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  • Life

    1 week ago


    Life without games is life without fun 

  • Update for the Week of 3/17/19

    2 months ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian

    Game Nights


    Plants Vs Zombie Garden Warfare 2

    Date : 3/19

    Time: 9pm 

    Platform: XBox One

    Since Plants Vs Zombies is free as part of Games with Gold, we're going to team up with our friends over at G1 Gamedays for a joint game night. Add GRat Finn or C OtterMathemLJ on XBL or contact us in the #game-night channel on our Discord if you'd like to join.


    RT Games

    Rooster Teeth Games hosts a community game night every Thursday from 7pm-10pm where they play a variety of different game. Every week they post a poll and the top 3-4 get chosen for game night. The poll has not yet been posted but I will update this post when it does. Alternately you can join their Discord to keep up with all the details.

    Meetups and Events


    Pax East Party

    The PAX East Community Party is nearly upon us. If you plan on attending, please get your tickets ASAP as it will help us better prepare. The party will be on Friday March 29th 7:30pm at District Hall. Tickets will cost $20: pizza and snacks will be provided. . Full details available at If you have any questions let us know.

    Kinda Funny NYC Meetup

    The Kinda Funny gang is visiting NYC in April. If anyone would like to meetup with them they are having a community meetup on Saturday April 6th.

    Time: 3pm-6pm

    Location: E’s Bar 

    Morningside Heights

    2888 Broadway 

    New York, NY 10025

    More info on the Kinda Funny Events page: >;


    Also the KindaNYC Community group is hosting a few additional events around Kinda Funny's visit. Including meetup on Friday and Sunday as well for more details follow them on Twitter:


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