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  • RTX 2019 VYTALCast!

    1 week ago

    Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

    Another year another VYTALCast Panel!! This year was so much fun and I really can't thank you guys enough!! If you weren't able to see the panel or would like to see it again we have it up on youtube now!VYTALCast: Meet the RWBYTubers

  • BIG Day!!!

    1 week ago


    Challenge #1

    Today is the day that I decided I was going to go through all the Funhaus Videos on Rooster Teeth's website, I honestly don't know why I'm doing this, but ever since I got back from RTX I've found myself wanting to watch more and more videos despite religiously watching every video they upload at 9 AM and 5 PM EST. I plan on going through the videos by category (i.e. Demo Disk, Dude Soup, Filmhaus, etc.) I'm honestly so excited to do this in cohesion with challenge #2.

    Challenge #2

    This challenge's purpose does require a bit of background so I'll make it quick. I was going to the Rooster Teeth Gym Class panel with a friend (mostly because I was hoping to get a picture with James from Funhaus since I missed a picture with him since he had to leave for the Arizona Circle Panel. But I found myself listening very closely to what these fit men had to say about working-out and dieting. I did get that picture with James and honestly couldn't help but notice our ten-fold arm size difference so as of now I'm planning to go to RTX next year and work out to become a little bigger and year-by-year get pictures with him to see if I can grow. It's an interesting goal that I do believe I can accomplish, but first I'll need a gym membership and about five weeks to make it a habit!

  • How Powerful #2: Ruby Rose

    3 weeks ago



    NOTE: Before I start, this blog is going to contain A LOT OF SPOILERS on RWBY, so go catch up to the episodes if you haven't seen them. K? K. You have been warned.

    Long ago, the World of Remnant was created by the brotherly Gods of Light & Darkness with the ideals of creation, destruction, choice, & knowledge. They created an era where humanity can use magic in their disposal.


    And then some selfish chick tried to play the gods & have humanity go against them, all to revive her heroic husband. Look, I would love to have someone very close to me, who died, be revived, but that was a BIG mistake she made. Of course being a bad idea, the gods made her immortal, killed every living being on Remnant, & destroyed most of the moon as they left. Remember this lesson; Never play god!


    But the God of Light was a nice guy and gave humanity a second chance along with having Faunus involved, but they have to survive from the dark creatures of destruction called Grimm. Some of them became hunters & huntress & created every weapon to be guns to fight off the Grimm. And one of them will protect her friends & the people from these creatures, no matter what. This huntress is Ruby Rose. No not that one! But, I did find that funny. This one. In "How Powerful", I will analyze a character to show their best feats of strength, speed, durability, skill, etc. as long as if they are canon & don't contradict that character & I will be explaining it like DEATH BATTLE! would. So don't expect every feat or p&a(powers & arsenal) to be explained. I'm Steven & I'm going to show you how powerful Ruby Rose is!V2_06_00027.png

    Ruby Rose:

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'2'' | 1.57 meters

    Birthday: October 31

    Younger sister to Yang Xiao Long

    Leader of RWBY & RNJR

    Trained by Qrow Branwen

    Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

    After the loss of her mother & being trained by her awesome uncle, Qrow, Ruby was inspired by some Fairy Tales to become a huntress like Qrow & her older sister, Yang. That's the same blond "hottie" that fought that female brawler from Final Fantasy! Good times... Good times... Anyway, to fight off the Grimm, Ruby has the perfect weapon called Crescent Rose. Which is also a gun. Obviously.

    Crescent Rose:

    Class: High Caliber Sniper Scythe

    Has massive recoil to boost her acceleration

    Can use the scythe blade & back blades for more slicing power


    -Scythe   -Gun


    -Fire        -Ice

    -Electric  -Gravity

    "It's also a gun."

    A combination of a scythe & a sniper rifle, Ruby can use it for both close range & long range. She can use the recoil to increase her acceleration in battle. And she use different kinds of Dust for ammunition. Dust is a form of energy that can be used for anything from a power source for technology to using it for destruction. There are 4 types of Dust & can be combined with others to make stronger types of it. Ruby can use fire, ice, & electric & can use gravity dust to propel her in faster acceleration speeds. She can achieve Dust with Aura, which is just like Ki & Chakra that you see in almost every Anime.

