cole: ...still alive?

    MacGrath took aim with both hands, surging with electricity...

    ...and nothing fired.

    Cole: No, not now!

    Again, he tried to fire, but nothing changed.

    Cole: This can't be happening!

    He felt pain in his side and grasped it, his eyes looking down at the puddle...

    ...and tendrils emerging from it. By the time he saw this, Cole felt himself being pulled down as if his shoes were tied together. He landed chest-first in the puddle and tried to get up, but saw it wrapping itself around his body. A red cocoon formed, encompassing his entire lower body and spreading over the rest of him.

    MacGrath reached out with his hand, still trying to fire electricity from it, but as it was pulled back by the tendrils...

    Cole: No... way...

    A Blackwatch gunship flew in, shining a spotlight on the crater.

    Pilot: Located Zeus... with a civilian.

    He put his hand on the fire controls.

    Pilot: Preparing to fir...

    A lightning bolt nearly struck the chopper, forcing it to swerve.

    Pilot: Shit!

    From across the water, several bolts of lightning could be seen striking other parts of the city.

    Pilot: Got a thunder storm here!

    He got the gunship back into position, locking onto the red mass in the crater.

    A massive bolt of lightning struck the crater.

    Pilot: The hell's going on here?!

    When the lightning bolt dissipated, Cole stood, looking up at the chopper.

    Pilot: Firing now!

    A missile fired from the gunship coming right for Cole, but instead of trying to get away from it, he leapt towards it. He managed to land on the missile before leaping off, the explosive hitting the crater as intended.

    The pilot didn't know what was happening.

    Pilot: Who... what is this guy?!

    Cole: Say goodnight.

    He landed, bringing his hands down and summoning another bolt of lightning, striking the chopper's tail rotor.

    Cole watched as the gunship span out of control before crashing in the water, then looked back at the crater he was just in. Empty and completely barren with no trace of red in sight. MacGrath turned back towards the water and the other side of the city, seeing the lightning storm still continuing. The battle over, Cole put both his hands behind his neck...

    ...and lifted a grey hood over his head. His courier jacket, which looked clean and without any cuts, began transforming into a black-grey jacket with a white buttoned shirt. Cole grinned as his face shifted into that of Alex Mercer's.



    Boomstick: You know, I never got why Zeus was Alex's code name... but it kinda makes sense now.

    Wiz: Both combatants faced their toughest and most unpredictable opponents by far in what was by no means a one-sided match-up.

    Boomstick: Mercer's primarily fought military forces and the Infected, so Cole firing electricity and ice at him was completely new to him. And while Cole's seen some weird and freaky Conduits, he's never seen anything on Alex's level. But even then, they shared several feats like fighting armed forces, creatures far stronger than normal humans, and taking down 50 foot monsters.

    Wiz: So to determine the victor, we first had to look at their defined limitations. For starters, neither Cole nor Mercer's shields were going to be able to block each other's biggest hits, as both have succumbed to large enough impacts and even rockets.

    Boomstick: And just to get these big ones out of the way, no, Cole and Mercer weren't going to be busting moons, and neither have light speed or even lightning speed. "But wait! If Kessler could move and attack as fast as lightning, shouldn't Cole be able to as well?"

    Wiz: Firstly, Kessler's teleports were always from a short distance in one direction, and nowhere nearly as instantaneous as lightning would be. Secondly, even assuming Kessler's blasts fired at the same speed as real-life lightning, it takes Kessler one second just to charge up his shot, giving Cole more than enough time to see the attack coming before it actually fired.

    Boomstick: Like avoiding a gunshot without actually moving at the speed of a bullet because you saw the shooter getting ready first. It's the reason Cole uses cover and parkour to make himself a harder target to hit: he doesn't casually dodge bullets. If he did, Cole would be a completely different character.

    Wiz: With that out of the way, now let's see how the two fared physically, starting with their speed. If we assume Cole's running speed to be 28 miles per hour, on par with the fastest Olympic runner in the world Usain Bolt, Mercer has shown he could easily go over 100.

    Boomstick: And that's without rails or wires for Cole to ride on, which definitely make him faster, but aren't always available to him.

    Wiz: As for parkour speed, Cole has managed to tail helicopters, but could never quite match their speed while Alex has often exceeded them, putting his speed at 160 miles per hour at minimum.

    Boomstick: Moving on to strength, Cole's best feats in that department are lifting three to four ton cars with Kinetic Pulse. But in InFamous 2's user generated mission creator, the player can interact with a Militia semi truck, including lifting it with Kinetic Pulse. Obviously, if the developers didn't want Cole to be able to lift it, the game wouldn't let the player do that, so it's fair game to assume Cole is capable of it. That would put his maximum strength at just under 10 tons.

