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  • Rooster Teeth's 16th Anniversary!

    2 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    GOOD MORNING, RT FAM! It's our 16th anniversary today! Guess what that means? Not only do you get 16% off site wide from the RT Store, but starting 10am CT, all FIRST exclusive shows will be free to watch for 24 hours! 

    Highly recommend Backwardz Compatible, the RT Docs (Common Ground is my absolute fav), Hardcore Tabletop, and all the post shows ever. Of all time. 

    There are also a TON of community events happening throughout the week. The community leaders of RT World have dubbed the weeklong celebration International Community Day or #RTICD

    Let's get to celebrating! 


  • RT Radio Friday 107

    3 years ago

    Joe Eighty7/RT Radio

    Thanks for another great show. Here are the playlists:



    Join us tomorrow for our #RTICD show

  • Community Update - Week of March 28

    3 years ago

    GeorgeFromGeorgia RT Events Coordinator

    Hey everyone!

    Hope you had an enjoyable Easter Weekend. Just a few things to hit on again for this week.


    • #RTICD2016 (04/01-03) - Do something RT related; meet up, play games, make art, etc. and let us know!
    • Paintball (04/02) - Join us for some fun. Get your waivers signed. Let us know if you're coming!
    • Prepare for Rooster Rumble. Fill out gaming information.
    • Buy Tugg tickets for RWBY, Vol. 1!

    RTICD Meet Up

    This weekend is Rooster Teeth's birthday and in honor of that, the inaugural Rooster Teeth International Community Day will be taking place from April 1-3. Groups from all over the world will be making videos, art, streaming, and having meet ups that weekend to celebrate.

    On Saturday April 2, we will be having our paintball meetup as the main part of the celebrations, but over the weekend we encourage everyone to play games, make something, or just share via a post your experience as a community member. We will share your posts via our various social media via throughout the weekend.

    In regards to paintball, the meet up is Saturday, April 2 from 2PM-5PM at Carnage Paintball in Woodstock, GA. The Facebook event is located here: happy biRThday paintball. It is $30/player (unless we get a large turnout in which case the price goes down). Please let us know if you are attending; we need to send everyone a waiver form and if we get for example 20 people we can have a private. The current plan is to join with others who are playing to ensure larger teams.

    Rooster Rumble - Round 1

    Our first match in the Rooster Rumble starts Sunday, April 3. The category for this round is Bungie so we will be playing some version of Halo on the XBox One against the lovely people in The Nerd Nest (Formerly The Angels) group.

    If you fit the following criteria, please let us know on any platform (here/Twitter/Facebook):

    • Own an XBox One
    • Own Halo: Master Chief Collection or Halo 5: Guardians [be specific]
    • Available to play on Sundays
    • Interested in participating

    Keeping that in mind, we're adding the Google Sheets link with everyone's gaming information in this post. Please update your info so we can have a stronger, more useful roster for future match ups and game nights.

    RT Georgia Gamer Information

    RWBY, Vol. 1 Screenings

    Rooster Teeth is teaming up with TUGG again to bring Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang to the brig screen.

    There are multiple potential screening locations around the state. If you would like to see all of Vol. 1 in a theater near you, tickets must be purchased in advance until a certain threshold is reached (varies per theater). We had an incredible turnout across the state for Lazer Team and hope to replicate the numbers. The screenings begin Wenesday, April 27 for most locations. Get your tickets ASAP!


    Studio Movie Grill Holcomb Bridge, Wednesday -

    AMC North Point Mall 12, Wednesday -


    Carmike Movies ATL 14, Wednesday -

    Carmike Movies ATL 14, Saturday -


    AMC North DeKalb Mall 16,Wednesday -


    Studio Movie Grill Duluth, Wednesday -


    AMC Barrett Commons 24, Wednesday -


    Carmike Wynnsong 11, Wednesday -


    Carmike 12 Snellville, Wednesday -

    (The goal is to get this, then RWBY, Vol.2, then the beast that is RWBY, Vol. 3)

    That's pretty much everything on this end. We hope to see you either in person on Saturday or over the internet throughout the weekend.


  • Hellos!

    3 years ago

    whovianalayna RoosterTeeth Arizona

    We've been kinda quiet here on the site, but I want to change that. Starting this morning, RT Arizona on its is back up! Woot woot! So, what's been going on?

    Well, we have a meet-up planned for RoosterTeeth International Community Day (or, #RTICD for short), which will take place on Saturday, April 2nd, at 3:30 pm, and will go for several hours. It will be held at Wazee's World in Peoria (it may sound like a daunting trip, but, trust me, it's all worth it) for laser tag, mini golf, and arcade games (yeah!). At said meet-up, we're going to record a little "thank you" video and "happy birthday" video for RT. Make sure to bring enough money to play in as many games of laser tag/mini golf as you want, and arcade games are pay as you play. If you just want to come hang out, that's totally okay. You're welcome to just chill with us.

    Before the meetup, on Friday, April 1st, we are hosting a game night with you awesome community members on consoles. We haven't decided which console(s) to play on yet, but keep updated on our Twitter Page. We are also going to hold a "Game Day" on Sunday, April 3rd, covering a multitude of games and consoles, most likely going the whole day. Details about both of these will come later.

    Thank you all for helping us reach over 300 Twitter followers! Like, that's insane!

    Keep up to date on everything RoosterTeeth in Arizona by joining this group and by following us on Twitter. We hope to see all of your bright, shiny faces! Till next time!

    ~RTAZ Admin, Alayn