    Powers & Abilities:


    -Superhuman Strength & Durability

    -Block attacks & heal minor wounds

    -Extrasensory Perception



     *Move at massive speeds

     *Limited flight capabilities

     *Can turn into rose petals & split apart

    With experience & skill, Aura can manifest one's soul to give them incredible abilities like super strength & durability. It can also block deadly attacks, heal minor wounds, & grant users extrasensory perception or a sixth sense. Where it can sense their surroundings to see if you're being followed or being attacked. And Aura can give people a superpower called Semblance. Ruby's semblance is super speed. She can move at massive speeds, give her limited flight capabilities, & for some reason, can turn herself into rose petals & split herself apart. First off, that's more than just speed. And second off, how do I get this Aura, I want a superpower. What would mine be? To turn into any fictional character to gain their abilities.

    But her most powerful ability she has is what we've been staring at the whole time. Her silver eyes.


    How did she get this power? Well, she is born from an ancient lineage of warriors that were gifted by the God of Light, like her mother, Summer Rose.

    Silver Eyes:

    A gift from the God of Light

    Fueled by strong desires

    Got them from her mother, Summer Rose


    Blindness Inducement


    Only effective to Grimm & Maidens

    So, Ruby is kind of like a god now when you think about it. The Silver Eyes are fueled by Ruby's strong desires to protect her friends & family. She can use them to blind, vaporize, or turn Grimm into stone. Eh kind of. Like she did with the dragonleviathan. Does this effect humans? Yes & no. Cinder AKA: Evil Cinderella was effected by her Silver Eyes, which gave her a bad eye & lost her arm & was replaced with a Grimm arm. But, she did gained the powers of the Fall Maiden during that time & Salem said it was a crippling weakness for Maidens. During her journey to become a huntress, Ruby has done some incredible feats. She's fast enough to kill a pack of Beowolves before her bullet shells landed. And she created a vacuum in a food fight, which cracked a stone wall. She used her speed to lift this Grimm gorilla.


    Crushed a stone statue by landing on it & was strong enough to drag this massive bird while running up a cliff.


    This is going to be interesting.


    This Nevermore resembles of the largest flying animal in the world; the Andean Condor, which has the length of 4.3 ft & weighs 33 lbs. Assuming the Nevermore was a size of a T-Rex, which has the length of 40 ft & using the Square Cubed Law, the Nevermore weighs about 13 tons. And then, she sliced through its head like it was nothing. Awesome!


    Dragged a 13 ton Nevermore

    Took a hit from Nora w/ watermelon hammer

    Created a vacuum with her speed

    Crushed a stone statue from landing

    Took a hit from Mercury

    Petrified a Grimm wyvern & leviathan

    Killed a pack of Beowolves before the bullet shells landed

    But not only is Ruby obviously fast & extremely strong, she's also very tough. She took a kick from Mercurywho blocked an attack that made geysers erupt & a hit from Nora's watermelon hammerwhich broke a pillar when Weiss was hit by it & this is the same girl who launched Yang up 10,000 ft in the air & broke through a building. Man, she's impressive! But, don't overestimate this godlike girl, Ruby still has some growing up to do. She sometimes runs into battle without even thinking & has problems with opponents with superior hand to hand combat. And while the Silver Eyes are powerful, she still has some learning to use them & she can be left vulnerable for anyone to get close enough to hit her. But even with that, Ruby reunited with her team & are on a mission to kill Salem. Yeah, she's going to bleed "red like roses".

    Match-up Idea(s):

    Okay, you know who's going to face Ruby, it's Maka & Soul from Soul Eater. Everyone wants it. You want it! I want it! Even DEATH BATTLE! & Monty Oum wants it to happen! This is the most asked request yet & the 2 things holding it back from happening is Ruby's development & Maka & Soul having no good 3D models! Maybe it should be hand-drawn.


    Next Time on How Powerful(March 20):


    Like, share, & comment any question you have for this. Thank you.