    Wiz: Alex once flipped an M1 Abrams tank, which weighs 60 tons at bare minimum... and that's not accounting for additional weaponry and gear.

    Boomstick: And he didn't just lift it: he casually flipped it with one hand. And if he could do that half-assed, I wouldn't want to be tossed by him when he's putting his everything into it. And now the big one: durability.

    Wiz: Durability is a bit tricky for both combatants: Cole has survived bullet wounds and an RPG, but surviving the 6 block explosion caused by the Ray Sphere isn't quite what it seems to be.

    Boomstick: For one, context helps a lot here: the Ray Sphere was designed to give powers to its user, not to murder them. So you can't really look at it as someone trying to kill Cole with an explosion.

    Wiz: Kessler had the Ray Sphere tested thoroughly to ensure Cole's survival. In their final battle, Kessler even admitted he was worried Cole wouldn't wake up when he used it.

    Boomstick: And Cole's not the only one to survive a Ray Sphere going off: Bertrand used it as well, and the Conduit Nix was in the crowd he sacrificed. Not saying every Conduit has the same durability, but the Ray Sphere is literally designed to work for them.

    Wiz: But let's give the benefit of the doubt and take the entire explosion as Cole's highest durability feat. Then that would mean Cole survived a force just under one kiloton of TNT.

    Boomstick: As for Alex's, that's easy: taking a nuke designed to wipe out Manhattan island. In the credits of Prototype, the explosive yield was estimated to be at 75 kilotons, five times the power of the Hiroshima Bomb.

    Wiz: But even if the 75 kiloton calculation was misinformed, it would take 68 kilotons minimum to accomplish Blackwatch's task. Even a fraction of this is still far greater than any durability feat Cole has shown.

    Boomstick: I'd also point out that it's even greater than the 51 kilotons needed to blow up the Beast, buuut there is one catch: Alex wasn't at the center of it. That still puts his durability over Cole's, of course, but it does mean that Mercer took substantially less from that nuke than one would assume.

    Wiz: Turning what would seemed to be a lopsided match-up into one theoretically winnable for Cole: his maximum destructive capacity being able to match or exceed Mercer's durability.

    Boomstick: And Cole's no stranger to fighting foes who outclass him in several stats. Plus, Precision's time slow gave him the ability to cope with the speed difference, so perhaps that with enough Beast-damaging bolts could allow MacGrath to reduce Mercer to mush, then nothing at all. Problem with that was Mercer didn't need to attack with the power of a nuke to kill Cole.

    Wiz: Cole certainly has a knack for surviving tremendous blunt force, but that's not to say Mercer couldn't simply knock Cole unconscious by matching or exceeding the force of the falling steel beam.

    Boomstick: Then there's the claws and blade. Yes, Cole could heal from a stabbing wound, but being cut apart? Not so much. No amount of electricity'll reattach pieces of him. But there's still tons of questions to go over, starting with the most asked: "If Cross' stun baton could, well, stun Alex, shouldn't Cole be able to do the same thing with his electrical attacks?"

    Wiz: Cole's bolts and most of his other attacks are of a brief duration, compared to the baton, which could be held continuously. Even then, as the Hydras Alex created could resist such shocks, it stands to reason Alex has gained at least an improved resistance to them.

    Boomstick: So electricity's not Mercer's Kryptonite, but it also isn't completely harmless either. So any attack that landed would be felt, but it would take higher caliber electric attacks to seriously damage him. And even then, his biomass could certainly regenerate from that. Ditto ice, as Alex's biomass has dealt with low temperatures before. Next: "If Cole once recharged from a lightning storm, why couldn't he just do that against Mercer for unlimited power?"

    Wiz: Cole summoning the individual bolts of lightning to absorb power from them was impressive, but changing the weather to that of a lightning storm is not something Cole can actually do.

    Boomstick: Let's be totally clear: if at any time a storm brewed in a battle between the two, Cole would win, no questions asked. But he couldn't force a lightning storm to happen, only calling upon individual bolts at the cost of his own power.

    Wiz: And that leads to one of the three biggest factors in determining this fight, starting with Cole having enough electricity on hand.

    Boomstick: We weren't going to put the two in a field in the middle of nowhere, so in a city area, yeah, Cole would have plenty to call upon. The only problem was Mercer.

    Wiz: Alex was certainly intelligent enough to figure out Cole's reliance on absorbing electricity, and with that knowledge, he could destroy sources of electricity or simply keep Cole from getting to them.

