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Comments (112)



    9 months ago

    How many people sent their mothers' purse of personal information of their families to roosterteeth?

  • HamishFraser


    1 year ago

    we have literally dozens and dozens of fans all over the world. looks to the right 1,199,013 people like this on facebook

  • The01FreeMan


    2 years ago

    Sarge has the best graph ever, of all time.

  • Gellister


    2 years ago

    Thus we see the first steps in Donut's fabulous journey to flambouyancy.

  • br0keneng817


    2 years ago

    Napster did it!

  • Andy50k1


    2 years ago

    sue me you dirty blues!

  • Andy50k1


    2 years ago

    My foot,Grif's ass. lol

  • DocDestructo


    2 years ago

    Oh no! I'm going to get sued!

  • Silverspier


    3 years ago

    45Mil per person! ha

  • MasterKeg200

    MasterKeg200 Record Smash/DragonNuro

    3 years ago

    Why won't this video play! I had to go to YouTube to watch!