  • RTX Austin 2019: And In This Corner...!

    1 month ago

    GeorgeFromGeorgia RT Events Coordinator

    Hi friends!

    Last month we had the pleasure of announcing the involvement of some of our incredibly talented community members at RTX. The community panel schedule has been announced along with the other panel and autograph times; you can find that here. I have the pleasure of announcing the times for our wonderfully curated Community Corner.

    Friday, July 5th

    Saturday, July 6th

    Sunday, July 7th

    The Community Corner can be found on the expo floor, booth 937. Make sure to find time throughout the weekend to visit and support your fellow community members. They’re incredibly talented and have worked hard putting together everything you’ll see at the Community Corner.

    That’s it for now. To stay up-to-date on all RTX news, visit, follow us on social media: and

    See you in less than a month (ahhhhh)!

    - George

  • Help.

    1 month ago


    Date- 6/2/2019 at 12:23 am

    Camp Camp s4e1 isn’t working. It says Sign In and after I do, it says “Unknown Error”

    Anybody else having issues?

  • RT TV Should have channels

    2 months ago


    I like the idea but there should be channels for different channels Funhaus, Rooster Teeth, Kinda Funny, etc. That would add to the whole TV vibe.

  • So they couldn’t spell it?

    2 months ago


    My son was looking at the Rooster Teeth logo.

    My son: “Why is it rooster teeth?”

    Me: “Let’s just say that’s what they decided to name it.”

    My son: “So they couldn’t spell it?”

  • How I Found The Community, And A Bit About What It Means To Me

    2 months ago

    Little-Bee Kristoph

    I, like many people, was a part of the Rooster Teeth community before I even knew a thing about the company- through Red Vs Blue. 

    I was just old enough to really begin exploring the internet by myself, and happened upon the first episode of a series funny enough to keep me entertained, with characters and a story good enough to get me hooked. Since this was my first introduction to machinima, the fact that someone managed to make a funny video in one of my favorite games was amazing.

    Of course, I happened upon the episode randomly, and not on I had no idea there were more, or the people behind it. It faded into the back of my memory as life went on, just another funny video in the quickly exploding sea of the internet. Until..

    One day, probably somewhere at the start of middle school, I met M. Still my bud even through the distance, him and I randomly started talking about Halo. Eventually, I brought up that silly video I saw the year before, and his eyes immediately lit up.  He started mentioning characters I hadn't heard about.. About a plot I didn't know was there. Who the fuck is Caboose?

    And then, the ritual began. At least once a week, he'd be at my house to hang out, and with him he'd bring the flash drive he stole from his dad with the next episode of Red Vs Blue. 

    That's friend #1 I have to thank Rooster Teeth for, a strong friendship brought about by a bunch of guys making videos with friends. 

    YouTube came about in 2006, and with it the rest of Red Vs Blue. M and I couldn't meet as often as we used to, so I had fallen behind. It took a while, but eventually, it was all right there! I couldn't be happier. By now, I had a small, nerdy friend group, and one of many things we had in common is that we were closet RvB fans. Nerd Chic was finally becoming a thing.. The true nerds weren't as ostracized, "video game clubs" became a thing, and what I consider a major shifting point for videogames happened: Call Of Duty 4. I'll never forget it. 

    At that point, everyone was playing games, but nobody was talking about them. CoD 4 came out, and there was a noticeable shift in school.. The jocks were talking about Call Of Duty. Everyone had played Gears, everyone loved Fear, but everyone kept it at home. The world was changing! Don't even get me started about Black Ops, everyone nerded out about that one. But I digress.

    Times were changing! And so was RoosterTeeth! There were loads of content producers on Youtube. TheRadBrad, IHasCupquake, Jacksfilms, CaptainSparklez, ClashJTM.. There was so much content, you couldn't keep up if you tried! That being said, Xbox gaming took up a good part of what little free time I had, and I briefly became a Gamerscore junkie. Achievement guides filled my "to do" playlist on YouTube.