    Boomstick: Which he could definitely do with factor #2: Mercer had the far better mobility options. Cole had to rely on powers to climb buildings faster, but for Mercer, it was second nature. If Alex decided to, say, consume a bystander, he could get away from Cole, whereas if MacGrath tried the same to recharge, there wasn't much he could do about Mercer aside from standing his ground.

    Wiz: Precision could help with the agility and speed gap, but Precision also runs on Cole's reserves. That and his healing factor were paramount to keeping Cole in the fight, and once his reserves went empty, Cole was finished.

    Boomstick: Leading into this last factor that made the biggest difference: Mercer's Blacklight virus. Cole could deal with with Alex's strength, speed, transformations, and weaponry, but he really had no defense against that.

    Wiz: He could certainly resist being Consumed, and it'd likely take time for Mercer to turn him into a full-on Infected, but the Blacklight virus literally altering Cole's DNA was all but guaranteed to interfere with his abilities.

    Boomstick: If having Sasha's black tar in his system could mess with Cole's reserves, a living virus could certainly wreck havoc over the course of a prolonged battle. And all Mercer had to do was get in a deep-enough cut or even just cover the area in the airborne virus. *sighs* It's a tough break. I mean it took prolonged battle with James Heller, a prototype that surpassed him, to bring Mercer down for good, and unfortunately, Cole just wasn't there.

    Wiz: Cole is a great character and could win this bout in several scenarios, but Mercer's stats, arsenal, and Blacklight virus ultimately gave him the majority.

    Boomstick: MacGrath gave it his very best here, but the odds were simply too biomassive. *sniffles*

    Wiz: Boomstick, that pun was terrible even by your low standards.

    Boomstick: I know, Wiz. *sniffles* That's why I'm tearing up.

    Wiz: The winner is Alex Mercer.

  • Link Dump RT Podcast #540 - Sex is the Most Extreme Form of Sex

    4 months ago

    MasterCrander Loyal Thunderclaw

    RT Podcast #540

    Runtime ~ 1h36m

    Cast: Gus, Gavin, Barbara, Blaine

    Side-car: Trevor

    Gus' Title: Sex is the Most Extreme Form of Sex

    0:05:00 - Game of Thrones Season Premiere [Spoilers Ahead]

    0:07:00 - Ed Sheeran's Character in Game of Thrones

    0:08:00 - Star Wars Celebration: Chicago

    0:09:00 - Passover 2019

    0:12:00 - The Mandalorian Trailer

    0:16:00 - Fire burns Notre-Dame

    [He Who's Tweets Shall Not Be Linked]

    0:22:00 - World's Largest Plane

    Crew: 6
    Length: 84 m (275 ft 7 in)
    Wingspan: 88.4 m (290 ft 0 in)
    Height: 18.1 m (59 ft 5 in)
    Wing area: 905 m2 (9,740 sq ft)
    Aspect ratio: 8.6
    Empty weight:285,000 kg (628,317 lb)
    Max takeoff weight:640,000 kg (1,410,958 lb)
    Fuel capacity: more than 300,000 kg (661,000) lbs
    Length: 238 ft (73 m)
    Wingspan: 385 ft (117 m)
    Height: 50 ft (15 m)
    Empty weight: 500,000 lb (226,796 kg)
    Gross weight: 750,000 lb (340,194 kg) with no external payload
    Max takeoff weight: 1,300,000 lb (589,670 kg)
    external payload: 550,000 lb (250,000 kg)
    Powerplant: 6 × Pratt & Whitney PW4056 turbofan, 56,750 lbf (252.4 kN) thrust each

    0:27:00 - Buddhas of Bamyan (Destroyed by Taliban)

    0:28:00 - Kyoto Changed as Target for Nuclear Bombs

    0:29:00 - How Fast Does a Nuke Kill You

    0:30:00 - How Does a Black Hole Kill You

    0:44:00 -

    ">Mythbusters Cannon Ball from Truck

    0:50:00 - Captain Disillusion:

    ">Frame Rates &

    ">Aspect Ratio

    0:54:00 - Blaine Short Video

    0:55:00 - Blaine Protein Adventure

    1:00:00 - Nathan For You: Kid Box

    1:07:00 - US Tax Code

    1:10:00 - Places w/o Property Tax

    1:23:00 [Gus’ message to Gavin -- "It is super delayed @Gavin"]

    1:27:00 - Arizona Circle

    1:30:00 - What Can You Do About Possums?

    In the beginning, there was no Link Dump. And then, like doing a 180, there was. And it was glorious. But unfortunately, times changed and there was another 180 back to the land of no Link Dump. It was a 360 back to the broken origins.

    It's about time we turn this ship back around one more time; fitting for it to be on #540.

