It's finally time! We're getting ready to sit down and record our first episode of Club Club! We're starting off with Game Club (BACK FROM THE DEAD!) and we're playing Doki Doki Literature Club. We've scarred ourselves plenty with our playthroughs, but we also want to know how it scarred you. Let us know a favorite moment or element from the game and we'll shout them out as part of the episode!

Alternately, you can tweet with the hashtag #ClubClub and we'll be highlighting your tweets about the game as well.

And don't forget our other upcoming Clubs!

Movie Club: Stardust

Book Club: The Lies of Locke Lamora

Tabletop Club: Mansions of Madness



Look for the episode to go up on the site exclusively for FIRST members this weekend! Once we get the whole show settled and going along smoothly, we'd also like to add a streaming component, but I'm still learning the whole live/to-tape production pipeline so trying not to bite off more than I can handle.