    And then, in the recommended-for-you videos list, I happened upon Episode 0 of Fails Of The Weak. Yup, there you go. If you made it this far, hi! Yup, I'm the typical RT fan. Liked RvB, rediscovered through Fails, and the rest is history... But who could have predicted the impact it would have?

    Of course, through Fails, I found AHWU.. And through AHWU, we were all introduced to the team.. Jack and Geoff, you could finally put faces to the voices. They added Michael, you met Gavin.. Eventually, you find the shorts and meet Burnie and Gus, and so on.. 

    And now, their content's all I watch. They've replaced cable, they've just about rooted out the rest of my old favorite content producers just by the sheer volume of the stuff they put out. But why?

    Jack and Geoff starting AHWU had to have been the best possible move they could have made. In doing so, I finally got to see the voice actors for my favorite characters. I finally learned the history of the company that's affected my life in so many ways- they separated themselves from the rest making behind-the-scenes videos, adding their little real-life slices to their videos (tower of pimps, shenanigans, etc,) and bringing individuals, who by themselves have amazing personalities, all together and finding a way to make them vibe and create something 1000 times better than the individual could do. 

    We watch them every week. Without insinuating I know a damn thing about who they really are in person, you feel like you've gotten to know them over the years. You've seen Jack's personality evolve hugely.. He was stupidly funny, heavy-handed and sometimes crude, and now we've shed tears with him through Extra Life, and watch him become the gentle giant we now know. 

    We've seen Gavin go from a forum member they flew out to work with them, to an extremely knowledgeable cameraman and incredible onscreen personality. 

    We've seen Michael go from the Rage Quit guy, to the only sane lad in the room, to the two-time dad we currently know him as. We've watched his first daughter grow with him. Think about that-

    Look at Geoff- I've cried for this dude I've never met, and I know I'm not the only one who can only think "inspiring" every time I see him. A veteran, of the military and Roosterteeth, he was there from the beginning. I was a kid, and his videos were with me when I was growing up. Getting ready to transition out of the Navy, I see that a veteran with enough boredom or determination can do damn near anything. We saw slices of him and Griffon's life, watched Millicent grow up... Heard him talk about his alcoholism, seen how much healthier and seemingly happier he is, and we look back and think "How the fuck did none of us notice a problem?"

    Through the good and the bad, I've become a better person by watching Geoff, and all of the Rooster Teeth crew. They might not think they do much, half of them are probably uncomfortable being called "inspiring," but it is what it is. I have friends who have found their spouses through Rooster Teeth. My wife and I watch their content together at least once a week..

    Wow, that got rambly for a bit, there. For the one person that will be bored enough to read this- I hope you enjoyed. That's just my story- regardless of how you found Roosterteeth, or what it means to you, the important part is this: we're currently in the golden age of the internet. It can be your sanctuary from the ordinary- and there are THOUSANDS of people that share a common interest with you- come find us! Don't be afraid to take a chance at making a new friend! Go to a local meet up, hop into the forums and say hello, or post your cry for help online and the fans and friends will come!

    I'll see you in the comments section! (God help us..)

  • RTX Austin 2019: Evening Events - Business in the Front, Party in the Back

    3 months ago

    GeorgeFromGeorgia RT Events Coordinator

    Hey everyone, George here with more RTX news!

    We’re in the midst of the long march to RTX 2019, which I just realized is actually a quick sprint to July (what a terrifying thought). With RTX Austin on the horizon, it’s time to talk evening events.

    In addition to the panels, exhibit hall, Center Stage, and meet and greets, here’s all the information for evening events we have scheduled during RTX. Please note, all times are CT.

    Tickets go on sale Friday, April 12th at 12PM (aka Noon) for all evening events and all codes will be emailed Monday April 8th for Ultra/Platinum Badges and Wednesday, April 10th for Plus/Weekend/Guardian Badges.

    Thursday, July 4th

    • FIRST Night (Paramount Theatre, 5:30PM-7:00PM)

      • Join us for the 3rd Annual celebration of FIRST! We’ll have new trailers, world premiers, special guests, and more. Seating is first come, first served. (Get it?) You don’t have to be a FIRST member to see all the exciting things coming to FIRST this year, but it doesn’t hurt!