    I hope you found this helpful. I plan on making more and would love constructive feedback on format, content, sources, anything that you think would make this better. The time codes were sloppy on this first run but will improve over time. They're probably off by a bit but at least the framework is here.

    See you in #541

  • Diary of an Autistic Adult (#1-#4, copy pasted from new site)

    4 months ago

    borisof007 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold HR Manager, Engineering

    Diary of an Autistic Adult #4

    I'm staring at my garbo mug. It stares back at me. Forever saddened, unmoving. Or is it in deep thought? One cannot tell what the garbo does or thinks, it just is. 

    I came into work today and had two meetings back to back. Nice way to start 9 am - with having to talk to a lot of people. I set 9 am as "get settled" for a reason people - stop putting shit there. 

    I miss my brothers. Staring at all the shit on my desk reminds me so greatly of the joys in my life. All the things that I like, but I miss my family. God it's weird to write that. Not necessarily to me specifically but it's weird to see those words on a page. 

    I haven't taken my meds yet this morning. I should do that.


    Diary of an Autistic Adult #3

    Anxiety. Every day it just keeps hitting me over and over. Am I doing good enough at work? Do people like me? This constant insecurity and anxiety is really tough to deal with. I'm already on anti-depressants, do I need to increase the dosage? I am on the minimum amount, so it's not like I'm endangering myself. 

    I need this...constant reassurance that everything will be OK. I can't seem to get myself beyond it. Is it because I lack confidence? Self esteem? What is 'it' that's preventing me? It's pointless to say it's all in my head because, well, that's where it is XD. The problem is that I need it 'out' of my head. Maybe one day, but that day is not today. Not on Tuesdays where I have my 1-1's. I ALWAYS get nervous, like I'm in trouble or something (even though it's literally a weekly meeting).

    Do other people do that? Do others constantly put their inner thoughts into parentheses? I don't really read a lot of other peoples' stuff, let alone books. I wonder if my life would make an interesting book. 

    I bet it would. I always told myself that I feel like I've lived 3 lives worth of nonsense already. Hearing Geoff talk about his life feels a bit like how I view mine - through multiple eras. Geoff had his punk shit kid phase, his army phase, his first wife, second wife and kid, and now sobriety. Although the punk shit kid part never really stopped - and now we have Achievement Hunter.

    I wonder if my attachment to Rooster Teeth is partly grounded in that I never really mentally matured past my younger years. Well, it's a thought really, because how can one accurately assess the maturity of ones self irrespective of others? Can't compare if you have nothing to compare to. 

    I think I better get moving on some projects today. This shit isn't gonna sort itself out.


    Diary of an Autistic adult #2

    I'm starting to slowly realize how often I ask for clarification on statements because they don't make sense to me. At first I thought that's because I just needed specificity but now I realize it's because I am TERRIBLE with following context - especially if there's any length of time in between sentences let alone full conversations. 

    So my wife will usually tell me something but unless it's a complete sentence, in and of itself, that contains all the necessary information needed to convey a specific thought or feeling, it leaves room for interpretation and misunderstanding. 

    I'm struggling to come up with a good example in the moment, but I'll try and update this or something when I think of it/come across it.

    So if you're ever working with or talking with someone who has what I have, be patient and try to give as much information up front. Helps move the dialogue along.


    Diary of an autistic adult #1

    My wife talked to me last night about her friends. Apparently one of them thought she was mad at her because they hadn't spoken in a while. This friend just had a kid, so their life is their child (which is totally OK). Alex (my wife) doesn't really care for kids and never has, so she's kind of stayed away from all that. Not to mention they live like 1.5-2 hrs drive away depending on traffic.

    I had to console my wife and make sure she knew that she shouldn't feel guilty, but she still feels bad either way. I told her we need hobby friends vs personal friends vs work/school friends. She was a little confused as to why you would have different buckets and I had to explain my childhood growing up. Moving 20 times does something to your perception of others - you start seeing people less as individuals and more for their personality traits and quirks (in the beginning at least, you learn to appreciate them for them later). Thus I categorized all my friends based on the types of relationships I knew I could have with them. 

    My colleagues at work don't share my interests in games, but they do share a little bit in sports and politics. My video game friends are great for gaming and internet culture talks, but maybe not for theoretical physics or politics. I try to split my conversational topics around because trying to put that all on a few people never ends well. You'll either drive people away with your ramblings or you'll never have friends to begin with because no one is exactly like you. 

    Besides, being friends with people who share different interests than you is a great way to grow and learn. Even if you don't join them, learning about it secondhand is still neat and contributes to conversation and a back and forth natural dialogue.