• Immersion: Split Screen - Behind the Scenes

    Immersion: Immersion: Split Screen - Behind the Scenes

    In this behind the scenes video of Immersion: Split Screen, Gavin and Michael explore the arena.

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Comments (54)

  • MrFrebus


    1 month ago

    Is this video working for anyone else? All I'm getting is sound

  • Bobfan


    1 year ago

    First XXXXDdDD

  • Fiezzy


    1 year ago

    This paintball arena looks awesome

  • NoctisCorvus


    1 year ago

    I'm surprised Burnie set them loose on the field without protective gear.

    • danbonrp


      2 weeks ago

      you are? lol

  • Aqua113


    1 year ago

    Well, Michael. You fell into a hole, three times, but you didn't break anything important or die so... That's a win. :D

  • TheBassist


    1 year ago

    This was amazing :P

  • Aloverssoulz


    1 year ago

    This was a magical episode :3

  • 1Threshold1


    1 year ago

    lol, poor Michael. Seems like his aptitude for falling into holes translates into some games as well....has he ever done a "Pitfall" or original "Mario Bros." rage quit? Could be interesting... smiley4.gif

  • Rebelgost


    1 year ago

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    4 months ago

  • Toria350


    1 year ago

    Michel: "We're gonna fall everywhere!"
    Oh, the irony.