      • Tickets

        • Free to all RTX Badge holders

          • First come, first served. (But really, get it?!)

    • Achievement Hunter Live (ACL Live at the Moody Theater, 8:00PM-11:00PM) 
      • Get ready for one jam-packed variety show; a non-stop frenzy of comedy and gaming featuring the AH crew and some special guests. Prepare to laugh your ass off as Achievement Hunter do what they do best (and worst). It's all of the insanity and energy of a rock show without the annoying drugs, vomit, and nudity. This event is open to the general public.

      • Tickets

        • Mezzanine (VIP) $100

        • Gold Floor $80

        • Gold Balcony $70

        • Floor $60

        • Balcony $50

      • The following RTX Badge Holders will receive a discount to their ticket purchase.

        • Ultra Badge - 50% discount

        • Platinum Badge - 20% discount

        • Plus Badge - 15% discount

        • Weekend Badge - 10% discount

      • International purchasers may have issues buying do to Ticketfly's security protocols. If you are international, tickets can be purchased on site. More info can be found here.

    Friday, July 5th

    • Theater Mode Live (Paramount Theatre, 8:00PM-10:00PM)

      • Revel in the comedic stylings of Achievement Hunter as they drink, joke and celebrate the pinnacle of cinema. In this episode, the gang watches another groundbreaking film and use humor to try and mask the joy and reverence they feel for it. This exclusive Theater Mode Live is only available to RTX Badge holders and contains mature content. Viewer discretion is advised.

      • Tickets

        • General Admission - $24

        • Ultra/Platinum Badges receive 50% discount

    • Karaoke Party (JW Marriott-Grand Ballroom, 7:00PM-11:00PM)

      • Channel your inner pop star at our new Karaoke party. Not a singer, come by anyway for food, drinks, and a myriad of games hosted by a special guest.

      • The Karaoke Party is only available to RTX Ultra and Platinum Badge holders. This means no +1s, no exceptions. You must wear your badge for admittance.

    Saturday, July 6th

    • A Kinda Funny Comedy Night (The North Door, 8:00PM-10:00PM)  SOLD OUT
      • A Kinda Funny Comedy Night is back and better than ever! Featuring stand-up comedy from some of your favorite talents at Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Kinda Funny and the local Starbucks, this is one comedy showcase you won't wanna miss. Come join us for a night of good laughs, good friendship, and some super inappropriate mentions of @KindaFunnyKevin's unmentionables. This exclusive comedy showcase is only available to RTX Badge holders ages 18+ due to mature content. Attendee discretion is advised.

      • Tickets

        • General Admission - $15

        • Ultra/Platinum Badges receive 50% discount

    • The Rave at RTX (Hilton Austin-Austin Grand Ballroom, 9:00PM-12:00AM)

      • It wouldn’t be RTX without our annual late night dance party; get ready to move your feet into Sunday morning at this year’s Rave. We’re glad to have GRIMECRAFT headlining for another year, plus another special guest to help kick off the night  wink You must have an RTX Badge and be 18+ to attend.

      • Tickets
        • General Admission - $5.00

        • Ultra/Platinum Badges receive 50% discount

    • STUBER Special Screening (Paramount Theatre, 8:30PM-11:00PM)
      • RTX proudly presents a special screening of 20th Century Fox's STUBER on July 6th. Doors open at 7:30 PM and the film will start at 8:30 PM. Don’t miss a special Q&A with the film’s director, Michael Dowse, and star, Kumail Nanjiani moderated by Burnie Burns after the film!
      • RSVP
        • Free to the public, but you must RSVP
        • There will be separate lines for badge holders and non badge holders

    *Times, locations, and details are all subject to change. Ultra and Platinum Badge holders will receive an email by April 8th with a discount code which can be applied to all purchases at check out. Similarly, Plus and Weekend Badge holders will be emailed a code by April 10th for use with AH Live tickets. Please be aware that all codes will have a use limit per event.

    Be on the lookout for more information in the coming months and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. To stay up-to-date on all RTX news, visit our website at or follow us on Twitter @RTXEvent and If you have not received your code, contact the RTX Community Support team at


    - George

  • The RT Community Recap!!

    4 months ago

    stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

    Hello all!

    So after 6 months of not knowing what to do with this brain baby I had, I finally decided to start the RT Community Recap! It's a series where I will be talking about the latest content that you should check out from RT and also look at the amazing things members of the community do!

    The second episode is now up, so feel free to go check it out!!

    All the best,



    4 months ago

    GeorgeFromGeorgia RT Events Coordinator

    TL;DR - We’ve got flight deals with oneworld alliance for RTX 2019!


    Hey everyone. It’s your resident community member turned events coordinator, George, with another RTX update.

    I’m excited to announce that oneworld alliance and Rooster Teeth have partnered to provide discounted airfare to RTX via participating carriers.

    One of the things we’ve heard from you is the desire for flight deals in addition to the hotel deals we provide. Although we have announced this already, I wanted to make sure there was a dedicated place for information. Here’s what you need to know to get in the air and en route to Austin.

    What is the oneworld alliance?

    oneworld is an airline alliance (group of airlines that work together to better facilitate air travel among their brands) made up of 13 global airlines. The carries who have agreed to help us out are:

    • American Airlines

    • British Airways

    • Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

    • Finnair

    • Iberia Airlines

    • Japan Airlines

    • LATAM Airlines Group S.A.

    • Malaysia Airlines

    • Qantas Airways Limited

    • Qatar Airways Company, Q.C.S.C

    • Royal Jordanian Airlines

    • Sri Lankan Airlines

    How much is the discount and how do I get it?

    Discounts range between 5%-25% and can only be accessed through the booking portal using the code OW25A19. While you can do multiple transactions, you can only purchase a maximum of 2 tickets per transaction.

    Discount percentages are applicable to fares in the main cabin or higher. In other words, anything above the basic economy is eligible for a discount. The booking portal won’t show any basic economy options so anything you see will be an eligible discounted fare.

    The exact discount amount depends on the fare, originating location, and selected airline. All of these options can be changed during booking.

    What about people whose preferred airline isn’t listed?

    If you have an airline you like that’s outside the oneworld alliance, that’s okay. We, unfortunately, don’t have deals for outside carriers, but we encourage you to do what’s best for you. Whether you’d prefer to fly basic fares, budget airlines, or a separate major carrier entirely, we understand. This is simply another, potentially cheaper option.

    What if we already purchased our flight?

    If you already purchased your flight, good for you! You’re ahead of the game and probably got a reasonably priced flight regardless. These discounts cannot be retroactively added.

    We understand flights, just like hotels can be a prohibiting factor in a lot of people’s plans for RTX. That’s why we work hard to build partnerships and cultivate deals to help alleviate some of that financial strain. The more the deals are used, the better we can understand and improve in the future. We encourage you to do more research and do what’s best for you, but don’t forget that there are things in place to help if you need it.

    So, quick recap:

    Portal -

    Event Code - OW25A19

    Discount Rate - 5%-25%

    Ticket Quantity - Maximum 2 per transaction

    Until next time, cheers!


  • gen:LOCK thoughts and review.

    5 months ago

    ToriJCaboose FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Holy shit. I've been trying to put my thoughts together about the show and I don't know that I can. I have been in awe since Saturday morning.

    My best friend and I watched Saturday morning and for an hour after we were speechless. Even after catching the "surprise" showing of episode one in December, yesterday's viewing was shocking. There were so many teeny tiny little details that I hadn't noticed the first time. That's one of the things I love most about the show so far. From the "In Memoriam" wall growing to the little trinkets on Cammie's bag and the details on Kazu's clothes. The attention to detail is absolutely incredible.

    That includes the sound design. One of the things my friend and I discussed was the huge difference in sound design for gen:LOCK compared to the other shows RT produces. The first thing that came to mind for us was RWBY. RWBY always has bouncy and upbeat music. Even in fights and action I always wanna get up and bounce around. gen:LOCK absolutely had me on the edge of my seat. I found myself clutching my chest, heartbeat pounding right along with the music. It was an entirely different tempo.

    That tempo of the music matched the writing and the pace of the show so well. Even in slower moments I was sucked in. The writing and the visuals match so well. While I was worried at the initial slow pace the episodes picked up and honestly, after five minutes, I didnt care. The writing was so fantastic that a 30 minute episode felt like it ended after five minutes. By the end of episode one these characters had me wrapped around their fingers (and we hadn't even met them all yet)!

    My biggest reservation going into the show was the animation. I've never watched a lot of anime and all I kept hearing was how the animation looked "choppy" and the "fame rate" was crap. I had no idea what that meant, but I was worried. I shlook uld never have listened. I absolutely LOVED the style of the show. Everyone-and everything-looked sleek and smooth. Everything down to the facial expressions were wonderful. I felt like I could see every emotion. And the animation for the jets and the mech was insane. I just wanted to zoom in and see every dang joint as it moved. I never should have doubted Gray and his team.

    With everything going on in the show, the thing that brought it home, was the voice acting. We were all excited for those big names, and they absolutey didnt disappoint. Hearing Maisie Williams as Cammie was a highlight for me. That accent is just damn adorable and amazing. Honestly though, all the RT peeps in the show? Were fucking phenomenal. Miles and Lindsay always hit it out of the park and Chad was amazing. But Blaine Gibson really stood out for me. He absolutely brought Sinclair to life and killed the mans inflection and emotions. I mean, that plot twist was top notch and I was so lost in Sinclair that I lost Blaine.

    I never thought, two episodes in, I would be this hooked on a show. I haven't stopped thinking about it, watched it more than once, and I'm invested in these characters. I haven't been this enthralled in a really long time and I am beyond excited. 

    I haven't been with Rooster Teeth since the beginning. I haven't gotten to see the entire rise of the company. But this? I am insanely proud and humbled to be a part of the community at this time. Because someday I'll be able to say, "Rooster Teeth? Oh yeah, I was a fan BEFORE gen:LOCK." 

    I'll be able to tell people about the hype for the show. About the standing ovation we gave at RTX Austin 2018 when footage was released.

    I'll be able to say I witnessed one of this generations greatest Anime shows come to be. 

    For that I am extremely lucky.

  • Spring Break: Podcast Edition!

    6 months ago

    GeorgeFromGeorgia RT Events Coordinator

    TL;DR - Tickets go on sale for The Rooster Teeth Podcast, Always Open, and Off Topic Live From Austin 2019, Friday, January 25 at 10:00AM CT; hope to see you there!


    We had so much fun last year we’re bringing back Live From Austin! It’s 3 nights of podcasts done in front of our favorite audience: you!


    The Sunset Room

    310 E 3rd Street

    Austin, TX 78701


    The shows will take place from Monday, March 25 to Wednesday, March 27 as follows:

    Monday, March 25 - The Rooster Teeth Podcast

    Tuesday, March 26 - Always Open

    Wednesday, March 27 - Off Topic

    Doors for all shows - 7:00 PM CT

    All shows start - 7:30 PM CT


    Tickets are sold separately for each show and come in two tiers and can be purchased at

    General Admission ($40)

    • Admission

    • Bar access (must provide ID)

    • Limited edition poster

    VIP ($60)

    • Early Admission

      • 6:00 PM Doors

    • Special Q&A Session with talent

      • 6:30 PM Start

    • Priority Seating

    • Bar access (must provide ID)

    • Limited edition poster (signed)

    Each night’s poster will be podcast specific. Come to all three shows to complete the collection.

    Join us in making memories and witnessing the madness and the magic of Rooster Teeth.

    Tickets go on sale Friday, January 25 at 10:00AM CT; hope to see you there!

    Any questions can be sent to Customer Support at



  • RoosterTeeth

    6 months ago

    AndyP717 Beware Of Squirrels

    I couldn't put in to words how much Rooster Teeth has been there for me, when ever i'm having a bad day i stick on a podcast or lets play and just laugh my ass off for hours on end, thank you to all at Rooster Teeth for the amazing impact you made in my life. <3 <3 heart you guys and gals